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Entry Lists: Pirelli World Challenge at VIR

This weekend, Pirelli World Challenge starts the Sprint-X portion of the season at VIRginia International Raceway.  It will be the first weekend of 2017 where all seven classes will be in action.  As a result, the entry list is…rather staggering.

There are 109 entries in total among the various classes.  As such a setup is likely very confusing to readers, we’ve split the classes up into three separate charts.  It should be noted that some of the cars are listed more than once.

First up is Sprint-X.  There are currently 35 cars entered for these races.  This is right at the maximum limit that WC Vision designated for this race.  The No. 11 GT Cup Ferrari for Precision Driving and the DIME Racing No. 111 Lamborghini were originally entered as alternates.  However, Dream Racing Motorsport’s No. 07 Lamborghini and DXDT Racing’s No. 63 Mercedes have withdrawn, allowing the alternates in.

These races will be the only ones that the GT3-spec cars in the GT class will compete in.  GT is further split into three subclasses based on driver skill.  The top division is Pro/Pro.  These are the best-rated driver pairings.  Two-time race winner Alvaro Parente is here, as are Johnny O’Connell, Ryan Dalziel and Ryan Eversley.  Also, these teams will not have to obey minimum pit times during the mandatory pit stops.

The next division is Pro/Am, which is exactly as it reads.  A professional-level driver is paired up with an amateur racer.  Examples of this would be the Laurens Vanthoor/James Sofronas pairing at GMG Racing and John Potter/Marco Seefried at Magnus Racing.  These teams will have to obey a minimum pit time.

Finally, there is Am/Am, a subclass with two amateur drivers.  Professional drivers can also be classified as amateurs based on their age.  A driver that turns 50 typically receives a one rank decrease.  A two rank decrease kicks in at 55.  Anyone over 60 races as a bronze-rated driver.  That is how Scuderia Corsa’s No. 7 Ferrari 458 GT3 of defending GTA champion Martin Fuentes and former Formula One and CART racer Stefan Johansson is in the Am/Am division as Johansson turned 60 in September.

In addition to GT, the GTS and GT Cup classes are also competing in the Sprint-X races.

