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NASCAR & Politics: Brian France Playing With Fire

No one will argue NASCAR has had a tough time of it popularity-wise over the last decade. Nielsen TV ratings for the Daytona 500 and last weekend’s race at Atlanta, the debut of the 2016 rules package were down a whopping 23 percent combined. In just the last six months, the sport has dealt with the loss of two popular, Hall of Fame drivers in Jeff Gordon’s retirement, Tony Stewart’s back injury and a major bankruptcy/closure of one of its major teams, Michael Waltrip Racing. The sport was facing financial contraction, purses down 10 percent and was forced to sign a charter agreement with its teams in a landmark agreement designed to stop the bleeding. Now, 2016 should be trying to rebuild NASCAR’s image, launching a marketing campaign designed around better racing and bringing new fans into the stands in any way possible. Decisions need to be made that open up new possibilities, branding an all-inclusive sport that is pushing its Drive For Diversity, new ownership and reaching out to a younger crowd.

Instead, NASCAR CEO Brian France is busy playing… politics? That’s right. Monday brought us the news France was busy at a rally both supporting and promoting who he thinks should be the future Republican nominee for President, Donald Trump.

“I’ve known Donald for over 20 years,” France said. “He wins with his family.” Later, in a press release it was noted the sport’s CEO felt Trump’s “leadership and strength are desperately needed,” trumpeted the candidate’s financial success and claimed, “This is what we need for our country.”

WOLKIN: France & Trump, Hand-In-Hand In Georgia

France’s rally comments were followed by Georgia native and 1988 Cup Series champ Bill Elliott. Elliott, after awkwardly taking the stage what I think is most appopriate here: “I don’t know what to say.”

What in the world is going on? The sport is two weeks into a rules package whose goal is to bring the focus back to racing, igniting the competition and reviving the fan base. Yet the sport’s CEO is choosing to keep NASCAR in the news cycle by very publicly endorsing a controversial candidate for President? And bringing out its major athletes, clearly out of their comfort zone to go rally around him?

Look, NASCAR backing a presidential candidate (in particular, a Republican one) is nothing new. The sport was very openly campaigning for both John McCain in 2008 and Mitt Romney in 2012. But stop and think for a minute. At this stage of the game, other than famous NFL player Tom Brady supporting Trump what other major sports figure or athlete have you seen go this public with their presidential preference? Even in the case of Brady, he both deferred questions and became embarrassed when reporters dogged him over his comments supporting Trump. Brady wanted to focus on football, what he does 9-to-5 and what pays the bills.

You’d think NASCAR would want to do the same. After all, I haven’t seen the commissioners of the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB stop their busy schedules to dig into the presidential ring and endorse a particular candidate — especially during the 2016 election season. They’re busy, you know, running their sport and stuff. We’re in the third week of the season and this campaign stop is where France chooses to spend his time? Along with Mr. Elliott, his up-and-coming rookie Cup racer Chase (who is now branded with this Trump campaign) and David Lee Regan? Oops, sorry, I meant David Ragan. They couldn’t even get the press release right.

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Who France is supporting here is actually irrelevant. Sports tends to tiptoe around the political arena most times for the most simplistic of reasons. People sit in the stands, view NASCAR programming and support their drivers as a form of entertainment. When they want to hear about politics? They go turn on FOX News or CNN. Fans are looking to see whether their driver has a setup capable of winning the race, not a campaign platform that’s capable of winning delegates.

Politics is also that fiery topic with fierce loyalty to both sides of the fence, the one that makes family members throw stuff over the Thanksgiving dinner table and choose to spend time in separate rooms. How do the young voters France covets for his NASCAR stands each weekend, people the sport desperately needs to thrive react to such public support of Trump? In exit polls of the New Hampshire primary 83% of 18 to 29-year-old Democratic voters prefer the most liberal candidate in the field, Bernie Sanders. That’s an overwhelmingly higher percentage than the 37% of 18 to 29-year-old Republicans who voted for Trump. Talk about a very different group of people. Has France just given up on them, turned them off on NASCAR by supporting a public figure they disgust? And how about the 63% of young Republican voters who didn’t vote for Trump? It’s a name that hardly ever brings up “no opinion” and plenty of those Republicans could be sitting there today steaming at France’s endorsement.

The message of exclusivity is being sent at the worst possible time. Why limit your potential fan base when millions have already walked away? The second you’re promoting politics over product it’s the actual product you’re selling that gets lost in the shuffle.

