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Xfinity Drivers React to Ty Gibbs Dumping Brandon Jones at Martinsville

It was the wreck heard ’round the NASCAR Xfinity Series garage.

Several drivers spoke out on Ty Gibbs dumping Brandon Jones on the final lap to win at Martinsville Speedway on Saturday night (Oct. 29), changing the complexion of the Championship 4.

In case you missed it, on the final restart of the Dead On Tools 250, the chance to battle for a title was on the line for Jones. The No. 19 Toyota driver entered the race 38 points below the playoff cut line and essentially needed to win the race to advance.

Jones’ Joe Gibbs Racing teammate Gibbs entered the event with a 30-point advantage over the cut line and only needed a decent finish to make the Championship 4. The duo dominated the night, combining to lead 200 of the race’s 269 laps.

Naturally, the race win came down to those two teammates. Gibbs led the field to green in overtime after the duo had bumped and rubbed each other quite a bit on previous restarts. Jones restarted in third, behind Gibbs, and used the bumper to nudge the No. 54 up the track.

“We were kind of being aggressive with each other all day during those restarts,” Jones said. “I’d get behind him, and not wreck him, but get into him and get him up out of the way, and I think that’s what you have to do here to go win the race.”

The Martinsville-style contact happened once again on the final restart. Jones went under Gibbs in turn 1 to make it three-wide with Noah Gragson up high, and the Georgia native completed the pass coming to the white flag.

Then, entering turn 1 of the last lap, Gibbs simply got into the back of the No. 19 and sent Jones spinning into the outside wall. The grandson of NASCAR Hall of Fame car owner Joe Gibbs cruised to the win, leading to loud boos and a “Thank you, grandpa” chant in the crowd.

“Go beat his ass, bro,” Gragson said as he walked by during Jones’ media availability.

“Brandon and I are friends, and I know what it’d be like if I was in his shoes, and I wouldn’t be too happy,” Gragson told Frontstretch. “Like he’s showing a lot more composure than I would be right now.

“But I guess you kind of have to deal with that when you’re driving that Ty Gibbs Racing, I mean Joe Gibbs Racing car.”

Gragson iterated that he expected a bump but, “He [Gibbs] destroyed him [Jones] getting into the corner.”

Ironically, Jones will be leaving JGR and replacing Gragson next year in the JR Motorsports No. 9, as Gragson is moving on up to the NASCAR Cup Series. Back in September, Jones was trailing Gragson in the closing laps at Bristol Motor Speedway and elected not to wreck him for the win, settling for second.

“Everyone was mad at me for not wrecking Noah there, but it was more of a respect thing,” Jones said. “I wanted to get to his left rear and give him a chance to win the race. I got more satisfaction out of that than doing something like [what Gibbs did].”

Gragson was not the only JRM driver to show support for Jones. His future teammates Justin Allgaier and Josh Berry talked to him for a while on pit road after the race, with Allgaier embracing Jones for a long time.

“I just told him [Jones] that he deserved better, which he did,” Berry told Frontstretch. “I just can’t believe what I saw there. I’ve raced my whole life since I was a little boy, and I just can’t believe that they would treat each other like that.

“We saw it earlier this year once. It’s just hard to believe. Dale [Earnhardt Jr.], Kelley [Earnhardt Miller], everybody at our company would expect better out of us in those moments. Like I said, I just really couldn’t believe it.”

Allgaier actually benefitted the most from Jones getting wrecked. Had Jones won, then it would’ve bumped the No. 7 team out of the Championship 4. Instead, Allgaier gets to race for his first NXS title, but he was still empathetic toward his future teammate Jones.

“Future teammate or not, he’s a good friend,” Allgaier said. “We missed out on making the final four last year because of the way the race worked out, and I know the emotions right now from his side. I hate it for those guys.”

Several other drivers took to Twitter to voice their thoughts on the move.

As for Jones, he considered Gibbs a friend prior to the incident but this fractured their relationship.

“I didn’t expect to get wrecked into [turn] 1, that’s for sure,” Jones said. “Me and Ty have always been kind of friends, but I lost all respect today. I know a lot of guys on pit road have [lost respect] for him [too].”

And while some might expect Jones to do something to prevent Gibbs from winning the championship next week, Jones said he’s just focused on trying to win the race.

“I can’t sit here and think, ‘I got to go ruin Ty Gibbs’ day at Phoenix,'” Jones said. “I got to think about how can I go win Phoenix, and that’s gonna give me the most possible momentum heading into next year, which I feel really strong about and having a really good opportunity to go win six times the races I did this year, I think.

“… He’s made plenty of enemies, so I don’t have to do much. Eventually, it’ll take care of itself.”