Entry List for Pirelli World Challenge Sprint-X at VIR

Sprint-X GT Am/Am007 - The Racers GroupDrew Regitz
Kris Wilson
Aston Martin Vantage GT3
Sprint-X GTS Pro/Am017 - Case-It RacingTrent Hindman
Adam Merzon
Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport MR
Sprint-X GTS Am/Am018 - Case-It RacingPhilip Bloom
Cameron Cassels
Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport MR
Sprint-X GTS Am/Am019 - Case-It RacingAri Balogh
Greg Liefooghe
Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport MR
Sprint-X GT Pro/Am07 - Dream Racing MotorsportLawrence DeGeorge
Cedric Sbirrazzuoli
Lamborghini Huracan GT3
Sprint-X GTS Pro/Am09 - The Racers GroupJerry Kaufman
Kyle Tilley
Aston Martin Vantage GT4
Sprint-X GT Pro/Pro2 - CRP RacingRyan Dalziel
Daniel Morad
Mercedes-AMG GT3
Sprint-X GT Pro/Pro3 - Cadillac RacingJohnny O'Connell
Ricky Taylor
Cadillac ATS-V.R.
Sprint-X GT Pro/Pro4 - Magnus RacingPierre Kaffer
Spencer Pumpelly
Audi R8 LMS GT3
Sprint-X GT Pro/Pro6 - K-PAX RacingJonny Kane
Bryan Sellers
McLaren 650S GT3
Sprint-X GT Am/Am7 - Scuderia CorsaMartin Fuentes
Stefan Johansson
Ferrari 458 GT3
Sprint-X GT Pro/Pro8 - Cadillac RacingMichael Cooper
Jordan Taylor
Cadillac ATS-V.R.
Sprint-X GT Pro/Pro9 - K-PAX RacingBen Barnicoat
Alvaro Parente
McLaren 650S GT3
Sprint-X GT Cup Pro/Am11 - Precision DrivingDani Clos
Marko Radisic
Ferrari Challenge Evo
Sprint-X GT Pro/Am14 - GMG RacingJames Sofronas
Laurens Vanthoor
Porsche 911 GT3 R
Sprint-X GT Pro/Am16 - Wright MotorsportsJan Heylen
Michael Schein
Porsche 911 GT3 R
Sprint-X GT Am/Am23 - M1GT RacingJames Dayson
Larry Pegram
Audi R8 LMS GT3
Sprint-X GT Am/Am30 - NGT MotorsportHenrique Cisneros
Tyler McQuarrie
Ferrari 458 GT3
Sprint-X GT Pro/Pro31 - TR3 RacingDaniel Mancinelli
Andrea Montermini
Ferrari 488 GT3
Sprint-X GT Pro/Pro43 - RealTime RacingTom Dyer
Ryan Eversley
Acura NSX GT3
Sprint-X GT Pro/Am44 - Magnus RacingJohn Potter
Marco Seefried
Audi R8 LMS GT3
Sprint-X GT Pro/Am54 - Black Swan RacingJeroen Bleekemolen
Tim Pappas
Mercedes-AMG GT3
Sprint-X GT Cup Pro/Am55 - Dream Racing MotorsportAlessandro Bressan
Yuki Harata
Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo
Sprint-X GT Pro/Pro58 - Wright MotorsportsJörg Bergmeister
Patrick Long
Porsche 911 GT3 R
Sprint-X GT Pro/Pro61 - R. Ferri MotorsportsKyle Marcelli
Alex Riberas
Ferrari 488 GT3
Sprint-X GT Pro/Am63 - DXDT RacingDavid Askew
Aaron Povoledo
Mercedes-AMG GT3
Sprint-X GT Pro/Am75 - Always Evolving Motorsport/AIM AutosportFrankie Montecalvo
Ricardo Sanchez
Sprint-X GT Pro/Am77 - Calvert DynamicsDr. Preston Calvert
Alec Udell
Porsche 911 GT3 R
Sprint-X GT Pro/Am78 - Absolute RacingAlexandre Imperatori
Yufeng Luo
Bentley Continental GT3
Sprint-X GT Pro/Pro82 - McCann RacingAndrew Davis
Mike Skeen
Audi R8 LMS GT3
Sprint-X GT Pro/Pro88 - Absolute RacingVincent Abril
Adderly Fong
Bentley Continental GT3
Sprint-X GT Cup Am/Am90 - Autometrics MotorsportsCory Friedman
Joe Toussaint
Porsche 911 GT3 Cup
Sprint-X GT Pro/Am92 - MCC RacingAlexandre Negrao
Alexandre Negrao Sr.
Mercedes-AMG GT3
Sprint-X GT Pro/Pro93 - RealTime RacingPeter Kox
Mark Wilkins
Acura NSX GT3
Sprint-X GT Pro/Am98 - K-PAX RacingMike Hedlund
Michael Lewis
McLaren 650S GT3
Sprint-X GT Pro/Am111 - DIME RacingMichael Macs
Jonathan Summerton
Lamborghini Huracan GT3
Sprint-X GTS Am/Am47 - NOLAsportJason Hart
Matt Travis
Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport MR

In addition to the Sprint-X races, GTS teams will take part in standalone GTS races this weekend.  19 GTS class teams are entered, nine in regular GTS and ten more in GTSA (the amateur division).  Some of them are doing double-duty between the sprint races and Sprint-X.  Examples of those teams include Case-It Racing and Stephen Cameron Racing.  Other teams, like the Blackdog Speed Shop entries for Lawson Aschenbach and Tony Gaples, will only do the sprint races.

