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2016 Frontstretch Podcast – Episode 18: Post Watkins Glen Edition

On this week’s podcast, Matt Stallknecht is joined by weekly guest Aaron Bearden to discuss a number of topics heading into the last off week of the season, including…

  • Breakdown/Recap of the this weekend’s events in Watkins Glen
  • Hectic finish to the Cup race
  • Larson’s rotten luck
  • Unfair criticism of Keselowski
  • The success of Watkins Glen in recent years
  • Silly season update

So sit back, relax, and enjoy a hard-hitting and in-depth take on motorsports that can’t be found anywhere else!

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Marty and his Red Hat Club members (the old ladies) know exactly how to push the buttons of the media and sheeple that cannot think for themselves. The incident was totally over blown as noted on this podcast. Watching the replay Brad did hold his line and Marty shot back up in front after “losing” his spot because he over drove. At what point is anything NOT Penske’s fault? Last week Chase Elliott totally drove over his head and nothing was said about it. Took the most laps led driver out of the race. The narrative was “Logano and Chase got together”. Really????? Talk about soft peddling. And crickets bashing Chase, and actually had Logano doing the dance with Chase. Fascinating stuff. Logano did not whine, but Marty causing his own setup has a temper tantrum! Wow, and the world must stop! Is Marty ever at fault? What a bully. Hey, that is racing and as usual Marty whines, and Marty knows that Brad is a “polarizing” figure for the ..ahem Fanatics, he knows he will get the pity party social media lameness. He and Cole PEARS feed on it. . Shame on Marty and his immature crew chief. But hey, they got a two year extension, I expect this bad behavior to not be checked, and will continue….Brad IMO was too nice, I think it hurt him cred wise. He actually went overboard in a saying sorry that was truly a race deal, I think Marty was at fault! Whiners them Toys boys. Just pointing out the hypocrisy of the media and the drivers.


Give it a rest whiner.


Give YOURSELF a rest, DAVEY, you deserve it!! Save your bowels, your stomach, your blood pressure, you knew what I was going to write but ya read it anyways….it wasn’t an attack on you, just MY opinion on the state of bias, rampant thru the NASCAR ranks. Sorry you don’t see it, must be good to be simple. Anyhoo, save yourself don’t read my stuff. But if you cared to look you just might agree…but I doubt it. Nighty nite…


I don’t recall attacking your views on racing or the sport, or how the media has bias and tilt reporting in a favorable or non favorable inflammatory way. Maybe you instead of calling me a name, you can mature a bit and tell me where you think my viewpoint is wrong or how you differ from my statement. “Whiner” doesn’t seem to cut it does it……


Get some help.


Don’t need it, you do…asked you a simple question regarding my post as to the merits of my argument, and you don’t have the brains or wear with all to debate or offer a different viewpoint from the above subject matter I feel strongly about, bias in the media! You would rather just sling your little arrows that sting as much as a wind blowing by. You are not interested in the article or racing. Just being a juvenile prigg of nastiness.You proved my point. As usual. I wonder if you go on other websites not knowing anything about anything and just hating a reply and say “get help”. Lol. What a life……

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