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Fire on Fridays: What Happens to Richard Petty Motorsports If Bubba Wallace Leaves?

With Brad Keselowski and Christopher Bell officially off the free agency market, that leaves Bubba Wallace as the next major silly season piece to fall, and the rest of the driver lineups will widely shape around whatever decision Wallace makes.

Does Wallace replace the retiring Jimmie Johnson in Hendrick Motorsports’ No. 48 in the NASCAR Cup Series? The folks from Ally Financial seem to like him, and it’s likely the most competitive ride available to Wallace. Plus, Wallace could even bring additional sponsorship to maybe help out in funding Alex Bowman‘s car.

Will Wallace replace Matt Kenseth in Chip Ganassi Racing’s No. 42? Kenseth’s comeback tour in this car is not going well, and I have a hard time believing the future NASCAR Hall of Famer returns to it in 2021. In fact, Ganassi recently confirmed it offered Wallace the ride, and it would make sense given the McDonald’s and Chevrolet connections.

Or does Wallace choose loyalty over much more competitive rides? Does he accept Richard Petty Motorsports’ offer to stay in the legendary No. 43 and have an ownership stake in the team?

Wallace could choose RPM, as he wouldn’t be in the position he is today if the team hadn’t taken a chance on him back in 2017 when he filled in for the injured Aric Almirola. But barring the signing of a major sponsor or having a big investor step in (which isn’t out of the realm of possibility), it’s Wallace’s least likely option, as well as his least competitive option.

But if Wallace does leave Petty for greener pastures, what happens to Richard Petty and the team he leaves behind?

Sponsor-less Talent

At that point, Erik Jones and Matt DiBenedetto would be the best two drivers available for the team. Jones was recently informed Joe Gibbs Racing would not bring him back in 2021, and DiBenedetto could be the odd man out should Team Penske and Ford want a spot in the Cup Series for Austin Cindric.

Corey LaJoie has a stable ride with Go FAS Racing, but he is looking for more competitive rides. RPM is a step up from GFR, so LaJoie could try for the No. 43. Clint Bowyer is another driver not yet signed for 2021, but I believe he would retire before taking a less-competitive ride, should Stewart-Haas Racing choose not to bring him back.

The problem with Jones, DiBenedetto and LaJoie is none of them bring a lot in the form of sponsorship. RPM had a lot of sponsor holes this year until Wallace’s sudden burst of popularity reeled in a few supporters. If Wallace leaves, the team will be left with very little sponsorship, as I would not expect CashApp, World Wide Technology or Coca-Cola to stick around. So Petty couldn’t just sign Jones or DiBenedetto without a major sponsor stepping in. It’ll fold without getting a sponsor from somewhere.

So RPM would then probably have to turn to a driver who brings funding. Even though he’s a free agent, I don’t see an Almirola reunion happening, as Petty had a nasty split with Smithfield. But there are a few other options out there for RPM.

Daniel Suarez

Daniel Suarez could be an option, as the No. 43 would be a better ride than Gaunt Brothers Racing No. 96. Suarez has sponsorship from CommScope and Coca-Cola, the latter of which would give RPM the chance to stay in the Coca-Cola Racing Family.

There’s been no indication that Suarez would leave GBR or that Toyota would let him leave, but I’d feel much better about Suarez staying in the No. 96 had Gaunt bought the charter that Leavine Family Racing recently sold to Spire Motorsports. Also, now that Toyota has one less team following LFR shutting down, maybe it makes a play for Petty.

Brandon Jones

Brandon Jones is another driver who brings funding, thanks to his relationship with Rheem, Menards and the companies with which they do business. He’s currently in his fifth full-time season in the Xfinity Series, and his stock has never been higher, winning two NXS races and his first Gander RV & Outdoors Truck Series race this season.

If Jones is ever going to move to the Cup Series, 2021 has to be the year to do it, else he could soon be labeled as an NXS lifer. The stable is full at JGR, so he will have to go to another team if he’s ever going to Cup. And the only way he stays with Toyota and moves to Cup is if Toyota recruits another team (again, maybe RPM). Even if RPM stays with Chevrolet, Jones going to the No. 43 is something that could help the team stick around.

