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The Psychology of Picking Your Favorite Driver (and MORE!)

As I was out on the road this morning, I happened to hear a radio interview with current Chase leader, Brad Kesolowski, and as it progressed it set me to thinking.

In just exactly what order do I place certain characteristics when it comes to picking a favorite driver?

However, before I delve into all that, let me say one thing. I know that many reading this are going to start whining about how “members of the media shouldn’t have a favorite!” Well let me tell you…anyone who is writing about NASCAR on the Internet on sites such as this, as well as hundreds of others, HAS a favorite driver. If they claim they don’t, they are lying! The only exceptions to this rule are those few ‘media’ members that are grossly overpaid by such sites as nascar.com or network affiliated and the like. In other words, those folks who’s actual JOB it is cover it for a higher power full-time.

The rest of us, while still considered ‘media’, do it on a ‘weekend warrior’ basis and as such must maintain a job that actually pays the mortgage. ‘The rest of us’ DO have favorites simply because in 99% of ‘our’ cases, we were a fan before becoming a writer. Enough about that!

As I was saying, as I listened to Brad’s interview, I actually started to think that the kid is ‘OK’. Not that I didn’t think he was ‘OK’ before but you see, my favorite driver happens to be Carl Edwards. We all know the history between the two and of course, in my mind, that does have some effect on how I see Brad. That and the fact that I absolutely detest Miller Lite, have never really been fond of Rusty Wallace and even less fond of Kurt Busch. However, as I said, the more I thought about it, the more I got to thinking about WHY I have picked my favorite and how I view the rest of the field.

Jeff Meyer chose Dale Jarrett as his favorite driver because of Jarrett’s class and personality, his top criteria for a favorite driver.

First and foremost for me is character. My favorite before Carl was Dale Jarrett. I like DJ because he always was a ‘class act’. There was no fake persona. He was down to earth, extremely likable, extremely talented and as looks go, I would say he is a handsome man. Oh, and he is a very good golfer too!

When Dale announced his forthcoming retirement I had to find a replacement. I picked an up and coming kid who did backflips off his then Craftsman Series truck when he won. Carl had yet to run a Cup race but I knew this was a kid that I could proudly cheer on for a long time to come. Over the years, as I have gotten to know Carl (and his family), he has never let me down.

When it comes to the rest of the field, I have drivers I ‘like,’ drivers that I think are ‘OK,’ drivers that I have extreme ‘apathy’ for and drivers I wouldn’t sit and have a beer with.

Lots of people have gotten on me over the years because I don’t keep it a secret that I don’t have the time of day for either Kurt or Kyle Busch. Oh, I’ve tried, believe me but every time I even start to grudgingly give either of them tiny bit of respect, they both have the propensity to go and do or say something extremely stupid. Every time! Not only can they both be the definition of an ‘ass,’ they are both goofy looking. Looks I can sorta overlook but when you are a goofy looking ass, well, that’s two strikes against you in my book and even extreme talent can’t overcome that!

The long and short of it all is this; I guess I pick my favorites by the following criteria…

Character, Personality, Talent, Looks and Accessibility.

I would love to hear how you pick yours!

OK, here’s the ‘MORE’

I am sick to death of ‘pink’! Actually, it is one of my favorite colors but for the love of Bob! Let’s give breast cancer awareness a break! For years its been the pink magnetic ribbons on vehicles…OK, I get it, I am aware, it is a bad thing, I’ve donated in some form, be it money and or time or both at one time another, but seriously, do you donate to the bell ringing Santa when you go into the store AND when you come out?!

I read where this driver is ‘going pink’ at Talladega. This driver is ‘going pink’ at Charlotte, so on and so forth. NFL players have for a couple of years now been wearing pink this and pink that…shoes, gloves, etc. Enough already!

What about other cancers?! Colon and/or prostate cancer is right up with breast cancer in occurrence and severity. What about lung cancer?

I suppose ‘pink’ has a better PR rep than the others. “Kenseth going brown at Talladega in support of colon cancer awareness” prolly just isn’t gonna have the same effect.

I guess when it comes down to it, I’d rather see a pink “save the ta-tas” ribbon than a brown “save the rectum” ribbon!

Some things just ain’t marketable, I guess.

Stay off the wall, (and you start selling brown ribbons, remember you got the idea here!)

Jeff Meyer

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