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Thinkin’ Out Loud: AAA Texas 500 – Rumblin’, Bumblin’ and Stumblin’

Key Moment – On the first green-white-checkered finish, Jeff Gordon chose the outside line to lead the field to the green. He drifted wide as the field approached turn 1, opening the door for Brad Keselowski to try and shoot through the middle in an effort to go for the win. Gordon came down and made contact with Keselowski. The result was a flat tire that ruined Gordon’s night and led to a full on brawl on pit road after the race.

In a Nutshell – The event at Texas was a tale of two races. The first 250 laps was a Jimmie Johnson parade broken up by five debris cautions. The caution that flew for debris on lap 253 changed the entire complexion of the race. Brad Keselowski stayed out on eight-lap old tires and was able to maintain his position among the top 5 until the next caution flew 28 laps later. From that point until the end, people took chances on older tires, and the intensity ramped up due to the cars on different tire strategies.  The end result was the field shuffling significantly over the final 44 laps, including the green-white-checkered finish that spawned round two of WWE meets NASCAR. When it was all said and done, Johnson won at Texas for the third straight fall race.

2014 Texas II CUP Jimmie Johnson wins CIA
Jimmie Johnson, again winning at Texas (Credit: CIA Stock Photography)

Dramatic Moment – After the checkered flag flew at Texas, Gordon pulled up next to Keselowski’s car on pit road. Members of Gordon’s crew helped him exit his car quickly and the four-time champion immediately rounded the 2012 champion’s car to confront him about his driving. Member’s of Keselowski’s crew attempted to prevent Gordon from getting to Keselowski. Words were exchanged and Kevin Harvick approached Keselowski from behind and pushed him toward Gordon. That change in proximity was enough for Gordon to get a hand on the collar of Keselowski’s driving suit and from that point, the scrum was on. People from both sides exchanged blows, grappled and flailed at each other with both drivers ending up with abrasions.

What They’ll be Talking About Around the Water Cooler

For the second time in four weeks NASCAR is in the tough situation of deciding what discipline to hand out to former champions who were involved in a post race altercation. The new Chase format is resulting in harder racing with much more take and much less give. At Charlotte there was vehicle contact on pit road which made their job easier. This time around you have people brawling on pit road but there was no contact with vehicles off of the race track. Boys have at it has gone to a new level and it involved three of the eight drivers still eligible for the title. One of the combatants is already on probation. Keselowski didn’t appear to throw a punch so he should be free from fines but the wheels of NASCAR justice can spin in interesting ways. The best thing that the sanctioning body can do is implement a policy like the NHL. If two drivers want to scrap then let them go at it if no one else is involved. They can duke it out until one of them hits the ground, then the officials break it up. It will prevent grudges from being developed and festering.

This is a drum that is beaten frequently here in Thinkin’ Out Loud but once again, Goodyear brought a tire to the track that wore out and gave up grip. Shockingly, the racing was great when the money was on the line. Cars were running all over the track, strategy came into play with people short pitting and forcing the hand of the leaders. Next year, with a low downforce package on the cars, there is a decent chance that Goodyear will err on the side of a harder tire. Maybe that won’t be the case, although the tires will probably be abused more since a lack of downforce will allow them to slide across the track more.

Team Penske discovered early this season that flaring out the side skirts in front of the rear tires adds a large amount of downforce to the cars. Jason Ratcliff touched on it in Tech Talk this week. It is not allowed based on the rules so the teams have to bend the skirts out during pit stops to achieve the desired effect. The folks in race control or the NASCAR trailer need to make a decision on whether the adjustment should be allowed or not. If they are going to allow it then let the cars go through tech with the skirts flared. If it isn’t allowed then black flag the cars and pull them in to fix them.