Ross Chastain

Last year, Ross Chastain was viewed as one of the top prospects in NASCAR after he won four races across the Truck and Xfinity series and finished runner-up in the Truck championship. He seemed destined to drive in Cup for Ganassi.

But now, the Chastain train has slowed down a little bit. He’s third in Xfinity points, but he has yet to win a race in that series or Trucks. And he’s driven six Cup races, three filling in for Ryan Newman at Roush Fenway Racing and three for Spire (with Ganassi support), with a best finish of 17th (twice).

He’s still a good prospect and hasn’t forgotten how to drive. But talk has cooled about Chastain, and it doesn’t seem that Ganassi is that big on him anymore. He didn’t hire Chastain to drive the No. 42 after Kyle Larson was fired (maybe Xfinity sponsor commitments got in the way), and now he’s offered the No. 42 to Wallace for 2021 instead of Chastain.

If Wallace takes the No. 42 ride, Chastain will certainly have to look elsewhere if he wants to go Cup racing. He could go full time with Spire, which would plummet his stock at this point in its existence, or he could take over the much-more-competitive No. 43. Going to RPM would allow Chastain to maintain his relationship with Chevy, and he’d still get to enjoy a technical alliance with Richard Childress Racing, which he currently has at Kaulig Racing.

Most importantly for Petty, Chastain has Nutrien Ag Solutions in his corner and even brings funding with his own Melon Man Brand and the Florida Watermelon Association. So the team would be getting an up-and-coming talent and money. Chastain might be RPM’s best-case scenario without Wallace.

Justin Allgaier

Justin Allgaier deserves a second chance at Cup, this time at a team that’s not a complete disaster like HScott Motorsports was. RPM isn’t exactly a top-tier team, but the No. 43 is still better than what he drove his first Cup foray. At 34 years old, many would say Allgaier is too old to get a second chance in Cup. But pre-1990s, most drivers didn’t get a good Cup ride until they were in their 30s. Besides, the two best drivers in Cup this year are over the age of 38.

He hasn’t won in Xfinity this year yet, but Allgaier is consistently a threat for the championship. In the past, Allgaier has seemed content staying in Xfinity. But after five straight seasons driving for JR Motorsports in Xfinity, as well as filling in for Johnson in the Brickyard 400 this year, maybe Allgaier wants to try his hand at Cup again.

In addition to talent, Allgaier has had Brandt backing him in Xfinity or Cup since 2011, and it would probably follow him wherever he went. The odds of Allgaier going to the No. 43, let alone go to Cup again, are slim-to-none. But signing him would certainly help RPM stay afloat and be competitive.

The King’s Farewell 

If Wallace does leave the No. 43 and the team doesn’t sign a funded driver or have some type of organizational change, it is more than likely going out of business. A big sponsor isn’t going to fall out of the sky. Petty and majority owner Andrew Murstein can try their hand at starting the season with a talented driver and their own businesses on the hood, but I doubt Murstein’s businesses are even doing that well thanks to COVID-19.

Bob Leavine had to sell because his company took a hit thanks to the pandemic, and he said he’d “be lucky” to sell $50,000 in sponsorship for the rest of the season. Both factors, among others, led to him selling the team.

With how expensive it is to operate a team in NASCAR now compared to what the teams get from the charter money, RPM would be bleeding money like crazy if it tried to race 2021 without a major sponsor. So if it loses Wallace and then doesn’t sign a driver who brings money, this year might be the last time we see the iconic No. 43 on the track and the first time NASCAR has a season without a Petty involved in the competition in some kind of way.

Then again, there have been at least three occasions where I thought the old No. 43 was done for, only to come back strong the following season. But the going would be a whole lot easier if the team manages to keep Wallace and capitalizes on his popularity.

About the author

Michael Massie is a writer for Frontstretch. Massie, a Richmond, Va. native, has been a NASCAR superfan since childhood, when he frequented races at Richmond International Raceway. Massie is a lover of short track racing and travels around to the ones in his region. Outside of motorsports, the Virginia Tech grad can be seen cheering on his beloved Hokies.