It’s hard enough for NASCAR sometimes to shed its old school image as a Southern-based, “redneck” sport. Growing up in the north, it was an image you had to fight all the time the second you said you were a young fan, years before I got to work in stock car racing. But France’s declaration here cements that branding even more during a time when the sport should be trying to reinvent itself. Instead of talking about the racing, those 18-29 year-olds could now see the CEO of our sport as little more than a “Donald Trump supporter” in an age when presidential politics is dominating our news cycle. That alone may be enough to turn them off on taking a longer look at watching NASCAR.

(Photo: Phil Allaway)
Brian France openly supported Republican candidate Donald Trump yesterday in Georgia. (Photo: Phil Allaway)

If the sides were flipped, of course and France was openly supporting a Democratic candidate you’d see the same result: millions of Republicans would feel alienated and start thinking about political issues that shouldn’t bleed into their 3.5 hours of entertainment each weekend. That’s why sports and politics stay on their own islands, a clear separation of church and state. You don’t want to give fans a reason not to come to your own event that has nothing to do with the sport itself.

I’d like to sit here and talk about 29 lead changes Sunday. I’d like to tell you about the ways I think the new rules package took a big step forward in reigniting the sport. I just wish France was right here alongside, working his full-time job.

Who knows, Trump may make America great again. But I see nothing about stopping NASCAR’s downward slide into irrelevancy. Can someone in Daytona get working on that if France doesn’t want to?

About the author

The author of Did You Notice? (Wednesdays) Tom spends his time overseeing Frontstretch’s 40+ staff members as its majority owner and Editor-in-Chief. Based outside Philadelphia, Bowles is a two-time Emmy winner in NASCAR television and has worked in racing production with FOX, TNT, and ESPN while appearing on-air for SIRIUS XM Radio and FOX Sports 1's former show, the Crowd Goes Wild. He most recently consulted with SRX Racing, helping manage cutting-edge technology and graphics that appeared on their CBS broadcasts during 2021 and 2022.

You can find Tom’s writing here, at CBSSports.com and Athlonsports.com, where he’s been an editorial consultant for the annual racing magazine for 15 years.

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I swear, it’s like every single morning, France gets out of bed and thinks to himself:
“What *else* can I do today to continue destroying the sport that I’m inexplicably left in charge of?”

Whether it be asinine rule changes, gimmicky championship formats, or unnecessary political endorsements, this guy does NOT seem willing to stop embarrassing everybody who supports or is directly involved with NASCAR racing.

I *already* take a lot of guff from my stick and ball’ friends for following this sport, and once they hear about this, it’ll be like gasoline on a fire. Ugh.


Perhaps France supports Trump, because he belives Trump will run the country the same way that he runs NASCAR ?

Bill B

The voting button, like a lot of other things at this website lately, doesn’t appear to be working.

I click on it and nothing happens.

My vote from those choices is that “it probably doesn’t matter” on the grand scheme of things. Any people it attracts or repels will probably be a wash on the overall fan base.

The smartest thing would probably be to not weigh in on either side and play the political correct game that all businesses play. “We’re for everyone, now give me your money”, but I didn’t see a button for “keep your mouth shut and don’t endorse any candidate. However the pervasiveness and enforcement of political correctness in our society and Trump’s unwillingness to toe that line is probably why he is leading the polls.

So you figure it out.


Bill, I’ve been trying to catch anyone’s attention from Frontstretch regarding the issues that the site is having lately either through the comments section or through e-mail and haven’t been able to get anyone to notice. Maybe you’ll have better luck.


I sent an email…so far crickets.


Wow This piece smacks of racism, If 8 years ago France or any driver came out on stage to support Obama exactly how would this piece read? And wasn’t Marcus making a “political statement” when he rejected Trumps Hotel?
Maybe I’m wrong but I see this election as a battle between puppets and puppet masters, Trump is not the “perfect candidate” but at least you know there are no strings attached, No one can claim that about Rubio, Clinton, and to a lesser degree Cruz.

I’m willing to take the risk on Trump, I actually believe there will be fewer $600 hammers, non working Gov. employees, and projects done on time for less money…. all these things leave more $$ for more projects and maybe lower taxes?

The Mad Man

Nobody has ever accused Brian France of being the sharpest pest knife in the drawer. Just look at what he’s done to NASCAR. I rest my case.


