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Voices from the Cheap Seats: Defending the Indefensible

Just a scant couple of weeks ago in this column, I basically did the journalistic equivalent of ripping Brad Keselowski a new one. Today, I find myself in the position of public defender for the aforementioned “defendant,” who shall henceforth be referred to as BK. Others involved in this investigation, namely Jeff Gordon, Kevin Harvick and NASCAR, shall henceforth be referred to as JG, KH and, well, NASCAR respectively.

First of all, I like to state for the record that NASCAR itself is solely to blame for providing the environment for such extracurricular activities we all witnessed Sunday evening at Texas Motor Speedway. It is, after all, exactly what it wanted when it set this whole cockamamie elimination crap up. The powers that be should be happy and not act at all surprised about any melee that should occur, let alone stand by and later chastise all those involved as NASCAR’s senior vice president of competition was quick to do yesterday in a statement to the media.

“You shouldn’t punch somebody,” Robin Pemberton said. “Everybody gets together, and when you’re holding onto each other and grabbing and this, that and the other, that’s one thing. When punches are landed, that’s a different scenario.”

POIRIER: NASCAR Plays The Blame Game

Well, NASCAR, what did you think was going to happen? The boys were going to break out in a big pillow fight? That’s like going to the dog track nightly to place your wagers, all the while telling your family and friends that dog racing is cruel and an exploitation of the animals. Hey, you wanted this mess and it’s far too late to act all surprised about it now!

Oddly enough, when it comes down to BK’s actions on the track, NASCAR and I are in complete agreement, a statement that I have said maybe three times in 10 years of writing.

“I think it was hard racing, and this is a contact sport,” Pemberton said. “You look at what drivers are trying to do. We had a couple shots at a green-white-checkered finish, and everybody was going for it. Nobody was leaving anything behind.”

Exactly as it should be! BK’s attempt to pass in the middle was good, hard racing. Look at the tape. There was a hole – not for very long, but a hole nonetheless. Of course, JG had a totally different story, and I wonder if it has changed now that he has had time to watch it all, especially from the blimp view.

“We went down into turn 1 and I just wanted to get on the outside of the (No.) 48 and out of nowhere, I just got slammed by the (No.) 2 and it cut my left-rear tire,” JG said. “He’s just a dips–t.”

Now, I can understand JG being very upset in the heat of the moment. It was, after all, his perception of how it all played out. But you and I, the outsiders watching it all unfold, know better (or at least you should, otherwise you are completely obtuse!)

(Credit: CIA Stock Photography)
Kevin Harvick, second-place finisher and “fight instigator” at Texas Motor Speedway Sunday. (Credit: CIA Stock Photography)

Viewing the evidence reveals clearly that, while BK did go for a hole that was minute, he actually made it in there and it was JG that came back down on him. The video is irrefutable.

So, what does KH have to do with all this fighting?

KH, a guy I usually like, is the biggest a-hole in this whole hole incident.

Again, viewing the video evidence clearly shows KH coming up behind an unsuspecting BK and pushing him toward JG, who up to that point had been restrained far enough away from BK to not be able to get a paw on him. KH’s shove, of course, landed BK in the clutches of JG and the melee ensued. Meanwhile, KH himself slipped off into the crowd and enjoyed the show with the rest of us.

But wait, what’s this voice I hear? We have a confession as well!

“I mean, if you are going to run into people all the time you are going to have to fight your own fight, so I helped him get into it,” said KH post-race.

Mighty valiant of you, KH!

My verdict on all this brawling is simply the following: NASCAR wanted this kind of excitement and now they have it. So… the powers that be need to shut the hell up and don’t get all self-righteous when its boys get into a scuffle that it basically created.

As for JG and BK, neither one should be penalized in any way, shape, or form. Let them work it out among themselves.

If anyone is to be penalized in this whole incidence, it should be KH. Up until he shoves BK, for no reason other than his own self-amusement apparently, it was only a shouting match between two restrained individuals. I can’t sit here and say it never would have come to blows between BK and JG but various videos clearly show KH’s shove of BK in the back made it a certainty.

So sayeth me!

Stay off the wall (and watch your back around KH!),

Jeff Meyer


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Kevin Harvick has amazed me for some time, and not in a good way. He actually had the nerve in front of the world to say he did what he did to man up Kez, or something insane to that effect. Some actually around the web believe that bull, I am scared. Kevin did it because he isn’t very bright. Kevin is not the gun ho take charge guy he wants you to believe. If you look at the plethora of evidence on Youtube and elsewhere his false bravado is clearly evidenced with his signature moves. 1-Start fight, act tough, make sure Chevy crewmembers lead the way to the guy I want to beat up, make sure barrier is in place and pray for Nascar officials to come and break it up. 2-Charge the object of your ire with a helmet on but always make sure a Nascar official is near by to break it up quickly. Last but not least when he is mad at Kyle B. he uses his car as a weapon, no damage to himself and he gets to look really mad.