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Bill B

So are there rumors that Bubba might go to the 48 or was that just total BS (baseless speculation)?
If true that’s the first I’ve heard of it.

Sean obrien


Bill B

I agree. That’s why I questioned the writer as to whether there was a scrap of truth to it or was it just BS. So far no comment.

Mark little

Boo hoo wallace needs to be on a go cart track.


RPM would be better without him. I also find it ironic that he has kept his Coca Cola Sponsorship. Coca-Cola was founded by a CONFEDERATE OFFICER!!! Hypocrisy much?


Bubba can t even drive a dam Billy goat to water let alone drive one of the top tier cars haley degan would be a better choice for any of those cars than bubba

Jimmy Eggleston

You are absolutely correct ??? I watched my last Nascar race of my life when the” noose” Crap made national news, removed the REBEL FLAG and no Retraction on the news. No NASCAR no Baseball no Football and I quit watching NBA when Larry Bird and Michael Jordan retired and I Don’t miss them at all. So many things to do with that time

Jim M

Fucking racist bastard’s !!!


You don’t know what he could do it might be a good idea


your right Richard was my favorite.drivet but this so called driver he’s got nowis damn worthless. Nascar is on verge of shutting down simply put

Jerome jackson

RPM will be a much improved organization when they are cancer free ! Yes I mean bubba !


He doesn’t deserve#48. He needs to leave Nascar period.


He deserves a chance so get off back


Trying to figure out why bubba would be offered a top tier ride? His performance on and off the track certainly doesn’t warrant it.


Why do people think anyone would want this trouble making mediocre driver? He brings nothing to a team except chaos. I’m sure Richard Petty would be happy to get rid of him.


the way nascar has missed a good opportunity to rebuild its fan base when it was the only sport on tv during this covid crap but they didn’t take advantage of 1 o’clock starts, stuck us with 4 o’clock starts for east coast don’t worry about petty nascar will be gone in 5years

Mike Kalasnik

Brandon Jones in Cup? Please no!!!!!!! How many cars can a kid wreck?

Carl D.


Bubba Hayer

Bubba is a no talent fake news bum, Hendrick would never let him fill Johnson’s shoes.


i thought last week it was blared all over the media that he was already part owner of the 43 team.

please, i seriously doubt he’ll be in the 48. if he ends up there just cause he brought sponsorship, shame on rick hendrick. bubba has no consistent proven results.


He leaves , they sign another 2nd rate driver and continue to bring up the back of the pack. He stays , gets better cars and still dosent produce. Sponsors dont care , it’s all about getting your logo on TV. Not winning


Hi my name is Craig Stewart I’ve been in racing over 50 years and I can remember today when it used to be more about the driver then it was everything else except the driver now is what the driver can bring to the team instead of which team can bring to the driver is kind of got a hundred eighty degrees turn around it seems like to me I don’t know total chaos at the moment I guess we’ll just over 19 around anyway I hope the best for Bubba and whatever he chooses to do


Your just a hater Janice black lives matter all day and everyday fool get with the program


Why did jack rausch racing release him in Xfinity races, no wins and no much talent, so Nascar forced RPM to sign a minority driver to stay in cup so the new driver will be the south of the border driver for RPM! Maybe he can assume the 42 ride!


Wallace isn’t black. His white father raised him as a privileged white boy after the divorce and his black mother raised her daughter. Wallace knows nothing of oppression some black men have dealt with.


Can’t wait till Bubba comes to California Fontana Speedway so all of us homies from Los Angeles Watts and we’re going to be deep will show all the white NASCAR fans black lives matter?


Sorry Bubba Wallace is way overrated, and has too much baggage and not much talent. No matter what color he is.


So you are a racist. Got it.


Anyone Petty Motorsports brings in after wallace will be an upgrade. Just a prima donna overated driver!

