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NASCAR Mailbox: Hailie Deegan’s No Good Season

Hailie Deegan has not had the season she had hoped for, as she has the worst average finish among full-time drivers in the NASCAR Xfinity Series at 26.1. Why is Deegan performing poorly this season?

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Frontstretch‘s Jared Haas answers this week’s questions on NASCAR Mailbox on Frontstretch‘s YouTube channel.

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Jared Haas joined the Frontstretch staff in May 2020. During his time at Frontstretch, Jared has grown the Frontstretch YouTube channel from less than 200 subscribers to well over 23,000 subscribers.

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Hailie Deegan seems like a really nice kid with her head squarely on her shoulders. But she’s just not any good at asphalt racing. Her racing talent seems to be in dirt tracks.

Last edited 16 days ago by Christopher

It’s called nepotism and running out of talent and skills years ago, she’s only where she’s at because of daddy’s last name and money and the way she looks, if she was judged off talent she would have been tossed out on her ass years ago


Sorry but just how rich do you think her daddy is? Not rich enough to fund a Nascar team, that I can tell you.

Scott Taylor

She’ll come around teledaga 12th she just needs encouragement and I’m here she’s got what it takes she just needs more time. Finishing races that’s big she’ll get it I promise


First year in Xfinity. Let’s hold everyone to this same standard as people do with her.

Austin C

I don’t recall her being all that special in the trucks either. Granted yes she could turn around and surprise people, but I feel like she could just as easily end up being just like Danica. Kept moving up cause she was marketable even though she was god awful in a stock car


Hmmmm, in every series there’s a bottom half that’s not going anywhere talentwise. Why wouldn’t you least want a popular driver bringing fans then the more frequent no names?


Give her time new division new team, takes time to jell . Give them hell .

jon jensen

The Deegan haters, Decker haters and before that and stll Danica haters are delusional if they think their hate has meaning. Natalie Decker still gets rides and ratings go up when woman race car drivers are in race. Also a third of race fans are woman. When Danica left ratings went down even more so in key demographics. Deegan’s main problem is Isabella Robusto. (look at latest results.


I had hoped getting her out of the kiddie pool of truck drivers , you know … crash and bash… and in with real drivers would help. But , not so much this year. Her dads not rich, and yes, she does seem to do better on dirt, but gosh almighty, she’s got to do better. How about a top 20 finish in most of the remaining races? Seems far fetched just saying it out loud!
This first year in Xfinity has certainly been painful to watch,
And to ALL women drivers and advertising peeps… where the heck are those lady products , and why no advertisements? My wife goes bezerk … no Makeup, clothing, etc type sponsors on any cars? Bad planning from this view.

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