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Sheldon Creed To Drive for Joe Gibbs Racing in 2024

Sheldon Creed will drive for Joe Gibbs Racing in 2024 in the NASCAR Xfinity Series, his current Richard Childress Racing teammate Austin Hill said post-race at Martinsville Speedway on Saturday, Oct. 28.

While no official announcement has been made yet, Hill spilled the news after a chaotic finish at Martinsville where Creed and Hill kept one another from winning and making the Championship 4.

“I cannot wait for him to get out of RCR,” a frustrated Hill told media post-race. “Can’t wait ’til we have Jesse Love as a teammate, maybe he’ll work better with me. Just cannot wait for him [Creed] to go over to Joe Gibbs Racing and I don’t have to put up with his shit no more.”

Tensions between the two teammates have certainly risen throughout the 2023 season. At Bristol Motor Speedway in September, Creed got into Hill, ending the race for the No. 21 and showing signs of tensions within the RCR Xfinity crew.

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Creed departs RCR after an up-and-down two years with the organization. He is still searching for his first career Xfinity Series win. The 2020 NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series champion has 10 top-five finishes with six runner-ups. He was just a few feet away from his first victory at Martinsville but instead was eliminated from the 2023 playoffs.

Overall, Creed has 10 top fives, 28 top fives and one pole. The 2023 season was his first time making the Xfinity playoffs.

In this year’s silly season shuffle, RCR signed Love to replace Creed in the No. 2. JGR has two vacancies in its Xfinity Series program as Sammy Smith will move to JR Motorsports and John Hunter Nemechek will graduate to the NASCAR Cup Series with Legacy Motor Club.

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I heard this, then waited for the NBC booth to comment…and waited, and waited. Due to the chaotic finish, they had plenty of time but no, nada. Real crack team there, NBC.


wish jr would just stfu lol

Alex Curits

Funny, he slams into Sheldon and drives him up a lane and that’s good clean racing. Sheldon hits him from behind and sissy boy starts crying.


Are you really suggesting running someone a bit up a lane is the same as slamming into the back of them twice…


Denn Hamlin Slammed in Blaneys ass hard during the race and put him out of control. .What about that comparison?

Last edited 6 months ago by Rich

He door slammed him, didn’t run him up… Sheldon should have punted him


Someone at RCR should’ve been on the radio to Hill telling him to just hold off Allgaier, as Hill would’ve made the championship four on points then, while Creed would’ve made it by winning.

Charles Murch

For sure ..
Hill or his team do not appear to have much of a team player mentality !!
It’s all about Me attitude with Hill !!
His statement about his new teammate for next year : Maybe he will work with ME !!
Me ..Mee …Meeee !!!


They only had a 28 minute red flag to talk it over

Bill B

Little Gibbs did the same thing to his teammate last year with the same scenario.


The difference being, that Ty won the race and the Championship.

Bill B

Yes, exactly. He won the race that he didn’t need to win. Had he not pushed the issue and let his team mate win both he and his team mate would have been in the championship race. You understand that as far as JGR is concerned, having two cars in the championship race is better than having one car in the race? You get that, right?


Perfectly stated and my exact opinion, as well ! Someone screwed up by not updating both RCR Xfinity Drivers, well one, ex-driver in 2024. Sheldon will be going into better equipment next season anyway! JGR, always has dominant cars in that series ! I believe Creed’s career will improve 2 fold !


Creed could have taken him out and didn’t, just a little bump and run. Drivers have been doing it for years, the retaliation by Hill is what caused his own demise, and for RC to spout off like he did about Creed is childish crybaby move, bad on his part. They both wanted to make it to final race with a chance to win it all, and went for it, unfortunately it’s easy to blame guy who’s leaving, when the actual reason they both missed out is because Hill retaliated and it backfired, Karma


Personally I feel that it was not professional to say nasty comments about Sheldon Especially since he isn’t going to be driving for him This is just my feelings

Joe G

Sheldon did exactly what an owner would expect him to do. Just because RCR is butt hurt he’s leaving doesn’t mean he did wrong. Austin Hill and his Daddy’s money is what it all comes down to. Maybe RCR should put Ty or Austin in the 2 car and stop wasting cup seats!


The water head is Austin Hill. Let Creed by and follow him to the checkers. Both cars in. Proving once again “ Austin Hillbilly can’t do math


You are exactly right. Rcr should get rid of the dummy too. Maybe Gibbs will take box lololol


Austin Hill didn’t have to win to get in playoffs. Creed did. Hill could have settled for second if he was a team mate. Instead of moaning about creed not being a good team mate


Creed was told that they could both make it into the championship 4 if he won and hill was second. He asked if bill knew and word was relayed by their spotters supposedly. Hill has never been a team player and RC is greedy and his greed got him nothing in the end! He could have been a real team leader and let hill know what he needed to do per his boss and we would be watching them fight to win tonight but nope. RC should be ashamed of himself for having so little tact and acting like a child and a fool in the media! Creed is a stand up guy and he is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the coming years and RC knows that. That’s why I think he’s so butt hurt and talking trash. He’s pouting because he knows that he ran his talent off for the next couple of years lol. Hill is pansy who has never learned anything about sharing or being a team player! Let’s go Sheldon in 2024!! Can’t wait man! ❤️👏🏻


I always thought Mike Dillon was the dumbest Busch/Xfinity driver ever. Austin Hill proved me wrong.


Hill and Childress deserve each other bunch cry 😿 babies , CREED GOING TO FOOD ORGANIZATION.

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