Jim M



Here is another issue for Ford besides Austin Cindric, and that is Chase Briscoe. Cindric is a shoe-in at Penske, as I believe his dad is the President, same as Cole Custer getting the break in the Haas car. Eric Jones, Matt (can’t try his last name!) are your two best drivers available along with Ross Chastain. Wallace, try as he might, will probably stay with the 43 team. I can see Eric Jones at Ganassi, but everyone is assuming there are no negotiations to bring back Matt Kenseth. Would Boyer, if forced out, go to Hendrick?

Follow the money. It is fun to speculate but I bet Johnson’s replacement is already chosen, Ganassi has a pretty good idea what he is going to do, and same at Penske/Wood and Stewart-Haas.

And no, Kyle Larson will not be granted a license by NASCAR, and it was refreshing to see him out of the discussion!


why wont kyle larson be granted a licence he completed his penance to asscar he should be reinstated i doubt he wants to


Joe,Larson has said he would love to come back to NASCAR,I’m hoping with Stewart-Haas

The Babe

Darrell Wallace Jr is where he is today, not because of talent, but because of George Floyd, and hysteria over a so called noose. Unfortunately should Wallace leave, RPM will have no extortion power over companies for sponsorship.


Wallace was with Petty long before anyone heard of George Floyd. He drove in the Xfinity series before coming to the Cup Series.
But where is he? 20th in points driving for a team that no driver with real potential would drive for.
I don’t get this diversity thing. What satisfaction do blacks get watching a driver that rarely finishes in the top ten? He’s just proving he’s inferior to most of the white drivers.


The 43 although iconic, would not be missed nor would Bubba. The team is not well financed and Bubba is a mid pack driver. The only reason that he would have a ride if Petty folds is because of a sponsor. If I wanted to sink a couple of million or more in a team, it sure wouldn’t be Petty nor Bubba.


JD quick what a BS name yeah you must be white stop being a hater downtown Los Angeles nothing but all the white people were defending all the brothers in the riot I know you seen it on TV they were all white I didn’t even have to go to downtown LA I just sat in my living room watch the white people fight for me hahaha Let’s Go Bubba?


I think we missed it on TV because we were at work supporting all of you sitting at home with all the income taxes we are paying.

Al Torney

Make no bones about it. NASCAR is financially hurting. The track owners, car owners, drivers and everyone connected to the sport. As a matter of fact the entire auto racing industry hurts financially. The sport bleeds money. Doesn’t matter whether it is a street stock at a local bull ring or Formula One it takes money, and lots of it, to race. Damn near every race track in the country has car count problems. No other sport needs outside money like auto racing does. And with sinking attendance and tv ratings national racing series’ value to sponsors is sinking. Which brings us to the driver values and his, or her, ability to sell themselves to potential sponsors. This is not good for the sport. It’s about perception. No matter the skill level if the fans perceive that they got their job by any other means then talent it’s just plain not good for the sport. We saw this with Danica. Oh she enjoyed a blip in the popularity chart but it faded when she didn’t produce decent performance. Now Wallace is in the cat bird seat. Right now you ask the majority of fans and they’re going to tell you he is there because he played the race card. Doesn’t have to be true because perception is what counts. Seems awful coincidental that NASCAR tv ratings have hit new lows since the flag and noose stories unfolded. Especially since NASCAR has enjoyed practically no competition from other sports due to Covid19.
It’s a real shame that sponsorship dollars are now controlling the sport and have been for sometime now. From the story we just read it appears there is a lot of talent in the lower series that is starving for a place to go. And a major problem that was not addressed in this article is the fact that most of the top rides are held by guys under forty years old. Of course Kevin is showing that age means nothing as far as that goes.
My thoughts are Bowman goes to the 48. Wallace would have a shot at the 88. Kenseth was picked by Ganassi as a fill in to finish the season. He was not picked as a permanent replacement. Kurt is the reason the 1 car is relevant. Ganassi’s real love is open wheel and sports cars. And of course NASCAR money. We really don’t know the details of the sponsorship deals with Wallace. Are they totally his to take? If so Ganassi would in all likelihood be the better choice. Although the rumor mill has it that there are new investors interested in RPM. We’ll see. Cindric is probably heir apparent to Kesslowski’s ride. But that won’t happen for a year. LaJoie hasn’t shown any real talent so I don’t see him going anywhere. Ganassi says he has plans for Chastain but that could change if Wallace gets the 42 car. I sort of agree that Boyer would retire rather then take a ride around the track car but even then the money would be hard to turn away from. Look for Larsen to take his place.