Another aspect of the flared side skirts is the ease of tire damage occurring when cars make contact on the track. The sharp edges of the side skirts sticking out at a level where they can easily make contact with tires is resulting in more cut tires than we have seen in the past. The heightened intensity of Chase this year is leading to more aggressive racing which means more contact. That means there should be even more pressure on NASCAR to enforce the rules as they are written and put a stop to skirting them (no pun intended).

Speaking of items that need to be teched more closely, for the second week in a row we had grill inserts flying out of Ford noses. If the grill isn’t functional why does it need to be a piece of plastic? If it can’t be a decal then it needs to be secured with more than Velcro or whatever they are using to attempt to hold them in place. Once is a problem, twice is a pattern, three times is a trend. Either use a decal or put some serious screws through the insert so that it won’t fly off and bring out a caution during these important races.

At Texas this week Richard Buck, the managing director of the Sprint Cup Series told Popular Speed that the technical inspection process after the race at Homestead will be just as stringent as any other race to ensure the series champion is in full compliance with the rules. The series has actually allowed the teams who are still eligible for the title to have their cars pre-checked before heading down to Homestead-Miami Speedway. While that sounds like a great plan, there is no chance that Tuesday the series will announce that the winner of the title has been penalized for a post race technical inspection infraction. Most likely the pre-race inspection will be extra stringent but there is no way in hell the person who sprays the champagne during the post race interviews as the champion will not be at the head table in Las Vegas.

The Hindenburg Award for Foul Fortune

Kasey Kahne didn’t make it to this round of the Chase. He was a top pick for many pundits for the win at Texas but that went wrong late in the going after looking strong early in the race. He got into an accident with Marcos Ambrose on lap 314 that damaged his car extensively. He attempted to re-enter the race, but three laps after the restart he made contact with Trevor Bayne, pounded the backstretch wall and his night ended on the apron with a car that wouldn’t roll. With so much discussion circling about Kahne’s future when Chase Elliott is ready to move up in 2016, the frustration has to be mounting on the No. 5 team.

Foul fortune seems like too mild of a term for the ending to Jeff Gordon’s race. After running in the top 5 for the vast majority of the first 335 laps, the contact with Keselowski on the first GWC resulted in a flat tire and spin that ultimately cost Gordon a lap and eventually led him to a 29th-place finish. Gordon went from being a virtual lock for Homestead on points to one marker ahead of fifth place heading to Phoenix. The randomness of this Chase format could be tested once again in the desert southwest next weekend.

Gordon is one position ahead of Matt Kenseth, who was also running near the front of the field for the first 242 laps of the race. During pit stops on the fifth caution of the race Kenseth’s crew had an issue and he came out deep in the field. Jason Ratcliff, Kenseth’s crew chief, made the call to keep him on the track during the eighth caution of the night. Unlike the success that Keselowski had when he stayed out, Kenseth fell back into the field. When he restarted deep in the field on the first GWC finish he made contact with Ryan Newman, sustained damage and had to return to pit lane before the final GWC, eventually coming home with a 25th-place finish.

2014 Texas II CUP Jeff Gordon vertical CIA
Jeff Gordon, even before things went south (Credit: CIA Stock Photography)

The “Seven Come for Eleven” Award for Fine Fortune

Kyle Busch started the day looking for a three race sweep on the weekend. His car was ill handling early in the race and he eventually went two laps down. He lost a tire to bring out one of the early cautions. He flat sided his car with two different contacts with the wall but eventually took a wave around and then received a lucky dog. After all of the late race cautions and adjustments by his team, Busch clawed his way to a restart from third place for the first GWC and ultimately scored a fourth-place finish.

Kyle Larson started the race in 17th position and for the vast majority of the race was a non-factor. As the racing wick was turned up in the final laps, Larson was able to make moves, take advantage of others’ misfortune and came home with a seventh-place finish.

Larson’s teammate Jamie McMurray had an even better result than Larson. McMurray spent most of his race near his teammate before he surged toward the front over the last 20 laps. Similar to Larson, McMurray made some aggressive moves on the high side of the track, passed several cars during the hectic closing laps and crossed the finish line in fifth position.