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About the author

Michael Massie is a writer for Frontstretch. Massie, a Richmond, Va. native, has been a NASCAR superfan since childhood, when he frequented races at Richmond International Raceway. Massie is a lover of short track racing and travels around to the ones in his region. Outside of motorsports, the Virginia Tech grad can be seen cheering on his beloved Hokies.

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Gibbs will have the blinders ripped off his blackened eyes if he brings his current driving habits to the Cup series next year. Someone will give him a good beating in the garage sooner or later.


Praise God! He gets us! He’s like the televangelist who preaches on Sunday and chases the choir director all week.
really typical of the phony “born agains”. Bunch of hypocrites.


You can tell he’s Joe’s grandson. Phony through and through. At some point in time, Noah will beat the heck out of him, and probably more than once. I can’t wait..


He won, that’s it. Fighting someone won’t change anything lol


A good punch in the mouth can sometimes adjust a snot-nosed brat’s attitude. See Kurt Busch vs Jimmy Spencer.

Mike Kalasnik

NASCAR said intentionally wrecking a guy wont be tolerated. Well, he just did it. Will he be punished?


No. Some teams/drivers are more equal than others.


He needs to be grounded !


The fact both would have gotten into the final if Jones had won, just shows how arrogant and ignorant he is. So much for the team and organization.Took years to build JGR to one of the top teams, only takes silver spoon a year and a half to ruin it.


Just a little cat fight among the rich and famous.

Fed Up

There is no “I” in team; there is in GIBBS.


There is also an “I” in Denny HamlIn and MartIn Truex, JunIor. Maybe I should change Baby Busch to BabI(e) Busch? Bell should find a new team as soon as he can.


Funny how Gragson suggested that Baby Gibbs should get his ass beat. Apparently he has forgotten the road course destruction he caused earlier this year. Does Nosh know the meaning of hypocrisy? Jerk!

Kevin L

Noah is the most recent example of someone who is capable of LEARNING FROM MISTAKES. Ty and Bubba, so far, are not.

Ty Gibbs is the typical kid at work who never had to actually fight for the job. One result of that type of situation is not respecting equipment; not respecting others. Definitely unable to understand “Thinking before acting out”.
Obviously clueless re: ‘bumping & grinding and air-lifts’ as part of racing an opponent.
Smashing a leader going into a turn hard enough to buckle your own front end and hood — that is not “racing”. That shows selfishness, entitlement, and disrespect.
Jones had multiple opportunities to dump several cars, including Ty the Jesus King. He chose not to do so, as always.


He is a little hypocrite- he hates people doing that to him but it he can justify doing it to other people. His Grandfather should be pulling him aside and telling him to smarten up and grow up. If he pulls this shit in the Cup series he is going to find himself up against the wall more times than not. He needs someone to punch his lights out and correct his entitled attitude.

Kevin L

Little Gibbs has yet to acquire the proper degree of respect it will take to manage a Cup competition. He also possesses an inability to develop the mentality it takes to race a Cup car. He needs another year of Xfinity in which to mature.

Hell, he can’t even speak intelligently when he screws-up (pretty much like Bubba). Neither of them seem to have the courage to Man-up.

They both have hard lessons in store, on and off the racing surface.


I doubt it. He will always get his way, and he is obviously one of NASCAR’s “untouchables” who has a different set of priviliged rules to play by. NASCAR doesn’t have the balls to step in and say jack **** to Joe Gibbs about getting control of his Grandson.

Last edited 1 year ago by Jeremy
george webster

If Darrel Wallace’s colliison with Larson merited a one-race suspension, what does this blatant action by Gibbs deserve?


Apparently a look the other way from NASCAR and most likely a Championship Title. That’ll teach him! No wait, it won’t. It’ll just further cement his entitled attitude toward the plebians (all other competitors) who are merely there for him to abuse and Lord over.


If this is how Gibbs races and xfinity series doesn’t penalize both have lost me as a spectator. You pass like a racer not bully your way through everyone.

Chris A

OK, Let’s see what NASCAR does here. Clint Bowyer changed the outcome of the Playoff’s in 2013. Nascar took Bowyer out and put Gordan in his place because Bowyer intentionally manipulated the outcome of final race before championship round. Bubba Wallace suspended 1 race for intentionally wrecking another driver at Texas. So here’s the deal. “Nascar has no choice but to suspend Gibbs for the final race because it has set precedence.” Not only did he wreck another driver intentionally which is a safety issue but he manipulated the outcome of the race. So let’s see which direction they go. Do they stay true to the precedence and bring the next highest point finisher into the final race or turn a blind eye?


I want someone to interview Bubba next weekend and ask how he feels about the privileged Ty Gibbs being allowed to wreck everyone at will while he has to play by a different set of rules. I’ll sit by, bucket of popcorn in hand. lol

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