Al Tony shut up with that you’re broke to you probably don’t have a dollar in your pocket and you’re talkin all that Wigwam stuff shut up man just shut up with that bro Let’s Go Bubba black lives matter all day in Los Angeles.?

Tom B

Did you see the car count a Knoxville Raceway in Iowa this week? Around 100.



Paul E

Is t Ty Dillon’s contract up? The 43 is affiliated with RCR and if Ty brought Geico with him I could see that working since then he’d kind of be driving for his grandfather. When Petty finally retires I could see Childress buying out Petty’s share and owning the rights to the 43.


If I were a betting man then I would guess that Bubba Wallace might end up with Ganassi. If McDonald’s decides to renew they would probably prefer Wallace due to their previous relationship. However, if Wallace goes to Ganassi, it would be the best ride he’s had so far, which means it will be “put up, or shut up” time.

RPM has been a “dead team walking” since Smithfield left. Murstein might decide to cut his losses and sell the charter to Spire for pocket change, who will then be vying with Rick Ware Racing as the worst multi-car Cup team in the modern era.

And there is the persistent rumor that Rick Hendrick may shut down the under-funded #88 team and move Bowman over to replace Johnson in the Ally-sponsored #48.

I’d be shocked if GEICO renews with the mid/back-pack #13 team, especially now that they are one of NASCAR’s “official sponsors”. Why spend $10M a season for a car that runs back in the high-20’s and rarely gets TV air time unless it is in a wreck?


Hey. How ya out KFB and M&M’s going to RPM? After all dreaming is free


How about

Carl D.

Now that Doordash has signed on a as a Bubba sponsor, his value increases (due to dollars, not performance). The fact that the marginally-talented Wallace is the biggest domino waiting to fall says a lot about the state of Nascar today.

Bill B

…and how bleak the future looks.

Billy bob

Wallace is a joke, every day, it gets worse


Let Bubba Wallace Smollett and RPM just go away it would be good for all involved!


Bubba who?


Race nuts hahaha black lives matter all day all you guys just make Bubba famous that’s why he’s famous you guys always want to talk about him let’s go Bubba?


Who ru an instigator …burn loot murder …president you r no nascar fan we want good hard racing not political bs


Followed and attended NASCAR for over 60 years but as soon as it became political I called it a day and canceled all my race seating for me and family who attended. Let NASCAR fill them with folks interested in taking political sides. Did the same with Football, baseball and as long as players and teams want to push a political point will lose this long time paying fan. I only have one anthem, stand for our flag and only kneel for my faith and family



Irene Moe

Amen Brother!


Amen, I am with you all the way. I did the same thing Mr Bill. I hope that NASCAR has to file for bankruptcy as well as all the teams and drivers that supported the Bubba cause.




Well spoken!! Turned off Nascar 8 years ago. Support your lical tracks. If more people would just turn it off then the power of the people would override sponsorship dollars.


Thats my same exact feelings for kneeling and any sport that backs BLM. ALL LIVES MATER


I have seen Wallace demonstrate mid pack talent in a mid pack car. I’d place him in the second 10 for talent. Does that earn him a top 10 team ride? Are the 42 and 48 top 10 cars?
Chastain needs a sports psychologist to further improve . Larson should be in a top ride, but won’t. That old ‘sticks and stones’ thing doesn’t apply anymore.


I will drive the car


Drive these nuts , Bubba Wallace is the best black lives matter?


When you are the only one I would guess you have to be the best. Mathmatics!!!!!


