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Frontstretch 2023 Job Openings

Updated June 14, 2023

Frontstretch is one of the most popular, distinguished NASCAR sites on the internet, heading toward 4 million page views in 2022 while winning multiple National Motorsports Press Association awards for its journalism. Our YouTube channel has also reached 7,000+ subscribers and has over 3 million pageviews in the last nine months alone.

It’s a great place to both begin and continue your writing career, and over the years many distinguished Frontstretch alumni have moved on to careers in public relations and NASCAR writing all over the U.S. Several other writers here have hosted radio, podcasts and associated themselves with national publications such as Athlon Sports, CBS, FOX, Jayski, NASCAR.com, NBC and more.

  • Frontstretch.com LLC is an equal opportunity employer. Interested applicants for Editorial/Management should email frontstretcheditors@googlegroups.com with a cover letter, resume and references.
  • For writing positions, there’s a specific audition process. Please read the Contributors section below.

Current 2023 Openings


There are currently no open positions, but you are welcome to email frontstretcheditors@googlegroups.com if you are interested in having an application on file, following the instructions for the Contributor role below.

Are you looking for a fast-growing website that can give you an opportunity to not only share your thoughts on racing but have FUN doing it with a group of laid-back, dedicated personnel? Well, we have the place for you.

So, what are the qualifications to become part of the Frontstretch family? Simple. As long as you can write clearly and make your reader think, dream, laugh, cry, swear or hunt you down and beat you to a pulp, then you’re just who we are looking for!

For those interested in auditioning, we’d like you to write three articles based on the themes below.

  1. A 250- to 500-word news article about a 2022 NASCAR storyline with a hard news focus. (No commentary or opinion, please). If you are applying for open-wheel, ARCA or iRacing positions, please make this part of the audition about the series you are interested in. 
  2. A commentary of around 1,000 words on what one change you think NASCAR needs to make and why. You’ll also detail what the best solution is to the problem. Not only should this column have a point, but it should come across in both a creative and exciting way. In other words, don’t just speak your mind without a firm foundation; any opinion should be solidly supported by facts.  Once again, if you are applying for open-wheel positions, ARCA, or an iRacing position, please make this part of the audition about the series you are interested in. 
  3. A piece that has NOTHING to do with NASCAR. That’s right; even an article about why you should write for Frontstretch will result in an automatic disqualification. Instead, write about anything else you can think of that doesn’t involve racing. There’s no word limit on this one; just remember, with any type of audition piece, the longer it is, the more impressive it must be to retain its audience.

Resumes are also a preferred add-on to these three pieces but not required.

Simply email these three examples to our editors at frontstretcheditors@googlegroups.com and we’ll go from there!