Brian France simply does not have the sense God gave a goose! He should know better, Camping World Owner Marcus Lemonis last year told France he wouldn’t participate in the awards dinner if held at a Trump owned location. France moved the location. The bones of Big Bill and Bill Jr. have turned to dust from them turning over in their graves.

Tommy T.

I was actually shocked by France’s decision to endorse Trump publicly! Seems to be a real ‘black eye” to their expressed commitment to their supposed desire to become more diverse as an organization. But political endorsements are not a new issue with NASCAR. Dug one of my old articles out where I discouraged it in the 2008 political cycle.



honestly, i kept waiting for the campaigns to approach the na$car world. however, they are going about it the wrong way, cause we all know how polarizing brain fart france is to fans. remember those years ago the “nascar dads vote the campaigns in previous years went after.

i was really surprised elliotts got on the trump bandwagon. chase is there for the youth vote by default of his father. it’s all part of brain fart’s circus show.


Nailed it!

I really enjoyed last Sunday’s race, even if the stands were half-empty and the TV ratings were down over 20%. I watch racing – I don’t care about the personal lives or political preferences of the owners, drivers, crew, etc. I just want to see great drivers duke it out in fast cars. But thanks to BZF’s stupidity, we can’t even discuss what NASCAR is finally doing right without being smacked up-side the head with this unnecessary political endorsement.

This tone-deaf political endorsement may be the last straw in permanently relegating NASCAR TV to the low-rated islands of sports-tier cable channels. This will put sponsors like NAPA, GM, Caterpillar, et. al. in an uncomfortable spot trying to market their brands outside of BZF’s tiny NASCAR world: Are they taking sides in this election, too? What about the “guilt-by-association” damage to other NASCAR sponsors? And how is this going to play during NASCAR’s boardroom presentations to potential replacements for Sprint?

“Stupid is as stupid does.”


I’d be more interested to know who Donald Trump supports to take over running NASCAR. If nothing else the guy is success driven. My guess is after looking at BZF’s track record he’d holler, “You’re fired.” I’d nominate Chris Christie to take over France’s job. He’s the sort of guy who could increase the fan base by building bridges….and ordering four of the five lanes leading to them shut down for petty, childish reasons.

Long time fans may recall the France family were big supporters of George Wallace during his presidential campaigns. Take that for what you will.

And how come Ryan Newman gets a by in the article? If that’s not Newman over Trump’s left shoulder in the second picture it’s his stunt double. There’s something to be said for age and experience. Bill Elliott has his sunglasses at the ready so he can leave the event virtually unnoticed?

As for the guys to the far left and right in the background….anyone else remember a Woody Allen movie, “Everything you ever wanted to know about…..” and the scene where the sperm are talking amongst one another? What am I doing here?


I. Was surprised to here Ryan Newman was at the rally as a trump supporter. Still shaking my head over that one


Did he have his bottle of Coke to drink from?


The only thing most people care less about is what a reporter on an Internet site thinks about it….. just sayin

John Matthew

I totally agree with SR37212. There’s enough whining about politics everywhere else on the internet. Keep it out of NASCAR discussions.


It is just a really weird endorsement. It was so public. You never see the Commissioner of Baseball or the NFL openly endorsing candidates. NASCAR can say after the fact that it was a “private decision” but the tweets and press releases from the Trump campaign state otherwise. We know its a conservative sport, Big Bill supported George Wallace and Richard Petty was buddies with Jessie Helms, but I’ve never seen anything so in your face. Usually, a candidate shows up at the track, gives the command or waives the green flag. I think Brian France is playing with fire here. I mean if I’m Daniel Suarez, I do I feel comfortable in the garage now?


Something was wrong with George Wallace or Jesse Helms? I’m sure Daniel Suarez will be just fine…talk about demagoguing. Sheesh.

Lewd Ood

Yeah, everything was wrong with Wallace, trolly-troll:

“In the name of the greatest people that have ever trod this earth, I draw the line in the dust and toss the gauntlet before the feet of tyranny, and I say segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.”
-Wallace’s inauguration address as governor of AL in ’63

And Helms was a Class-A piece of s***, too:

Biff Banyehouse

You have GOT to be kidding me! Smh! I’m too gob-smacked to iterate the levels of integrity shattering irony & counter intuitiveness that accompanies these strange bedfellows! But the first thing that leaps to the front of my cranium is how Brian says The Donald is a FAMILY man! Ha! Does “Danny-Boy” realize The Donald is on his 3rd wife & after cheating on his first two?


