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Matt Crafton Releases Statement on Talladega Incident

Matt Crafton released a statement Sunday (Oct. 1) on the altercation between him and Nick Sanchez the day prior that saw Sanchez walk away bloodied from a punch to the face.

The incident happened after the Love’s RV Stop 250 NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series race at Talladega Superspeedway, where contact between both drivers resulted in Crafton turning into the field.

“What people don’t take into account is that he all but ‘sucker punched’ me at 200 mph,” he said in his statement on both ‘X’ and Instagram in regard to the on-track contact. “The way he pushed my truck gave me no ability to get out of the situation and he was told multiple times during that race the way he was pushing people was going to cause a wreck and going to get people hurt.

“There is a consistent pattern of certain drivers having a lack of respect on the track and it was time for someone to say something.”

Crafton extensively discussed his feelings about the post-race incident as well.

“Am I proud that it got physical, no, but last time I checked everyone on that track is a grown adult,” the statement said. Crafton also apologized to his team, sponsors and partners.

The full statement on Crafton’s official ‘X’ page, which he broke down into six ‘X’-sized replies, can be viewed here:

NASCAR has not yet made an official statement but told Frontstretch they are currently gathering all information regarding the altercation between the two drivers. After reviewing it, NASCAR will make a ruling later in the week.

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Alex Curits

Matt Crafton doesn’t seem to realize the raced was televised and the video shows he is a liar. He’s just a pathetic old man who is always whining.


No reason for Sanchez to tell some he’s going to kill anyone very very wrong


He was saying that about crafton who wrecked him .


What Matt should have done is turned him over his knee and spanked him really well, like any spoiled brat needs.
I applaud Crafton for doing it, and more of the veterans should do the same to these punks that drive way over their heads in the truck series.

Tim Gorden

Craftons best before date has long passed , now just a grumpy old man,


Matt Crafton must now realize that he is “aging out” which happens in all facits of life. When you start complaining about your job constanly, its time for a change or walk away. The truck series has changed, but all racing has.
Pay to Play has taken over

Michael Inman

Crafton is a wuss! You wanna be a man then be a man! Sucker hit and run is not being a man

Tom Jadin

This was not heat of the moment fight. It was a premeditated assault. Legal charges should be filed


Caused his own wreck, blames the truck he blocked, and then suckered punched a kid like a little bitch.

William Sparks

You pay the price when your an old man racing in the beginner series. Crafting was wrong!

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