Seriously ? Bubba Wallace is a 3rd rate driver at best who wouldn’t even be a blip on Nascar’s radar if it weren’t for the ridiculous supposed noose incident and BLM. The hiring of a driver should be based solely on his ability to not only drive, but more importantly, “Win”…… Bubba couldn’t even find the finish line if he were using GPS and was the only car on the track !!! He’s brought shame to Nascar, but more importantly, to the king of racing himself, Richard Petty. RPM should kick him down the road like an old tin can and tell him not to let the door hit him in the ass on the way out. Good riddance Bubba and enjoy your new career with BLM !
#ALLLIVESMATTER…… Every last one of us.

Brandon jons

It’s a real shame that we are having all this drama over bubba whose only qualification is that he is black. He is a mid pack driver at best. He and rpm deserve each other. With the help of Nascar bubba has played the race card to the hilt. Forget all this BS and get back to racing!


Like your post !


I’ve been a Jimmie Johnson fan 48 IF BUBBA IS INTHE CAR I’M OUT AND SO ARE MY FRIENDS. NASCAR HAS LET HIM AND BLM do more damage to NASCAR than the realize. They forgot their ROOTS nd and you see what the BLM TERRORIST.GROUP IS DOING NOW NASCAR is on thin ice .


Exactly what is the damage in fighting for racial equality? And what roots are we talking about? Being racist? I think the goal is to drive racism out of the world and if that means losing fans who are racist, so be it. Lots of people showing their true colors these past few months, man.


Just think is what is options would be if he was both female and black…. She could be president of nascar


How about all those black children in Chicago getting killed by blacks, or don’t they count?


Your comment policy evidently is moderated by the editors beliefs, not how the public really feels about a subject matter. I left a response that expressed my feelings about the future of NASCAR and the teams and drivers that supported the Bubba Wallace move. I made no personal attacks to anyone or any organization but my comment was moderated, DELETED.


So what ever I want to say that’s on my mind is useless unless approved….in other words your denying me a constitutional right of mine too freedom of speech or does that only apply to certain races, thinking lawyers, yeah lawyer is good


Regardless of race, Bubba sucks. They’ll be better off.


Crazy in my book you have a llot of crash combos out the that never win but is able to bring out a caution when someone need it the whole thing is rigged


Timmy Hill. I like see him in better equipment than the 5+ year old cars that he runs With used tires.


Your statement is the most ridiculous I have ever seen on the internet. Used tires?


Don’t matter what car you put Bubba Asshole Wallace in he’s a looser and any team that puts him behind the wheel of there care is just as much of a looser. Bubba is just a second rate driver and always will be, he’s more concerned about the drama and publicity than racing a car to victory lane


Most of these posts are ridiculous and involve jealousy. The 43 and Bubba are getting better and better and they can’t be denied hopefully. BW won six truck races before Roush and his Xfinity and Cup teams fell off the competitive radar for BW and all Roush drivers from about 2015 or 2016 and on. Seeing BW and Petty 43 with increased success is good for sport. Petty helped create our sport and he still turns heads with his presence. BW is no different than all of young competitors trying to keep improving except he is black. Suarez is not white either but so what. Room in the Inn if they grow and compete and bring sponsorship. Don’t be jealous or worse towards them. Advance in your views and hope for the best for this sport. If you can’t pull for NASCAR racing or Richard Petty for gawd s sake or ANY young man in his 20 s to succeed who hasn’t hurt you or your feelings, , get lost I say and go watch the poor but better behaved ? MLBers or NBAers and find your speed fix somehow there.