Worth Noting

Jimmie Johnson’s win was his third straight victory in the fall race at Texas Motor Speedway.

Johnson has four career wins at Texas and they are all in the fall race.

This win is Johnson’s 70th of his career in his 469th career start.

Johnson leads all drivers in wins at Texas.

Johnson’s triumph is his 25th in Chase races in his 108 career starts in the final 10 races of the season. He is 14 wins ahead of Tony Stewart.

Kevin Harvick finished second for the first time in his career at Texas.

Harvick’s runner-up finish was his ninth top 2 of the 2014 season.

Brad Keselowski rounded out the podium Sunday for his second top-3 run at Texas.

Keselowski has 14 top-3 finishes in 2014.

Kyle Larson was the Rookie of the Race with a seventh-place finish.

Trevor Bayne won the Sherwin-Williams Fastest Lap of the Race award

What’s the Points

The points matter now that the Chase for the Sprint Cup has begun. Up to three drivers can advance to the next round by winning races in this segment. The other drivers making up the four who make it to the final round will do so on points. The 16 drivers in the Chase are listed below with their point total after the eighth race of the Chase, the second of the third segment. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and Jimmie Johnson did not advance to this round of the Chase so no one is assured of moving on to Homestead after Martinsville and Texas. With one race left in the segment at least three drivers will transfer on points.

  1. 1. Joey Logano 4072
  2. 2. Denny Hamlin 4072
  3. 3. Ryan Newman 4070
  4. 4. Jeff Gordon 4060
  5. 5. Matt Kenseth 4059
  6. 6. Carl Edwards 4059
  7. 7. Brad Keselowski 4055
  8. 8. Kevin Harvick 4054
  9. 9. Kyle Busch 2270
  10. 10. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. 2234
  11. 11. Jimmie Johnson 2234
  12. 12. AJ Allmendinger 2228
  13. 13. Greg Biffle 2209
  14. 14. Kurt Busch 2192
  15. 15. Kasey Kahne 2179
  16. 16. Aric Almirola 2144

Overall Rating (On a scale of one to six beer cans with one being a stinker and a six pack an instant classic) – Usually judging a race is pretty straight forward. While some might dispute a can one way or the other, most fans tend to agree with how the Cup races rate. There are the handful of people who will completely disagree and that is the beauty of being fans of a sport. This week’s race is difficult. The first 250 laps of the race were worthy of two beers tops. Jimmie Johnson was running away and there wasn’t much movement at the front of the pack. Then came the lap 253 caution. Keselowski stayed out and proved that, no matter how much the tires were giving up, clean air still mattered. Once that stop didn’t happen, the intensity picked up with people taking chances and different strategies resulting in three and four-wide racing and very aggressive moves being thrown by people all through the field. The final three restarts were all out battles with people pushing, shoving and showing no courtesy to their fellow competitors. Throw in the post race shenanigans between the thirty or forty people who mixed it up on pit road and you have a five cold Texas Red from Rahr and Sons Brewery race.

Next Up

Things are going to heat up in the desert next week for the final race in the third segment of the Chase. Fortunately it is a dry heat. To catch the action for the Cup race at Phoenix Internaitonal Speedway, tune into ESPN at 3:00 p.m. ET on Sunday Nov. 9. You can also catch the action on your local MRN affiliate and NASCAR Sirius XM Satellite Radio channel 90.

About the author

What is it that Mike Neff doesn’t do? The writer, radio contributor and racetrack announcer coordinates the site’s local short track coverage, hitting up Saturday Night Specials across the country while tracking the sport’s future racing stars. The writer for our signature Cup post-race column, Thinkin’ Out Loud (Mondays) also sits down with Cup crew chiefs to talk shop every Friday with Tech Talk. Mike announces several shows each year for the Good Guys Rod and Custom Association. He also pops up everywhere from PRN Pit Reporters and the Press Box with Alan Smothers to SIRIUS XM Radio. He has announced at tracks all over the Southeast, starting at Millbridge Speedway. He's also announced at East Lincoln Speedway, Concord Speedway, Tri-County Speedway, Caraway Speedway, and Charlotte Motor Speedway.