Hasn’t brain fart had a wife or two?? If I recall ma$car was worried about a divorce he was going through and the possibility of them having their financial records dragged through court.

Chuck H

As a Nascar fan living in the North East, I can tell you it just got lonelier. Why would France risk alienating a substantial portion of the fan base and, as importantly, risk the brand by pissing-off sponsors and advertisers?
Incredible. I wonder how NAPA feels about now? Or Xfinity or Camping World? What company would want to replace Sprint? Regardless of how one feels about Trump, why cause unnecessary controversy when your product is suffering in the marketplace?

Nacsar has spent years, treasure and reputation trying to foster diversity and becoming a non-regional sport.
My guess is that this moves flushes both those goals down the drain and pulls the veil off of the farce they always have been, a PR play and nothing more.


Once again brian has given nascar another hit…Why just last Sunday I was thinking how even though the racing was back(looked very 80’s) & passing(even for the lead) was happening(Fox could improve coverage of this instead of lone lead car) it was entertaining..But I expected many fans would be upset at the lack of cautions(crash’s) & miss the actual value of racing…Now it appears brians decided to torpedo many fans by throwing support behind the most controversial candidate since Ross Perot. Nascar as a business in a competitive industry should not be endorsing any candidate. Especially in the current nascar climate…I would think any board of directors would remove this type of ceo….France Family…Where are you? The George family finally reined in tony after he destroyed Cart..Are the Frances waiting for the same result?

Jay Kimbrough

As a owner of a very small business, that sells parts world wide in hobby shops. I would never think of speaking politics in public. You are bound to loose money by doing so. Not to mention all of the partners involved with this. Teams, sponsors, mfgs. Etc. That might not agree with you.

Count Culo

Tony George destroyed the IRL, not CART.. otherwise I totally agree with everything you just said.. politics, whether liberal OR conservative have NO place in sports.. what an idiot this Brian France is…

Michael Daly

Wrong. CART ruined Indycar racing and was trying to shake down Tony George for a sanction fee – trying to make him pay them for his race. The Andy Kenopensky war against Penske in the 1980s and the 1993 CART White Paper on conflict of interest all showed CART to be the most crooked sanctioning body in racing.

Lewd Ood

God I can’t tell you how disappointing this is to me, because all of the effort I’ve put in over the last 20 years trying to convince my family and friends the sport isn’t just for southerners, rednecks and racists was just thrown right out the window by BZF, the Elliotts, Newman and Ragan.

I’m also a NASCAR fan in the north, have been since around ’96 when I was a teenager. And I remember in the early 00’s getting excited for what looked like a real push by NASCAR and Bill France to drag the sport out of the south and attempt to bring it to NYC, LA, Chicago and other major metropolitan areas and reach out to a younger audience and more minorities. I was living in NYC when they brought the post-season awards ceremony there the first time and was thrilled to see the cars in front of NYC landmarks. Then they announced the “Drive for Diversity,” and I thought “Alright! maybe they finally get it!” Heck, I even emailed NASCAR’s PR & marketing folks back then (I’m a successful publicist and know more than a bit about PR) and offered a few suggestions on how to best reach inner-city African American kids and the growing hispanic communities across America.

I was frustrated by NASCAR’s dive into the ’08 & ’12 elections – didn’t really see the benefit to the sport. They were being used by the GOP candidates to get face-time in front of their core constituencies (middle-aged white males), but what on Earth did the sport hope to receive in return? It just alienated more than 50% of the general public.

And now BZF pulls this nonsense, and dives head-first into the shallow end of the pool, and even worse, is joined by one of the sports best young stars, the kid who two weeks ago took over for one of the most popular drivers in history. I just don’t understand what these people are thinking! You want to vote for Trump, fine, go for it. That’s the beauty of America. You can vote for whatever fool you want to. Hey, I can vote for a Democratic Socialist for president today if I wanted to — what a country! But if I had millions / billions of dollars on the line, you couldn’t pry my voting preferences from me with a hot poker. Especially if it meant LOSING all of that money, which is what France, Elliott, Newman and Ragan all stand to do now.