It’s really not about the color of his skin.its about him and Nascar being racist. They seen to opportunities to try and call attention to there selves on the world stage and they lied about both. I’ve always been told Its called race batting and it’s just as racist twiced as bad if you do twice. The first was when they made the announcement Bubba Wallace takes a stand and makes Nascar ban the confederate flag but yet they forgot to tell the world Nascar had already ban the confederate flag long before Bubba Wallace even though about Nascar. And it did exactly the same thing this time that it did when Nascar banned it the first time. And Bubba Wallace has been nothing but excepted by everyone in Nascar and there’s been nothing said that I know of about anyone drivers,fans, officials having any type of racisism towards him.that lie failed and didn’t start a race war like they were hopping it would to bring them fame and glory.and after being there a week practice and qualifing Bubba Wallace drives his car in and out of that same garage stall no telling how many times with that noose hanging on the bottom of the garage door rope on the driver’s side and his crew members opened and closed that door no telling how many times over a five day period with the noose and not one word said to anyone until Sunday evening after the race was called for rain! And all of there race batting minds see another opportunity to lie to the fans and the world again! And of course Bubba Wallace never seen the noose and that’s BS there’s no way he couldn’t have seen it and his dam crew members opened and closed the door with it for a week! And automatically even though it’s in a place off limits to the fans Bubba Wallace is doing national TV news left and right and everyone that’s even had a thought about Nascar is the most RACIST people in the world!! And f**k them if they didn’t believe someone was out to get him there racist to and the same thing after the FBI went through all the previous videos and proved it had been there sense the previous year!! Be still every fan and anyone that still didn’t believe someone is out to get him are still racist!!! They SUSPENDED Kyle Larson INDEFINITELY FOR SAYING THE N-WORD BUT HE HAD THE BALL TO APOLOGIZE FOR HIS WRONG DOINGS AND EVEN TOOK A SENSITIVITY COURSE TO TRY AND BETTER HIS SELF!! AND BUBBA WALLACE AND NASCAR THEY JUST WANT TO BE EMBARRASSED ABOUT THERE RACE BATTING AND MOVE ON!! BASICALLY THERE SAYING IT’S OK TO BE RACIST AGAINST THE JAPANESE AMERICAN’S JUST NOT A BLACK MAN!!! NASCAR SAID THEY WOULD NOT TOLLURATE ANY FORM OF RACISISM BUT I GUESS IT’S OK FOR THEM AND BUBBA WALLACE TO BE RACIST JUST NO ONE ELSE CAN BE!! BUBBA WALLACE AND STEVE PHELIPS SHOULD HAVE ALSO BEEN SUSPENDED INDEFINITELY FOR THERE RACE BATTING AND RACISISM!!! And to be fair the noose that Nascar finely showed on TV was not the noose that was on that door!! The one that was hanging on the door had a loop and two raps around it and was not a slip knot just another lie they didn’t get away with!


What I’d like to know is why Nascar doesn’t give the same punishment for the same offence?? NASCAR claims Bubba Wallace took a stand and made Nascar ban the confederate flag why didn’t they go ahead and tell the world that Nascar had already ban the confederate flag long before Bubba Wallace even came to Nascar??? That’s race batting and that’s racist!! And after being at the track for 5 days they want us to believe that Bubba never seen the noose how many times did he drive that car in and out of that garage with that rope hanging off the bottom of the door on the driver’s side but he never seen it ??? And how many times did his own crew members opened and closed the door with that noose over a five day period and not one word about it until the race was rained out Sunday afternoon ??? There’s no way they can’t claim this a race batting story ! And that’s racisism but they want to suspend Kyle Larson for saying the N-WORD indefinitely for racisism but Nascar and Bubba Wallace they just want to be embarrassed and move for there racisism what the hell?? They either need to suspend Bubba Wallace indefinitely or they need to have a car and a big fat check waiting for Kyle Larson before the next race!!! Nascar and Bubba Wallace it’s pretty much saying it’s ok to be racist against the Japanese AMERICAN PEOPLE and that they are no better that what they are trying to get rid of!!! THEY’RE RACIST BUT THEY JUST WANT TO BE EMBARRASSED AND MOVE ON FOR THERE’S AND THAT’S BULL SHIT!!! AT LEAST KYLE LARSON HAD THE BALLS TO OWN UP TO HIS MISTAKES AND APOLOGIZE AND WENT THROUGH THE SENSITIVE TRAINING COURSE TO TRY AND BETTER HIS SELF!! AND THIS PIECE OF SHIT CAN’T EVEN APOLOGIZE FOR HIS LIEING RACISISM??? COME ON NASCAR YOU SAID YOU WOULDN’T TOLERATE ANY FORM OF RACISISM PROVE IT!!!