I am sure his ever present social media fire suit wearing wife is having T-Shirts made up for her “foundation” that their over exposed child will be modeling on Twitter in a day or two saying “My Dad pushed Brad K. from behind and ran”. Kevin is a coward and his involvement is deranged. Typical coward and bully behavior. He is dangerous in the sense that he doesn’t seem very bright and is arrogant to boot. Just on stupidity Nascar needs to call him on it, and call him big. Didn’t he just a few weeks ago assure the world that Matt K. will not win a championship, in fact he guaranteed it? Seems to me Kevin is the problem past couple of weeks.


I agree with you, and was wondering why the hell the idiot Harvick was getting involved in that mess. And yes he plays that tough ass “let me at him” act just like Denny the douche Hamlin. Yep, let me wait until I’m surrounded by my 300 pound gorilla crew members then act like I want to rip off Brad K’s head off from a safe distance. ‘Let me at him I tell you”! Real… tough… guys


Thanks Fred, I was rambling mad after I read this dead on article. I do not understand how a person with supposedly a brain can yell “Fire” in a crowded movie theater and think its funny. In essence this melee was exactly like a jerk yelling “fire” in a crowded theater. He needs a clear message.


And just think, this bonehead could end up being the “Champ”!


Yes Jeff, Nascar did want this. I mean what the hell was that all about? Kevin Harvick actually has some low information or heavily fluoridated water drinkers believing he actually did it for the right reasons! Every time I think I cannot be surprised in this sport, I am. Kevin Harvick is the biggest ass and has been for some time. Don’t get me wrong some other rank up there, but this is about Kevin. Kevin was the match that lit the flame. He had no reason to do so. Nascar if inclined to have the gavel come down it needs to be down on Harvick. He is a poodle nipping at the heals of adults, begging for attention. Did his social media wife fire suit wearing wife take to witter and try and put a positive spin on this? Is their social media over exposed child walking around with a T-Shirt saying “My Dad is Cool, he push Brad K. from behind and ran”, benefiting her foundation of course. If Nascar thinks this is what the fans want, and they are meeting our needs, it is clear they are not hearing us.


Sorry..had major trouble with this website and my browser..cannot delete..

Carl D.

I agree with you 100%, Jeff. I don’t want Kevin to get penalized, though. I want him to get his ass kicked. And I hope Brad or Joey puts him in the wall at either Phoenix or Homestead.


Carl – ditto! You hit the nail on the head.

Bill B

Yep, there is no doubt that Harvick was the biggest catalyst for making this post race spectacle ignite beyond what it would have been. If this were a comedy movie it would be funny but since it isn’t, it’s pathetic. Hopefully the favor will be returned some day and he will get his come-upance. That was really lame and shows what a defective personality he has.

Don in CT

This whole thing has turned into a farce. KH is and always has been an asshole. He provokes, then runs away. The last two cautions for cars that spun and kept going were idiotic. I only hope that the rest of the races will also be won by non-chase drivers and that Newman backs into the championship rendering the whole thing the automotive equivalent of WWF. Thanks for screwing it up, Brian.


Kevin might not be as stupid as you all think. One of the fastest cars during this abomination of a crapshoot has been the #2. Brad is on probation. If he can get brad involved in a situation where Nascar might fine him of dock him points, that eliminates some very tough competition for him, doesn’t it?

Carl D.

Well that shouldn’t work since Brad didn’t do anything to earn a fine or a penalty. Nor did Jeff Gordon IMO. Just grabbing a guy by the collar doesn’t seem like a very big deal to me.

I’m starting to wish this whole season would end in one big multi-team brawl at Homestead in the Nascar trailer after the race. All 43 teams plus their wives and girlfriends.

Lin Hunnicutt

As usual Jeff you are right on point. Kevin again has made one huge ass out of himself but guess that is what you need or have to be if you drive like he and his teammates do. Not so sure I would want to be a part of SHR, but that is just one man’s opinion. This chase stuff is a farce and still don’t see why we need it and have to agree with everyone else that Kevin Harvick should be the one fined and not BK or JG.

david k

Hey!!! Did Brad bump Kev before Brad got to that hole? I have to check the replay. Must have because Kev kept trying to turn Brad past the white flag and the echos of that desire is what probably caused creation of the new word “Harvicking” and NASCAR elite’s smiles.


6pm eastern time on Tuesday and no penalties yet….

I’m thinking at worst for the drivers, Harvick gets a slap and tickle with a small fine, but probably not.

I think Kasey Kahne is going to need almost a whole new pit crew, and there will probably be a few
guys with #5 shirts down at the unemployment office Thursday morning… And if they hold that
the crew chief is responsible for his crew, Kenny Francis might get to start his winter break a bit early…

I didn’t see it when I watched it live, but some of the videos I saw… The 5 crew was a little out
of control, at least 2 of them. I’m not sure about the 24, the 2 or the 27 guys, it just seemed
like a big pile.


There they are, I spoke about 2 minutes too soon.


I checked the penalties issued and didn’t notice anything against Harvick. I’d agree he needs something. Not sure just what would be just.


I, I just don’t care. Everything NASCAR does seems designed to get the actual racing farther from the spotlight. This cross between WWE and a Soap Opera is starting to bore me to tears. All they need now is glitter.

The Mad Man

The only thing missing during the post-race bruhaha was Hulk Hogan ripping off his shirt while getting hit from behind with a folding chair wheeled by HHH.

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