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Jason R. can complain all he wants, sour grapes..if it is a issue, I think Nascar would have addressed it by now.

Bill B

As expected the new chase format combined with most of the rules put in place over the last several years has made this “sport” nothing more than a game show with luck being the determining factor. Nothing that happened during first 300 laps really mattered. Only the last 10. Which makes me wonder, why did I sit there an watch the entire race if in the end it all comes down to a crapshoot.
I think I am about done giving a crap. This has become a reality television show, not a sport.


I find myself wondering the same things. The Monday after almost every race and it seems like we are always talking about anything but the actual race. Apparently Nascar believes most people really are not interested in actual racing, thus all the manipulative cautions and an illegitimate lottery championship format designed to drum up interest. I miss NASCAR.


I agree. I think NASCAR’s leadership (namely, Brian France) doesn’t really care if there is a fair process to crown a champion…he just wants the sport to be entertaining. Well, it is entertaining, but sadly, the championship no longer means a whole lot. I am planning to go back to following sports car racing next year, where the racing is more pure and traditional and they don’t use all these gimmicks to try to manufacture excitement.


Bill, as you can imagine, I was very depressed after the end of the race. Seeing Gordon’s really good day go down the tubes like that made me angry and left me wondering like you, with all the craziness because of the new rules, why am I bothering to watch? Look I understand why Brad decided to try for the hole that opened and yeah I guess it is now all about winning at any cost, but most drivers with a brain in that situation wouldn’t have pushed on thru. I hear that Brad K thinks he is Dale Sr. reincarnated, well, then he’d better have the stones to go along with it. I’m feel more like what Bobby Hamilton said about another driver who had those delusions – “he’s not even a pimple on his a$$”.

I don’t know that I am going to watch next week – sounds like tickets at Phoenix and Homestead are selling briskly, but somehow, I just don’t want to watch. One of the regular Nascar writers said on twitter how “interesting” the new chase has made it. My reply to that was that interesting is not the same as good or fair. Other people who are fans of other drivers may feel differently, but I’ll bet that Jr fans probably feel the same as I do.

And then of course we have Harvick who decided to elect himself the “pusher” in what was more than likely going to be just a war of words until he put himself into the role of instigator, then stood back and looked innocent.


Does 7+ cars on Hendricks
payroll surprise anyone it’s the GM OR OBAMA MOTORS WAY They still owe the TAXPAYERS 10BILLION and the are putting it in GM controlled NASCAR.


watched the last 75 laps. sorry but what happened between gordon and keslowski was “one of those racing deals”. hole was there and brad went for it. just like he did at ‘dega. i don’t know why harvick decided to push his 2 cents worth into the “rumble” and then turn tail and run.

the rumble made the local news here in at for the 5 am broadcast this morning. and it was a laughing matter that “mr. mild manner gordon” was involved. that’s what the broadcasters said. them they said something about nascar becoming the WWE. i’m sure brain fart france will be happy with that.

is all this fighting a result of this new chase format? i’d say so. tempers are high and stakes are even higher. i heard someone say that it will put butts in seats at phoenix to see the next round of the fight. texas was kind of empty.

2 more weeks of this zoo. i say let’s get logano involved some way. i’ve started a campaign “abl” anyone but logano.


Excellent summary, Mike. though primarily a NASCAR fan I was flipping back and forth to the F1 race until it ended. From that point on, I didn’t think the racing was bad. The TV coverage on restarts made me want to tear my hair out. Such poor camera selection for the first 2 laps hampered seeing what was transpiring. I think they are trying to make turn non-fans into fans with these “speed shots”. To me, all they are doing is turning off the real race fans.

