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Stock Car Scoop: How Can NASCAR Fix Martinsville?

After a weekend of NASCAR racing at Martinsville that featured relatively uneventful NASCAR Camping World Truck and NASCAR Cup series racing, along with a fight to conclude Friday (April 8) night’s Xfinity Series race, Adam Cheek and Bryan Nolen have a lot to discuss on this week’s Stock Car Scoop.

Between the total lack of action on Saturday (April 9) in the Cup Series and Ty Gibbs and Sam Mayer‘s post-race confrontation on Friday, the pair discuss what NASCAR can do to fix the racing for short tracks later in the season, how the sanctioning body should handle Gibbs’ actions and more.

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About the author

Adam Cheek joined Frontstretch as a contributing writer in January 2019. A 2020 graduate of VCU, he works as a producer and talent for Audacy Richmond's radio stations. In addition to motorsports journalism, Adam also covered and broadcasted numerous VCU athletics for the campus newspaper and radio station during his four years there. He's been a racing fan since the age of three, inheriting the passion from his grandfather, who raced in amateur events up and down the East Coast in the 1950s.

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NA$CAR doesn’t have to fix Martinsville. NA$CAR has to fix NA$CAR!


So it’s the tracks that are the problem 🤣 hey Adam, did you even bother listening to what the drivers are saying. They KNOW and are telling y’all but your talking about it being the tracks problem.


I am withholding judgment on the new vehicle until later, after Charlotte in May.
NASCAR needs to stop playing favorites with manufacturers and see what happens. The bumper cover on Chase Elliott’s car at Charlotte and no black flag shows bias and favoritism, even if it’s not so.

Independent officials and independent persons in the booth, not NASCAR employees, would help. And empower them.

Steve C

Martinsville doesn’t need “fixing”. An automobile race is not for these Johnny come lately “fans” and media wonks. Just don’t be a fan of you can’t deal with different outcomes/circumstances of racing. Everybody wants a clown show/instant gratification these days. I will agree that na$car continues to screw up with attempting to appease the masses.


Agreed. F1 doesn’t panic about this sort of thing. The new cars in F1 are much more racey and now F1 feels like IndyCar where no one is always at the back and the midfield is intense.
Martinsville is a low-banked short track. This is what you get. I thought the Cup race was very professional and the comers and goers was interesting.

Embrace how every race is a story. F1 is booming in the U.S. because people embrace the storylines and authenticity. NASCAR boomed in the 80s and 90s because of the storylines, not gimmicks. We got authentic NASCAR. There are so many fantastic stories to tell from super late models up through Cup…

For TV, focus on battles deeper in the field. ESPN did this all the time in the 80s and 90s. Announcers, use the channel to let the producers know about great battles deeper in the field.

The track is fine. The cars are fine. Embrace each race for what it is and its unique story.


Indycar is doing a good job embracing/presenting the story lines as a race unfolds as well. They even commented during the broadcast of the Long Beach race how the first half was pretty calm, but action picked up in the second half as strategy and fatigue played out. I really like the team they have in the booth this year @ Indycar.

Funny, with F1 and Indycar, they don’t change everything from race to race based on the previous week’s results/twitter feeds. Well, not unless there is something fundamentally wrong/dangerous and in need of immediate address. I feel a changing tide in society – there is a desire for authenticity that’s been lacking for a while. I think people are tired of phony gimmicks. FOX/NA$CAR would be wise to wake up to this.


Rip van Winkle slept for 20 Years. NA$CAR has a few years to go but I believe it’ll be longer.

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