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Off the Wall With: Ron Capps

Welcome to Off the Wall With…, where we ask your favorite drivers the same five questions that are… well, off the wall! We’ll check in with a different driver each time to get a peek into life outside the racecar. In this edition, NHRA Funny Car driver Ron Capps spills the beans.

What’s fun besides racing?

Capps: For me fun is watching other racing. When I’m not racing, I love watching any kind of racing. Supercross is one of my favorite things, Formula 1. If I’m sitting at home and there’s lawnmower racing on TV, I will watch that, that’s how much I’m into racing. That’s about the extent of my fun.

What’s the top item on your bucket list?

Capps: I’ve gotten to do some pretty cool things. I got to ride with the Thunderbirds. I would say go into space. If I’m still alive when they’re doing that and they’re taking rides into space, I’d love to go into space.

Your go-to on movie night is:

Capps: If Will Ferrell’s in it, then I’m all in.

What’s one item that’s always in your grocery bag?

Capps: A receipt.

Most memorable fan interaction?

Capps: How do you narrow that down? We have a race in Brainerd, Minn., and we have what’s called the Zoo. It’s much like Talladega is to the NASCAR fans and my top-10 list of craziness off the track has probably all happened in the Zoo at night after racing is over when we venture out and hang out with the Wisconsin/Canadian/Minnesota/South Dakota/North Dakota fans. Some pretty crazy stuff. You find some pretty interesting things out in the Zoo. Some are body parts so a lot of crazy stuff has happened.

What’s fun besides racing? What’s the top item on your bucket list? Your go-to on movie night: One item that’s always in your grocery bag? Most memorable fan interaction:
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Ron Capps Watching other racing Going into space Something with Will Ferrell in it A receipt Visiting the Zoo at Brainerd


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