A couple of things about this race aftermath. I’m shocked the points changed so much that no one needs to win next week to advance. Also, concerned that although both drivers’ faces showed they had taken punches, I don’t think either driver managed to punch the other. So, it appeared crew members actually punched the drivers. To me this is quite serious.


Due to the resetting of the points after each “heat race”, wins don’t mean diddly squat.


It’s officially become the WWE to me… that was nothing but a Kamikaze move on track by BK and a little girl with no gnads off track. If NaziCar don’t step in with a heavy hand here for BOTH on and off track actions then they need to cut straight to a taped knuckle PPV after each race, or just skip the racing and put 43 in a ring and charge $9.99. I’d like to see BK (AKA Fish Face) double jointed at the neck as much as anybody out here! From a short track background I know that crewmen work just as hard or harder than drivers and emotions run high, if you’re going to be Billy the Kid on track then you better be Brock Lesnar when you pull in the pits.


” If NaziCar don’t step in with a heavy hand here for BOTH on and off track actions ”

They said Sunday night they would do nothing for the “on track” actions… And actually
if Brad had backed out they could have nailed him with their 100% effort rule.

I’m not sure what kind of racing you like to watch, but I like to see guys trying to advance
their position.. That’s what makes it exciting, and also what technically makes it a “race”, not
a high speed merry go round.

As for off track… I guess Brad shouldn’t have stood there, next to his car, right after he got out
of it.. I’m not sure how you could possibly dream up a fine for that….

I can see maybe a slap on the wrist for Harvick as the worst for the drivers, and I see some
crew members getting fined, and probably suspended… Especially the ones who didn’t even
have a driver in the mix.

I’m pretty sick of the slap and tickle fights, its a race. show me some racing, like Brad K did by
taking a risk and sticking his nose in there, like he should have.


Bob, Very thoughtful input… You know how this goes and I have mine just like everyone else, I saw it as a dive bomb move and intentional so Slap. Where I think the heavy hand should slap the hardest is on the crews. As far as Harvick, he probably shouldn’t have… but I’m a fan so… next time let Delana do it. BK is one of those people that you either like or hate, and you can see which side I’m on.

See Ya’ll next week… but until then:
Keep your Bowties either Shining or Muddy!


Nascar is hoping this pillow fight will bring up the ratings.

Just Saying

Does anyone think Gordon would not have gone through that opening?

It seemed plenty wide enough until Gordon came back down.

What do we want these guys to do? Go for wins or not?

Forget all this Senior stuff, but the guy is supposed to go for wins and championships – yes?

The rest was just prima donnas fussing and fluttering.

Kevin in SoCal

I’m with you. Gordon came down on BK entering the corner. Either the spotter didnt warn Jeff, or Jeff didnt care.

Kevin in SoCal

Oh and I’m not blaming Jeff nor Brad. It was a racing incident. Both drivers going for the win, which is what we want to see. Nobody should be crying or complaining or whining when it doesnt go the way you want for your driver.


wow i agree with kevin! it what happened on track was one of those “racing deals”. brad did the same thing at ‘dega and won the race. he needs the win to hopefully make the 4 to homestead.

what happened after the race…..ugh! wwe welcome to na$car. hope france is happy.


It pains me to say this because I’ve been a Gordon fan since the days of him consistently beating the #3 car, but he was 100% wrong by complaining about BK. The door was opened and Bad Brad was going through.


I’m still just stunned. Gordon was 4 laps from the white flag and a trip to Homestead. He should never have taken the top line on the restart. Keselowski once again went bonzai on the restart, Gordon should have known better. Brad however again hid behind his crew. The real instigator was Harvick when to told Brad to fight like a man and pushed him into Jeff. I would normally say good fun, but not when my driver has a great day ruined. Brad has racked up an impressive enemies list this Chase. I don’t see him making it out of Phoenix unscathed unless he has a car so good he runs away from everyone, or just stinks and runs 20th all day. Hendrick should send Kahne to take him out. As a Gordon fan, I just hate Texas Motor Speedway. I wish they would bulldoze it and replace it with short tracks.