Pirelli World Challenge GTS Class at VIR Entry List

GTSA04 - GMG RacingGeorge KurtzMcLaren 570S GT4
GTSA017 - Case-It RacingAdam MerzonPorsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport MR
GTSA018 - Case-It RacingCameron CasselsPorsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport MR
GTSA019 - Stephen Cameron RacingAri BaloghAston Martin Vantage GT4
GTSA2 - Racers Edge MotorsportsJason BellSIN R1 GT4
GTS3 - Flying Lizard MotorsportsRodrigo BaptistaPorsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport MR
GTS8 - Mantella AutosportAnthony MantellaKTM XBow GT4
GTS10 - Blackdog Speed ShopLawson AschenbachChevrolet Camaro GT4.R
GTSA11 - Blackdog Speed ShopTony GaplesChevrolet Camaro GT4.R
GTS13 - ANSA MotorsportsNico JaminKTM XBow GT4
GTS14 - Flying Lizard MotorsportsNate StacyPorsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport MR
GTSA25 - ANSA MotorsportsRicco ShlaimounKTM XBow GT4
GTS32 - Phoenix PerformanceAndrew AquilanteFord Mustang BOSS 302R
GTSA45 - Racers Edge MotorsportsChris BeaufaitSIN R1 GT4
GTS50 - Team Panoz RacingIan JamesPanoz Avessano GT
GTSA62 - KPRMark KleninMcLaren 570S GT4
GTS80 - Mantella AutosportMartin BarkeyKTM XBow GT4
GTSA89 - JCR MotorsportsFred RobertsMaserati GT4
GTS99 - JCR MotorsportsJeff CourtneyMaserati GT4

Finally, VIR marks the season opening races for the TC, TCA and TCB classes.  These two races will have the largest grids of the weekend.  55 entries have been submitted for those two races.

The TC class has a number of new teams for 2017 and brand-new cars.  TCR chassis will make their American debut this weekend as four teams will race the new Audi RS3 LMS.  TCR is a touring car formula that is relatively popular overseas as an alternative to touring cars based on those raced in the World Touring Car Championship.  IMSA currently plans to introduce TCR to the Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge (CTSC) in 2018.

Get used to seeing these cars in Pirelli World Challenge TC races.  Over a dozen are entered this weekend. (Photo: Phil Allaway)

In addition to the new Audis, there has been a significant increase in the BMW contingent.  Last year, Classic BMW ran the only two BMW M235iR’s in the series.  Toby Grahovec took one to last year’s TC championship.  Let’s just say that they aren’t alone anymore.  There are 15 BMW M235iR’s entered from a number of different teams (Classic BMW has four entries by themselves).

The TCA class is the closest to the Street Tuner class in the CTSC. 15 cars are entered here, led by defending class champion Elivan Goulart in a Mazda MX-5 for S.A.C. Racing.  The class consists mainly of previous generation Mazda MX-5’s with a few exceptions.  The new Mazda Global MX-5 Cup Car is eligible for the TCA class and three of them are entered this weekend.  These cars usually race in spec races (for instance, the MX-5 Cup ran in support to the Verizon IndyCar Series last weekend in Alabama).  According to CTSC racer Stevan McAleer, the new MX-5 Global Cup Car is lighter than the older car, but has less power.

Finally, we have the TCB class, a class for compact grocery getters.  Eight of these compacts will race.  Examples include the Honda Fit, Chevrolet Sonic, the Mazda2 and the MINI Cooper.