We’re less than one year out from the title sponsorship for the Cup series being vacant, and the sport is hemorrhaging fans, viewers and revenue. What right-thinking CEO / Board of Directors will want to sign on NOW with a man running a sport viewed by many as a white southern enclave who publicly supports a political candidate at a rally immediately following a scandal involving the KKK??? Does he have nobody advising him at all??? And, he righteously pissed off the sponsor of the Truck series, which to me is actually the most exciting brand of racing in the sport. Even worse he did it knowing full well that Lemonsis despises Trump’s brand of race-baiting and fear-mongering, an that he (rightfully) had France distance the sport from Trump just a few months ago.

I just don’t get it. As a diehard fan, I’m frustrated. This is spitting in the face of more than 3/4 of Americans who don’t support this guy’s candidacy or his beliefs. And it cripples growth efforts at a time when the sport can least afford it. Regardless of their own personal political beliefs, if I were one of the 36 charter holders or any of the drivers not on stage at that rally, right now I’d be livid for what France just did to the sport.


“the sport isn’t just for southerners, rednecks and racists” is every bit as bigoted as you portend. Spare us your sanctimony.

Lewd Ood

Not sure if you can’t comprehend a complex thought or if you’re just trolling.

Quote me in context, chief:

“because all of the effort I’ve put in over the last 20 years trying to convince my family and friends the sport isn’t just for southerners, rednecks and racists was just thrown right out the window .”

The point, if you’re unable to discern it, is that almost every single time I tell someone I love NASCAR they look at me like I have three heads and make a southern redneck joke. That’s what it’s like for a fan in the Northeast.

So nice try to spin what I said as “bigoted,” but… no.

Bill B

First off, why do you care so much what other’s think?
Secondly, if they think you are a redneck or racist just because you follow NASCAR then they are the one’s applying a stereotype which kind of makes them a racist or bigot as well, doesn’t it? Where is your equally harsh criticism of them?

Lewd Ood

I care about what others think about this sport because I LOVE the sport. I really do love stock car racing (and to a lesser extent, Indy & winged-sprints). And I want to be proud of the sport I love, and I want other people to like the sport as much as I do so it succeeds financially and continues to grow.

I do criticize my family and friends harshly when they make the tired jokes about the sport, but honestly I don’t really have facts on my side when I defend NASCAR. American stock car racing is not a diverse sport, at all, and France appeared to huck the last 10 years worth of diversity efforts out the window on Monday.

Tim S.

It’s all well and good how enlightened you are. But if you were a teenager in 1996 you would have very little, if any, memory of the first postseason awards in New York. Gong, thanks for playing.

Lewd Ood

Really, “Gong, thanks for playing?” My bad, I thought it was the first time they had the awards in NYC beacause I hadn’t seen the hoopla about it there before that year. Just looked and saw they’d had it in NYC for almost 30 yrs before they moved it to Vegas. Oh well, so I was wrong about that. But nice to see you decided to focus on such an inconsequential aspect of my argument about why this was a completely asinine idea by France and the drivers.

Btw, personally, I’ve always paid zero attention to the awards show – to me, after Homestead it’s strictly silly season time and all I car about at that point is team/crew/sponsor changes.

Michael Daly

The “Drive For Diversity” as a concept can never work because “diversity” is nothing but ethnic bean-counting, irrelevant to anything.

Lewd Ood

It’s more than “ethnic bean-counting” when almost every driver, crew chief, over-the-wall team member, spotter, owner and broadcaster is a white dude. Among drivers, we have who? Larson, Patrick, Almirola (as well as Ganassi co-owner Felix Sabates ) in Cup (and a handful of crew members, I’m sure). Then there’s Wallace, Suarez, Abreu and who else in the X & Truck series?

It’s not just affirmative action when you’re trying to grow an international sports business. You need diversity to appeal to more than just the white male demographic, or else you’ll find yourself in the exact situation NASCAR finds itself in — the verge of financial collapse.


Huh? Nascar is on the verge of collapse because its not diverse enough? So does that mean the NBA, with all their black people, is on the verge of collapse too? Silly me. I thought it was the contrived rules, fake cautions, a crap shoot championship format, and the slowly changing dynamic of it being a sport to entertainment that was killing the sport among other things. Silly me. If you remove discrimination from everything, you don’t need affirmative action or diversity programs. Its that simple. That way everyone has an equal shot and get their chances based on merit.

Lewd Ood

“does that mean the NBA, with all their black people, is on the verge of collapse too?”