Carl D.

“Keselowski once again went bonzai on the restart”

Nah… there was a hole on a G-W-C restart and Brad did what he’s paid to do… go through it and try to win the race. If I’m Roger Penske and Brad backs out, I’d probably have to fire him.

Bill B

And that’s why I think the double file restarts suck. It promotes mayhem and gives opportunity to those that don’t deserve such an opportunity to begin with. It randomly takes away what one driver has earned and arbitrarily replaces it with another.
The exact thing can be said about the chase itself. It takes a driver that deserves the championship based on their year long performance and randomly gives some one who deserves it less so,
Doesn’t matter. In a few years I will be turning my back on this reality television show disguised as a sport. WWE indeed.


There is a group of drivers in nascar that came into the sport at the same time. I call them the “boys club”. You know who they are. While they’ve made their impact, they’ve turned nascar in a vanilla sport. Over the last decade or so, they’ve turned a “rubbin’ and racin” sport into a spoiled millionaire’s club and any driver who tries to buck their system is held in wrath. Brad K is a throw back to an era when drivers actually raced each other. This “select” group of drivers actions has sent a lot of fans to the exits. Gordon came down on Brad and caused his own wreck. And Harvick caused the melee on pit road to escalate into a “brawl” by pushing Brad K into Gordon. This millionaire boys club is dominated by multi car teams that have ruined the sport. I’m a Brad K fan because I love his no holds barred racing style. This series has lost itself and continues to slowly die from self inflicted wounds.

Bill B

Well hopefully several of the boys club members will abandon their code and start behaving like Brad. Then what will we have,,,, a demolition derby. I hope YOU get what YOU want.


keep drinking the Hendricks kool-aid


Micah, I’m an anybody in a Ford guy but increasingly Brad gets on my nerves. He is Mr. Big Bad Man in the car but once he gets out he suddenly hikes up his skirt and runs for mommy. He couldn’t take a cheerleader in a slap fight and wouldn’t have the balls to try. Jimmy Spencer he ain’t!


I did not see that at all. What I saw was stupidity because someone got outraced and wasn’t pleased. Brad is on probation, he was being provoked and didn’t take the bait. Just cause some idiot comes up and wants to be tough, doesn’t mean you are obligated to sink to their level and reciprocate the stupidity.


I’m a 30 + year die hard racing fan. If anybody should have to wear a skirt, it should be someone who doesn’t like real rubbin’ and racin’ That wouldn’t be you, would it?


one good thing about the “fight”….limited the victory lane time for johnson.

i’d love to know what hendrick said to both gordon and johnson. probably said “don’t say or do anything else, as i’ve already sent brian my payola check for the week”.


I have been a big NASCAR fan for the past forty plus years. Today not so much. The rules today, as most of you will agree, are insanly dumb. Case in point. Kyle Bush falls two laps down to the leaders but with a wave around(free lap #1) and the lucky dog (free lap #2) finishes the race in fourth. Jeff Gordon who was in the top five all race long cuts down a tire (his fault he drove down on Brad K.) late in the race, stays on the lead lap, and finishes 29th. No other legitimate sport gives do overs and thats why I don’t give a darn about the chase and NASCAR.

Bill B

Carl Edwards was in the same boat. What happens in the first 250 laps no longer matters. Which make those of us that watch the entire race the real idiots.


Its a good thing that during the “CHASE for the guy who finishes ahead of three other guys in one race” chumpionship. there is football to watch.

Its kind of nice not hearing about the playoffs or the superbowl from the first snap of
the first game, and then the second snap… Then the third… They actually talk about
the game(race) that you are watching on your TV. Not some stupid (and really ugly) trophy that will be handed out at the end of the year.


