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NASCAR Announces Changes in Laser Inspection Penalties

NASCAR announced late Wednesday afternoon, in a last minute teleconference, a change in the Laser Inspection penalty procedure. The P2 and P3 levels will be removed, while the P4 penalty level will remain. The penalty, according to NASCAR’s statement, will remain “encumbered.”

The teams of Martin Truex, Jr. and Jimmie Johnson will not be issued any penalties, which solidifies Truex’s advancement to round two of NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Chase.

Johnson’s 12th-place finish leaves him looking for a strong result at Loudon, New Hampshire.

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Biff Byanehouse

I appreciate the direction, but P4 penalty [$40-70K, 3 event CC suspension] with so much on the table P4 still ain’t jack! #78 keeps the win & it is still unjustly sever on non-winners! So little changes with this latest punitive revelation.
Until the “win” gets taken away &/or the purse & finish order of cheaters are much more negatively affected, it amounts to handling the cheaters with kid-gloves & it won’t change the cheating very much.
Like every other major series in the world, cheaters should be excluded entirely. Or, at a minimum, they need to be assessed a per-lap time penalty & the finish order should be revised thusly.
IE: #78 & #48 at Chicago – 0.5 second per-lap time penalty (+/- 135 seconds or +/- 3 laps), reordered to +/- P28, purses donated to charity.
Lay-ith the smack-ith down & BOOM, no more rear axle alignment or body mod issue! END OF STORY!


Surprise,surprise!!! Not!

Brian’s dilemma, one of many. If the chosen cars break the rule change the rule. Because he can. Like I said before, what will the rule be tomorrow?

Reverend Gibbs and Mr. H.


By the way, does “encumbered” another word for “permitted”?

Bill B

Why do they even bother with this then? Encumbered, unencumbered,,, what the hell does that even mean?
So they are basically increasing the variance allowed above the limit before they assess a penalty of any significance.

They are removing P2 and P3 penalties…. then why not just have three levels… it’s stupid to have a P4 and P5 if there is no P2 and P3. So small is small, medium is extra large, and large is super-sized. Idiots.

And once again they change the rules after the horses have left the gate.
What a road of clap.

flying onion ring

NASCAR is the only sanctioning body that will alter the rules of the game after the game. Has the NFL or NBA or even WWE done that before? Thanks Brian. That’s a fantastic way to make the sport not even “appear” to have legitimacy.


Pathetic, people whine and complain (Toyota) and Brian has them vested up to their freaking eyeballs in his house of cards, so he makes an ass of himself to accommodate his biggest $$$$$ contributors.

God forbid the rules they said they would abide by, that they take their medicine, even thought the medicine was a bottle of champagne because Cheating Marty and Cole got to keep their win! I don’t care what NASCAR new super duper modified inspection process says, Cole and Marty have been whining and cheating since last year, thumbing their nose up at every turn and laying blame elsewhere! And they are defiant, so Brain caves. TOYOTA LIVES MATTER!…SMH. Brian is a puss. Now, the bar will be moved again and again because of temper tantrums. So what is the point of having a pass or fail system if the creators of this system do not abide by their own rules and make it “discretionary”! How ripe for favoritism or not is that? What happened to sticking to your guns…of course till it is somebody that does not enable your favored requests. No integrity, but others get pinched for the dumbest of dumbs.

Encumbered/Unencumbered lingo, all bs…but YOU NASCAR set the rules and let the rule breakers rule you!

I can’t stand Harvick, but I am appalled at the out and out blame of Marty’s failed inspection on him, full court press from Barney’s Beauties… Seems the only two drivers to fail post race wins have been Matty and Marty. Those two idiots were not the only ones who got “bumped and banged”, why didn’t the other winners fail?


Garbage BS….are they going to change it two weeks from now? Of course they will!

Bill B

Here is the statement from Mr. O’Dingle…

“”If we applied those penalties, the post-race penalty really would not treat each competitor fairly,” O’Donnell said.”

Well duh! Now explain to me how the same situation doesn’t exist during the first 26 races. If driver X wins Daytona any points penalties he gets for the rest of the season really won’t matter. However, driver Y hasn’t won and is trying to get in on points so a points penalty will really hurt. Address that idiot.



Kind of off-topic but what happened to Mike Helton?

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