The NBA, professor, has white guys, black guys, Hispanic guys, foreign guys (European, South American, African and Asian) — all sorts of different dudes who appeal to a GLOBAL audience. Why? Because they openly recruited black players 65 YEARS AGO, after the NCAA started integrating in 1948. In all of that time, how many black drivers have been in Cup? Wendell Scott, Willy T. Ribbs (three races) and Bill Lester (one race).

Four Cup races have had one black driver in the field since 1973. FOUR. Come on, man… you cannot honestly think this isn’t a HUGE problem for this sport.

The NBA is the poster child for diversity, which is why their audience numbers (and franchise values) continue to skyrocket, even 13 years after the retirement of their all-time greatest player.

Also, keep in mind that there’s college and high school basketball all across the country to build potential fans at a young age. Plus the NBA also has the WNBA to increase female fans of the sport in general.

What does NASCAR have beyond the big three tours to build youth/minority interest? The Modified tour, K&N East & West, and local night races are almost all at tracks in rural (mostly white) areas across the country. Not exactly a lot to foster growth beyond the current core demo of white males the sport’s been relying on forever.

Bill B

I won’t deny that more diversity expands the pool of possible rubes you can pull into the circus but NASCAR’s problems have nothing to do with diversity. It has to do with alienating their fan base with ridiculous rules that have pissed off the most important people, those that actually show up at the track and watched the races.
So what demographic do you think has stopped watching and going to the races in the last ten years putting NASCAR “on the verge of financial collapse”? I don’t have any proof but I’d bet it was those white males with whom you seem to have a problem. Which oddly sounds like it falls under the definition of what you are complaining about, bigotry and prejudice.

Lewd Ood

Holy cow, this isn’t a difficult concept to understand. The rules alienating its core fans are completely unrelated to the sport’s need to diversify. Current fans have nothing to do with potential/future fans!

If NASCAR wants to cling to a single core fanbase (white males), it is doomed to fail regardless of the rules they enact for the races and championships. First, the sport will eventually do enough things to cause some of its fans to stop watching. Second, time itself will take fans from the sport because, well, they’ll die off.

Check out page 9 of this report from the Census Bureau: https://www.census.gov/content/dam/Census/library/publications/2015/demo/p25-1143.pdf

The non-Hispanic white population of the US (which has already been on the decline since 1980) is projected to decrease from 62.2% now to only 43.6% by 2060!

If NASCAR doesn’t do everything in its power to appeal to younger fans, female fans, African American fans, Hispanic fans and immigrant fans, the sport’s going to die. It’s basic attrition. The sport NEEDS diversity, or else nobody’s going to be watching to even care about rule changes in the future.

Bill B

I see your point about the future but what has put NASCAR “on the verge of financial collapse” right now, at this moment, has very little to do with a lack of diversity and much more to do with alienating fans that have been around for the last 20+ years. You are definitely right that the pool of rubes will shrink as time goes on if NASCAR doesn’t do something to attract a diverse fan base. Perhaps if things don’t change that will be the final nail in the coffin 15-20 years from now (the final collapse) but you can’t blame that on the current state of affairs.


Endorsing Trump’s views on immigration will, I’m sure, do a lot to help promote Nascar’s diversity program, right?

Kevin Price

If Trump and France are such good friends, why did Trump have to read his name of his notes??? Same for Bill Elliott.


I’m going back to Indycars and Sportscars. I don’t need a bigoted opinion shoved at me. This on top of the whole Chase farce. Saw my 1st race in the late 50’s. Have now seen my last race.


When was a bigoted opinion shoved at you?


I have no comment one way or another, but I do find it interesting that the big dog at Camping World can manipulate things the way HE wanted last year. He did not like Donald Trump’s stance on the ILLEGAL invasion. Most American by the way Marcus AGREE with Mr. Trump. Marcus Lemons (yes intentional), is at it again. Last year Marcus whined, and the awards banquets were not held at a Trump hotel. Lots of hypocrisy floating around. My two cents.


We all know BrainFart BZF only backs winners.


It pretty sad that we live in a society where people vote based on who movie stars, sports CEO’s, and singers endorse. Seriously, these people need to shut up, and everyone else needs to use their brain, do some research and choose the candidate you think is best based on that research.

Re Brian France. How stupid can you be. Whichever candidate you support publicly, you just alienated half your fan base. Sounds about par for the course for him, though.


Now he’ll think of something to alienate the rest.

Al Weaver

He wins with his family. Yeah, he’s had three of em. Great family values. Maybe Brian will get the tax break he really wants.

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