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Myatt Snider Talks Rookie Year with ThorSport Racing & Life Off The Track

The 2018 season has been a different one for Myatt Snider. It’s the first time he’s run full-time in a NASCAR vehicle. After running part-time in ARCA for two years as well as the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, Snider has two top-five finishes in his No. 13 ThorSport Racing truck.

In this wide-ranging interview, Snider opens up about embracing his nickname, learning from his veteran teammates as well as his strange philosophy of rooting for sports teams.

Davey Segal, Frontstretch: Last time we talked, you said the strangest thing you put Louisiana Hot Sauce on was a donut. Anything else to report on the weird toppings front?

Myatt Snider: Well I’m actually on a diet now. Because of Blake Koch. I haven’t had the chance to put hot sauce on too many weird things since then, but it’s kind of been a savior because some of the foods I eat get real monotonous real fast. So I gotta thank Louisiana Hot Sauce for helping me out with that one.

Segal: You have an unofficial nickname of Sauce Boi which I believe was Landon Cassill’s doing. Do we like that nickname?

Snider: Believe it or not, it is an official nickname. We have these t-shirts on sale now. Sauce Boi is a nickname, it’s also Sauce Boss.

Segal: Which one do you prefer?

Snider: Sauce Boi, honestly.

Segal: Now that you’re piloting the truck full time this year, how has it been at ThorSport working with and learning from your teammates who have a wealth of knowledge and experience?

Snider: It’s been awesome. I’ve got so much experience to lean on. I have guys like Grant Enfinger, Matt Crafton and Ben Rhodes who have all multiple Truck Series seasons under their belts. To be able to learn from them and glean some information from them has been a huge help for me. I’ve adapted to some tracks better than I have others but having them there has definitely helped me out to make some of those transitions faster.

Segal: Have you seen your skill-set grow more being able to lean on those guys more?

Snider: Oh absolutely. I’ve been able to really learn from watching and getting information from them on what they do, how they do it. It’s been super helpful. And it’s helped e to become better on the race track.

Segal: What do they think of your nickname and do they have t-shirts yet?

Snider: They haven’t asked for them. They just call me by Myatt, but it might be a matter of time before we get on a nickname basis with them.

Segal: I hear you have a fascination with planes. Tell me a little more about that.

Snider: If we weren’t racing here (at Las Vegas) today, I’d be spending my day going over to Nellis Air Force Base. I do love airplanes. Lover of all things fast, to be honest. I’m taking private pilot lessons and trying to get my private pilot license. So when I see all these airplane flyovers I always look up. It’s really cool to see.

Segal: How big are these planes?

Snider: They’re decent size. They’re not big by any standards but they’re quality aircraft I’d say. Piper Cherokees and occasionally a Cessna 172. But yeah, I’ve loved flying so far. Hoping to take it further.

Segal: What got you into aviation in the first place? What made you want to pursue it?

Snider: I think it’s a great skill to have. It’s something that can come in handy down the road. And eventually, if I earn enough money, I can buy my own airplane and fly myself to races if I wanted to.

Segal: Big fan of pineapple on pizza I hear?

Snider: Oh man. I’ll tell you what. We’re in Sin City, so if people are going to do it here, they’re going to do it here. Who puts fruit and cheese together in one package? I’ve had it once and it’s really not worth all the hype. I don’t know who thought of it but they should be fired from whatever they do. I think the pineapple makes it unstable. Not even the perfectness of Louisiana Hot Sauce can save it.

Segal: Favorite sport and team?

Snider: Football, basketball and baseball on the side. I have a weird philosophy – I have three favorite teams in all sports. I have my home team, the winning team if the home team sucks and then a wild card team that can entertain me every now and then.

Segal: What’s a sporting event you haven’t attended that you’d like to?

Snider: I haven’t been to the Super Bowl yet. I’ve always wanted to go and my parents went when the Panthers were in it. I didn’t get to go. That was sad.

Segal: What about a racing event?

Snider: I’ve always been a fan of the Baja 1000, 24 Hours of Le Mans, all these spectacular events.

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