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Eyes on Xfinity: Brandon Brown’s Celebration Tainted By Fans’ Shameful Chant

It does not matter how long it takes to earn it or how it’s gained.

You can never ever forget your first win in any racing series. It does not matter if you lead the most laps or just one. It’s the first win, and nobody can ever take that away.

The emotion is hard to forget, as well as the thoughts of a driver as the checkered flag falls and the ensuing celebration afterward. In the case of most drivers, they’re able to go back years later and rewatch the victory celebration and their elation during their on-track or victory lane interview.

Sadly, part of that post-race celebration for Brandon Brown was tainted on Saturday afternoon (Oct. 2) at Talladega Superspeedway, and it had absolutely nothing to do with anything that Brown or his small-budget Brandonbilt Motorsports did. Saturday’s win at Talladega marked the apex of a tough and grueling journey for Brown and his family — to win in the NASCAR Xfinity Series.

“This is everything we hoped and dreamed for. Everything I’ve ever wanted to do is take the trophy home to Mom and Dad,” Brown told NBC Sports following the win. “Oh, my god. Thank you so much Larry’s Lemonade … all of our partners. It’s unbelievable.”

After climbing out of his car and celebrating, Brown was interviewed on frontstretch, as has become the custom in the last few years. That’s where a small but cowardly group of fans ended up hijacking Brown’s victory celebration.

In case you missed it, an audible chant was not, unfortunately, “Let’s Go Brandon.” Rather, it was … well … in order to keep this column somewhat family-friendly, combined a word that rhymes with “duck” and the current occupant of the White House. We don’t have to be any more graphic than that.

Forever in time, when you watch Brown’s interview, one of the best underdog moments for this series since wins by Jeremy Clements and David Gilliland, his interview will be tainted by “fans” that chose to sling mud on this win by using it to make a political statement.

While Bubba Wallace‘s win on Monday helped get him mentioned on outlets that would seldom mention NASCAR such as The Today Show, the post-race reaction has been referenced mockingly in various comment sections and news sites such as BlazeTV  and Real Clear Politics.

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Look, I couldn’t care less who you voted for when it came to president, governor, mayor or even dogcatcher. Using a victory celebration for your own political purposes is not and should never be OK. Ever. It’s as same as it would have been in Atlanta Motor Speedway in March or July if fans had chanted “#$%@ Brian Kemp” or if fans at Daytona International Speedway had chanted likewise toward Donald Trump (they obviously didn’t do that in February 2020). Contrary to what a small pocket of fans portrayed late Saturday afternoon, who you vote or didn’t vote for should have absolutely nothing to do with what happens during race weekend.

That’s obviously tough to do when you have race teams able to creatively get sponsorship by putting a political candidate’s name of cause on the hood of the car … see Corey LaJoie’s ride a year ago, for example. But it’s still something that should not be on the track. There are fans at the track each weekend who, for them and their family, going to the race is the closest thing to a vacation they get each year, their only way to escape dealing with some crappy stuff that may be going on. The same goes for fans watching on TV. Someone should not watch a race and be struck with a political message. End of story.

Brown’s big moment was partially tainted and that’s a shame. Sadly, the reaction to some may be to broadly brush it as “well, that’s Alabama … what do you expect at Talladega?”

That’s equally unfortunate for the majority of fans that frequent the mammoth facility twice a year. I’m long-time friends with multiple fans of racing and college football that call the state of Alabama home, one of which enabled me to crash at their house during a Talladega race weekend a number of years back.

To quote a song by a band originally from Alabama, the Drive By Truckers,

“But there were a lot of good folks down here and Neil Young wasn’t around.”
Hopefully, for the sake of Brown, Saturday won’t be the only win of his NASCAR career. If the tenacity that he has shown, both on the track and in his pursuit of sponsors means anything, it certainly won’t be, that’s for sure.
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In fact, Brown’s apparently planning to do what he has done with the challenges of attracting sponsors…turn lemons into lemonade.

According to Jeff Gluck of The Athletic, Brown is working on “Let’s Go, Brandon” t-shirts.

For the sake of Brown and race fans everywhere, here’s to hoping for a second win and one that Brown will be able to always cherish…one that won’t be marred by a small group of fans with bad intentions.

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—— Joe Biden

Cotton G

The hypocrisy in this op-ed. Drivers making political statements all last summer is acceptable, but fans chanting what the majority of Americans are feeling is “shameful”? This did not harm Brandon Brown’s moment. If anything, it solidified it’s place in Nascar history.

Sally Baker

There are no words….

Bill B

Yeah there are,,, you can find it on YouTube if you wish.


those fans did no different than what was heard in college football stadiums on saturday. no i don’t condone that behavior. just a result of the world we live in now.


So this shameful stunt was not just isolated to Dega on Saturday? This was some coordinated effort by ignorant and inconsiderate attendees throughout the land?

If so, that’s a pretty despicable place for those people to be at in life… What an embarrassment…

Bill B

Gee, I seem to remember similar occurrences with Trump. I don’t remember hearing the same level of outrage.


I can assure you there was not one instance of out-of-place anti-Trump chants or demonstrations at a race track throughout the nation during his term.

I also never see a “left” equivalent of the obnoxious and gaudy Grunt Style clothing at a race track either. I just don’t understand what compels people to wear that tacky stuff.

Bill B
Brian Lachance

Spoken like a truly ignorant person. Nascar might not be ballet but is an exciting and passionate sport for the fans that attend. Maybe you should give it a try and educate yourself

Jay N

What about Pelosi ripping the State of the Union speech for the whole world to see? Was that not out of place?


