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Helio Castroneves: NASCAR Drivers “Chubby”

In a recent interview with TMZ, IndyCar Series driver Helio Castroneves dissed on NASCAR drivers and their physical fitness. When the reporter mentioned Helio Castroneves’ and other drivers slim figures, Castroneves went to the tried-and-true method of talking about things like G-forces, the endurance qualities of the races, and the grueling demands inside the racecar. Basically, the kinds of things you would expect any driver or race fan to mention when the athleticism of their sport is questioned. Makes sense, right?

Except for Castroneves apparently doesn’t think NASCAR drivers meet quite the same standards as IndyCar drivers.

After Castroneves finished explaining what makes NASCAR drivers athletic, the reporter said, “So no chubby drivers right?”

Castronenves paused. “…Only in NASCAR.”

“They are allowed more of the beer bellies.”

Now, call me naive, but I would think all of the motorsports communities would be all about promoting each other and the legitimacy of motorsports racing. After all, how many racing fans watch most or all forms of racing? Even the primary IndyCar writers on this very website still follow NASCAR, and vice-versa. Don’t both series win when the other is doing well?

Look, I know Castroneves isn’t entirely wrong. Not every driver in NASCAR is … ahem … “athletic”. But does Castroneves really think that someone is going to watch his interview and say, “Oh, well, gosh golly darn, NASCAR drivers are real losers! I’m going to start watching IndyCar!”?

No. Comments like that will just aggravate stock car fans and open wheel snobs will nod their heads in agreement because that’s just how it goes.

Everyone else just wants to queue up some War and ask the age-old question…. Why can’t we be friends?



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