At one time I liked Bubba Wallace as a person and as a race car driver. Now, I am not a Bubba Wallace fan. Not because he is black, but because he allowed himself to be politically played and used by the Black Lives Matter organization. The BLM organization is racist, bigoted, hateful, destructive, violent, dangerous, thieving, harmful and sometimes murderous organization. The BLM organization was founded upon forced Marxist/Communist ideals. This much is plainly stated in what I call their “Doctrinal Manifesto.” BLM should be recognized and denounced as a “Domestic Terrorist Organization.”

As far as Bubba’s stock car talent is concerned, I believe he has more talent than what he is given credit for. Obviously, He is not a top 15 driver as far as talent is concerned. The RPM equipment that he is driving is barely a top 20 car on an average racing day. It is not likely that more sponsorship dollars will improve the quality of RPM’s equipment. They have had other sponsors in the past that have spent multi-millions of dollars without much improvement to their cars. One of the reasons that RPM cannot get a really good sponsorship deal is because it appears, that over the past 20 years or more that whatever decent sponsorship money that did have was spent foolishly instead of spending it on equipment improvement. If I were a high profile business with sponsorship aspirations within the NASCAR world, I would not be looking at RPM. If you can’t perform in or near the top 20, on a consistent basis, with the 2 to 4 millions dollars worth of sponsorship money that you have in the recent past, you will not be able to convince potential future sponsors that you will be able to perform in or near the top 5 to 10 with an additional 3 to 5 million dollars.

Right now, there are about 10 to 15 NASCAR Teams that have less (some far less) sponsorship dollars than RPM does. On average, some of these other underfunded teams run just as good, and sometimes even better, than the RPM #43 car does. Someone with some authority at RPM should be asking why this is happening. Sponsors do not like wasting their sponsorship/advertisement dollars. RPM has a somewhat limited and loose affiliation Richard Childress Racing. This should be, at the very least, a slight help to RPM over many of the other underfunded teams, but it appears that this affiliation is not much help. Again, the question of why should be addressed.

I believe that if Bubba Wallace was placed in better equipment he would be more competitive than he is now. For example: If he were driving the #21 car, or the #88 car, or the #42 car, or the #48 car he would have far better finishes that what he now is getting. NASCAR driving talent is important, but the equipment that a driver is in is far more important. Obviously, Bubba Wallace is no Kevin Harvick or Denny Hamlin or. But I would venture to say that he has almost as much talent as those guys had when they were his age. Fortunately, for them, they were placed in far better equipment, at age 26, than what Bubba Wallace has been placed in at age 26. Would Bubba run as good as the top tier drivers if he had their equipment? Probably not right away. But he would run a whole lot better than what he is now in the #43 car.

What does all of this mean? It simply means that Bubba Wallace has a pretty good amount of racing talent. His personal decision to align himself with the Black Lives Matter organization has cost him a good deal of moral and ethical respect among the NASCAR racing fans of America and around the world. He is now a hot racing prospect, not so much for his racing abilities, but more because of his skin color. And in these tumultuous days of “skin color means more than morality, and ethics, and abilities, and qualifications”, the money gods (corporate sponsors) will follow the shin color almost every time. If they don’t, they will be falsely labeled as racist bigots, and they will be severely persecuted for it by the far left racial dividers within the liberal political, and news media, and entertainment arenas.

One final note of interest, just in case anyone cares to listen. God is (and has been) watching our nation and the world. He is constantly beholding the motives, and attitudes, and thoughts, and actions of every individual person, and also, of every nation upon this Earth. He knows who is ethically honest and sincere in thought and motive. He also knows who is unethically dishonest and impure in thought and motive. God has placed before us a Living example of Godliness and righteousness in the form of Jesus Christ, His Son, and our Lord and Savior. We may not have soberly and seriously thought about this, or realized it at this present time, but I believe that it is quite possible that the Lord’s end of the present age judgments may have begun to fall upon us for our many sins, and our greedy and impure desires, motives and thoughts. Take a long and hard look around you and decide for yourselves if what is going on is just the results of normal life and living, or are these things possibly the results of ungodly and sinful life and living. Read the prophetic proclamations of Jesus Christ, and the Apostle Paul, and others in your Bible. It is all there to read and study.

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