Oh, kneeling during the National Anthem is not a political statement? At least the right has a sense of humor.

Bill B

It’s a shame that his celebration was ruined. As for the sentiment itself, I think if the shoe fits…..


It is what it is. If we had a president rather than a sock puppet being controlled by the consortium in the basement of Martha’s Vineyard then we would be much better off. Its not going to stop, and as a matter of fact will most likely get worse.






All the press is doing by covering this is giving these people more attention. I’m not sure of the purpose for this article is, but it serves to give any group more reason to do it again…and I don’t care what name follows the obscenity.
And its not ok at a football game, a baseball game, or any other sport.

Larry Aron


Carl D.

I would never chant the F-word. So many children present, and we adults have a responsibility to be a positive influence on the youth. But every day when I read the news, I’m thinking “Let’s Go Brandon”.

Bill B

Agree with you but I doubt there are many children in the U.S. that haven’t hear that word 1000 times by the time they are 10 years old. The genie is out of the bottle.

Carl D.

So true. And I’ve been known to speak fluent sailor myself on occasion. Still, I feel like it’s a poor way for a respectable person to behave in public. Just speaking for myself.

Larry Aron

I believe it’s poor for the msm media to have become nothing more than Bagdad Bob NWO propagandist.


I believe Kelli Stavast said they were chanting “Let’s Go, Brandon!?”

Joe Farmer

Actually Kelli’s (on instruction?) ham handed interjection of Lets go Brandon when everybody could clearly hear the actual chant sent the whole clip into hyper drive. Probably the widest distribution of a Nascar clip EVER! The chant is heard at many college stadiums, NFL stadiums and in the MLB playoffs. Nascar is front and center because of the “Let’s go Brandon” interjection..

Several places I frequent have quit using the FJB for the most part, they just say” Let’s go Brandon” and everyone knows what is meant no clever mispellings or * letters necessary.

Joe Farmer

To further the above point, I just noticed that The Blaze is selling Let’s go Brandon T shirts!!


Talk about hypocrisy. What a poorly, politically motivated article this is…which is ironic since that’s the point you’re also trying to make. What’s even more funny is that you choose to keep it in the spotlight by writing about it.

Henry F Martin

I think it is funny that the sports fans all over the country shout FJB are probably the same ones that voted for him.


It’s just an example of what drunk Talladega fans tend to do when they are not busy in the infield accidentally burning up their RV’s, holding wet T-shirt contests, staging impromptu mud wrestling events, puking their guts out, or passing out. Remember the shower of beer cans raining down from Talladega’s stands when Jeff Gordon was controversially declared the winner over Dale Jr. one year? Epic!

The fix for NBCSN would be to move the winner’s interview back to victory lane, where it should have been in the first place. This need to chase down the driver while he is still doing his victory burn out in hopes of getting a “raw, emotional interview” has passed its “sell-by date”.

Larry Aron

So were you just as appalled when the word wizard propagandist in the lame stream media called protest peaceful as city’s were literally burning behind them in the back ground… I thought not.

WJW Motorsports

I wouldn’t do it, because I think it is classless, however I do love that I live in a country where you are (used to be anyway) able to do it. I don’t think you’d hear a similar chant at a classy North Korean sporting event. Let’s see how the State run media handles their sound feeds over the upcoming weeks. Pay attention folks. Congrats to Brandon.

Last edited 2 years ago by WJW Motorsports
Brian Lachance

It was an opportunity to exercise freedom of speech and frustration with a loser in the White House that is nothing more than a tool for the Democratic party.

Tom C

This incident was great for Brandon, and increased his popularity. Unfortunately, the writer’s support for a failing president is more harmful than any spectator chant. Sad!

Larry Aron

Shameful display by fans?
City’s literally burned as the wizards of words propagandist called them peaceful protest… Now that is shameful.
To that i say…


You are a hypocrite Brad. Race car drivers displayed BLM, athletes all over taking a knee? All expressing their political views. F Brad Harrison! ?


The stupid reporter blew this one. Your story is off the mark, Brad.

Jay N

The author of this article should be ashamed of himself for trying to make a valid point but failing miserably by lying and downplaying the reality. While it’s true that it’d be better if Brandon’s win didn’t turn out political, it makes you look just as naive or ridiculous as that reporter that tried to spin “FJB” as “LGB” when you tried to spin that it was merely a “small but cowardly group of fans” that expressed their dislike of “the most popular president of all time”.

Anyone with a brain should be smart enough to know that a “small group” could never project enough noise for a microphone on the speedway in an open air space to catch. Either you’re trying to gaslight or you actually believe what you’re saying in which you should really reassess your life.

Other comments mentioned it too, but if you want politics to stay they hell out of sports and entertainment, then that should mean ALL OF IT should be kept out.


The savage Redneck always holds America back. Will never be a modern nation and catch up to the rest of the world with these inbreeds living like it’s 1865. They never evolved. Pathetic humans!


Wow, bet you’re a joy to be around.??grow up salope!


Kneeling during the National Anthem, guess your really upset about that! It would pretty hypocritical to not be livid about that to. Huh? Remember everyone saying, that we didn’t want politics and sports to mix but? You should know what you believe in, cause it always makes a full circle, what that saying about Karma?


I don’t like Trump, but no one is as bad as the old white man Joe Biden.

Glen Stewart

Brandon Brown gets my vote for most popular driver 2021!

Let’s Go Brandon!!!!!

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