On the subject of the race. it had less excitement than the farce that the macy’s day parade has become until the very end.. I will not watch three hours of mindnumbingly boring television when i know i can either tune in for the last 50 laps or continually wear out the ff button on the dvr remote.

I remember when jeff gordon was a racer and wasn’t afraid to make a hole none the less go through one that was already there. I was always worried when he was behind a driver that I liked. He was a racer not afraid to move the likes of sr. or rusty. now it seems he’s afraid to even move his bowels if has the potential to offend someone. Come to think of it, since he’s ascribed to the vanilla driver code etiquette he hasn’t won a championship. Maybe he’s looking to take over jeff burton’s mayoral role. What a sad state of events to see him make the comments he did. I was embarrassed for him. Plain and simple he made a mistake. There are moments in a race car that I’d like to have back to do differently. Jeff needs to man up and own it.

I’ll not waste any thoughts on Harpy Harvick other that to call him out as a coward and say that a young Logano had it right.

Finally, a question to make my point.
Who in the current field is piloting a very fast parade float full of corporate advertising and who is driving a racecar?

another Andy D

Gordon (and crew chief?) brought this on himself by starting on the outside. BK was able to stay in the lead with older tires for quite a while, just before this. Then he left a huge lane for BK to drive through and failed to cut him off and damaged his car in the process. Don’t feel sorry for him at all.
Harvick proved himself to be an ultimate instigator and I found to interesting that he called Gordon a teammate.
That means there are at least 7 Hendrick cars in each race. A couple of weeks ago, JJ said they went over to their SHR teammates to get the setup for their car. So much for the team owner limit.
Jamie Little did a great job hanging in there during the scuffle to maintain her reporting spot near the action. I think see even got in an elbow on someone.


I was just surprised that Gordon actually took his helmet off prior to the confrontation. There’s a first time for everything.

The Mad Man

The only things missing from the post-race bruhaha was somebody getting hit with a folding chairs and a body slam. Selcome to the WWE on Wheels ladies and gents.


If Joey Logano emerges as the last man standing in the circus tent, he may look back to keeping it off the inside retaining wall when he spun out with the flat tire as the pivotal moment.
The fact that Denny Hamlin (17th in the standings) and Ryan Newman (with as many (or fewer) top 5 finishes as 5 drivers have wins) says it all about how much of a farce this whole thing is.


..and yet some people do not understand by Brian tweeking the numbers he is making Hamlin look as good as Logano and better than the top drivers that didn’t advance..what logic or fairness is in that? A crapshoot Dega win is that important against what the other drivers accomplished who are not invited into the advanced rounds..I think not. Unless the few who earned it get the title…this will be bad.


These guys are lucky there’s no Curtis Turner, Buck Baker or Lee Petty around who settled things with a tire iron. Jimmy Spencer could handle it. Maybe Delana.

Was Delana behind Harvick when he pushed?

I read an article Sunday morning in the Toronto Star about the F1 and Stock car races. A fan at the F1 race was asked if he considered going to Fort Worth.
“Absolutely not,” he said. “It’s total garbage. It’s WWE on wheels.”
Brian should be proud as a peacock.

And I’ve seen the brawl on the CTV news twice since 6 o’clock. Brian’s got his publicity again.

It’s time to kick the pit crew members out. If they have to use new guys it might make a difference.


In closing I have only this to say. Jeff Gordon has slowly built up some respect in the sport. He used that up in one fell swoop. What a chronic crybaby. That hasn’t changed. As for Harvick, he’s a fugging punk. I can’t stand this cowardly *^&$*. And for those who continue to badmouth Brads driving style, go grab a vanilla shake. That would define you’re expections as to what racing should be. go to bland.com.


..bout sums it up….


Nascar needs to bring in special guests Mel Gibson and Tina Turner and a big narly cage. Put the cage on the start finish line. After the race the angry drivers can fight to end. Two drivers enter …only one driver leaves. Nascar Beyond The Thunderdome

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