Pirelli World Challenge VIR TC Classes Entry List

TC007 - BERG RacingJohn AllenAudi RS3 LMS
TC009 - BERG RacingJason CoupalAudi RS3 LMS
TCB01 - Drengler RacingJasper DrenglerHonda Fit
TCB02 - Believeland MotorsportTed SahleyMazda2
TCA07 - Copeland MotorsportsDean CopelandMazda Global MX-5 Cup Car
TC1 - Classic BMWToby GrahovecBMW M235iR
TC2 - Classic BMWGino CariniBMW M235iR
TC4 - KRUGSPEEDDennis Hanratty Jr.Lotus Exige
TC5 - BERG RacingJohn WeisbergMazda MX-5
TCB6 - Jake Pipal RacingJake PipalHonda Fit
TC7 - Shea RacingJason FichterHonda Accord Coupe
TC8 - Stephen Cameron RacingRodrigo SalesBMW M235iR
TC11 - RacerInk MotorsportsCody EllsworthPorsche Cayman
TC12 - Winding Road Team TFBMason FilippiBMW M235iR
TC17 - Hale MotorsportsRandy HaleMazda MX-5
TC18 - Zima MotorsportsStefan SajicBMW M235iR
TC19 - Stephen Cameron RacingAri BaloghBMW M235iR
TC20 - Stephen Cameron RacingGreg LiefoogheBMW M235iR
TCA21 - Tech Sport RacingMichael JohnsonMazda MX-5
TCA22 - Tech Sport RacingKevin AndersonScion FR-S
TCA23 - Tech Sport RacingEric PowellMazda MX-5
TCB24 - Tech Sport RacingCanaan O'ConnellChevrolet Sonic
TCB25 - Tech Sport RacingP.J. GroenkeChevrolet Sonic
TC28 - AutoTechnic RacingRobert NimkoffBMW M235iR
TC29 - Classic BMWJustin RaphaelBMW M235iR
TCB30 - Indian Summer RacingTravis WashayMINI Cooper
TC34 - Brass Monkey RacingTony RiveraNissan 370Z
TC36 - Zima MotorsportsChetan PuranikBMW M235iR
TCB37 - ISellMiataPartsBlake ThompsonMazda2
TC38 - ST RacingSamantha TanBMW M235iR
TC40 - Parallax RacingSteve KholiHonda Accord
TC44 - Rains RacingAndrew RainsHonda Accord Coupe
TCA51 - PWRPaul WhitingHonda Civic Si
TCA52 - Glory RacingGlory FernandezHonda Civic Si
TCA65 - Shea RacingSarah MontgomeryHonda Civic Si
TC67 - Shea RacingShea HolbrookHonda Accord Coupe
TC69 - S.A.C. RacingAnthony GeraciAudi RS3 LMS
TCA70 - S.A.C. RacingElivan GoulartMazda MX-5
TC71 - C360RPaul HoltonAudi RS3 LMS
TC72 - KRUGSPEEDCameron MagueriLotus Exige
TCA73 - S.A.C. RacingDaniel MoenMazda MX-5
TCA74 - S.A.C. RacingMatthew FassnachtMazda MX-5
TCB77 - Indian Summer RacingTaylor HandwerkMINI Cooper
TC78 - GenRacerJeff RiccaHyundai Genesis Coupe
TCA79 - Patterson RacingSpencer PattersonMazda MX-5
TC80 - Rooster Hall RacingAnthony MagnagoliBMW M235iR
TC87 - Stephen Cameron RacingHenry SchmittBMW M235iR
TCA89 - Winding Road Team TFBJeff SextonMazda Global MX-5 Cup Car
TC91 - ST RacingNick WittmerBMW M235iR
TC92 - Classic BMWChris OhmachtBMW M235iR
TC93 - Team HMAJoshua ForanHonda Accord Coupe
TCA94 - Shea RacingTom O'GormanHonda Civic Si
TCA97 - Copeland MotorsportsBrian HendersonMazda Global MX-5 Cup Car
TC99 - Honda Ste-Rose RacingKarl WittmerHonda Accord Coupe
TCA155 - Rossini Racing ProductsJason ConnoleMazda MX-5

Pirelli World Challenge races at VIR can be viewed at World-Challenge.com on Saturday and Sunday this weekend.  The Sprint-X races will debut on CBS Sports Network May 7 at 6 p.m. while the GTS and TC/TCA/TCB races will premiere on May 14 at 4 p.m.

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