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Penske Racing LOSES Penalty Case, Will Appeal To NSCRC John Middlebrook

A three-member panel Wednesday unanimously upheld penalties assessed to Penske Racing after pre-race inspection at Texas Motor Speedway. Comprised of Pocono President Brandon Igdalsky, Bowman-Gray President Dale Pinilis and former NASCAR VP Paul Brooks, the trio determined the sanctioning body’s evidence was enough to “convict” Penske to the tune of points lost, suspensions given and …

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Side By Side: Can A Single-Car Team Find A NASCAR Winner’s Circle?

*This Week’s Question: It’s been nearly two seasons since a single-car team was able to break into Victory Lane at NASCAR’s highest level, though a few have flirted with a win. Could we see a single-car team get back there this year?*

Amy Henderson, Managing Editor: You Could See It This Week in Talladega, As a Matter of Fact

While several of NASCAR’s smaller teams got off to a fast start in 2013, wins by those organizations are few and far between. It isn’t a lack of talent or ambition that keeps them out of Victory Lane; it’s one thing and one thing only: money, or the lack thereof.

NASCAR Writer Power Rankings: Top 15 After Richmond I

Frontstretch Power Rankings
Kevin Harvick proved once again why he’s called “Mr. Where Did He Come From!?” and “The Closer.” Harvick took four tires during the final caution, charging from seventh place on the green-white-checkered restart to take the lead. That divebomb move gave him his first race of the 2013 season and 20th victory of his Cup Series career.
Behind them, Kurt Busch and Tony Stewart took part in some post-race extracurricular activities after a bump-and-run during the two-lap shootout shook up the finishing order. But perhaps the biggest side story was Juan Pablo Montoya, who led 67 laps and finished fourth, his first top 5 in a points-paying race since a fourth-place result at Martinsville in April 2011. Jeff Burton also ran well, finishing fifth, his first top-5 result of the season.

WTF Wednesday Awaiting The Big One: Improving Fan Safety at Talladega Superspeedway

As both the NASCAR Nationwide and Sprint Cup Series head to their next set of restrictor plate races at one of the more anticipated racing venues of the season, many may be holding their breath for the “Big One”. While some of this anticipation is often due to the excitement that surrounds Talladega Superspeedway, the …

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Newsletter Stuff 04-30-13

What To Watch: Tuesday – Carl Edwards will be a special guest, making a third appearance on the syndicated talk show Kelly & Michael. Expected to talk everything from current NASCAR issues to his time as a “chauffeur,” Edwards will join actor Robert Downey, Jr. as celebrities spending time on Tuesday’s show. – Matt Kenseth …

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NASCAR Forgot to Tell Them, “Keep it Clean, Boys.”

“Boys, have at it.” Brian France and Co. all agreed this ought to be the credo of NASCAR several years ago. Collectively, the fan base proceeded to cheer. At long last, our heroes would not be fined and suspended for failing to control their tongues in moments of extreme stress, or worry that rubbing a …

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Mirror Driving: NASCAR Engine Aggravation Among Richmond Realizations

*After the No. 20 engine failed postrace teardown, NASCAR slapped the team, which won the race in Kansas, with a 50-point penalty along with a six-week suspension and fine for crew chief Jason Ratcliffe. Did NASCAR make the right call?*

Phil: Knowing what we know now, I think it seems incredibly draconian. However, they’ve definitely sent a message. Don’t cross us.
Amy: Given that it was an engine and NASCAR has _never_ taken engine infractions lightly, I think it’s close to being right. I think they should have taken only points earned in that race, though.

Mirror Driving: NASCAR Stuck In A Box… Have We Reached Maximum Speed?

*NASCAR has announced the penalties for three teams following last week’s pre- and post-race failures. Martin Truex Jr. was fined six points and crew chief Chad Johnston was $25,000 and placed on probation until June 5th. Meanwhile, Penske Racing teammates Joey Logano and Brad Keselowski were each docked 25 points and both of their crew chiefs were suspended for the next six races, though they will be in Kansas as Penske Racing is appealing. Are these penalties fair? Why or why not?*

Amy: The Truex penalty was fair, provided they couldn’t prove something broke. If the rear ends on the 2 and 22 were illegal, the penalty is fine. But NASCAR has not said what was illegal, or how it was discovered, so we’ll never really know.
Summer: I guess all the penalties were “fair”, though I think it’s ridiculous how sensitive NASCAR is with these cars. Let me put it this way. I thought the points penalty and fine were OK, but the fact that they suspended as many people as they did with Penske seemed excessive.

Mirror Driving: Six After Six? Female Favorites And Historic Moments

Welcome to “Mirror Driving.” Every Wednesday, your favorite columnists sit down and give their opinion about the latest NASCAR news, rumors, and controversy. Love us or hate us, make a comment below and tell us how you feel about what we’ve said!

*Jimmie Johnson’s win at Martinsville made him the first repeat winner of 2013. Though we’re only six races in, are we possibly looking at a sixth championship from the No. 48 team?*

Mirror Driving: Unpredictability And Unusual Circumstances

k horse that we may be overlooking?*

Amy: I think of the top 10, I like Dale Earnhardt, Jr.’s chances. He’s always been strong at Martinsville, and he’s on a roll.
Summer: I think I’m going to go with Keselowski. He’s not known as much of a “short track” guy, but after winning the championship, there’s not much he still can’t do.
Phil: I’m going with Keselowski for the driver most likely in the front bunch. Don’t count out Earnhardt Jr., though.

Mirror Driving: NASCAR Surprises And Disappointments In 2013

*NASCAR has announced they will not penalize any of the drivers involved in both Fontana’s last-lap mayhem and post-race fracas. Did they make the right call?*

Phil: I’m surprised that no one got probation. That is what I thought would happen. It does show some consistency, for once.
Amy: With Hamlin and Logano, you can’t penalize hard racing or you undermine the heart and soul of the sport.