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Fanning the Flames: Palm Sweat, Las Vegas Blackjack & Taking Your Chances with the NSCRC

Lesson learned the hard way last weekend: When a casino changes dealers on you, just get up and walk away – no exceptions, no questions asked. This is now one of Taliaferro’s Cannon Laws; well, after I kissed that hundo goodbye in a heartbeat. Our esteemed Managing Editor managed to get out of Las Vegas in decent shape, though; on second thought, wonder if he’s still there…

But anyways, we’re talking racing here, so let’s get to it.

Is it just me, or is that Vegas track really coming in? Kudos to Bruton and SMI for the work they’ve done. The Neon Garage is like nothing I’ve ever seen, and the two-year old banking has truly made the racing more exciting. The Nationwide event was a winner, and the Cup race wasn’t too shabby, either, although Jeff Gordon and Greg Biffle both brought up valid points about that inside wall along the backstretch. Still, it makes me think two dates isn’t such a bad idea for this facility moving forward.

On to your questions now. Another good batch. I’m loving the diverse material… although I was surprised there were no inquiries concerning oil reservoir encasements. Oh, well, maybe next week.

Q: Hi, Matt. When a team goes before the National Stock Car Racing Commission for an appeal to a penalty (levied by NASCAR), who is it that makes up the commission? Also, how can I contact them? I just know that they will not overturn Robby Gordon‘s penalty, and I want to give them a piece of my mind when that happens. – Lee Wilson

A: The National Stock Car Racing Commission is a body made up of track operators, businessmen and former racers and/or owners. Here’s who some of them are – and mind you, this isn’t a complete list:

George Silbermann, Chairman
Dale Pinilis
Jack Housby
Cathy Rice
Jo Dewitt Wilson
Doug Fritz
Bud Moore
Russell Hackett
David Hall

Want more names? Why don’t you drop them a postcard at National Stock Car Racing Commission, 1801 West International Speedway Blvd., Daytona Beach, FL 32114.

By the way, I don’t know what you think, Lee, but that address looks awful familiar. No wonder these teams (not named RWI) don’t win more appeals.

Q: Hi Matt! I love the podcasts, and Tom is great on them. I wish they were longer, like an hour-long podcast. Have you heard anything about the rumor of Tony Stewart going to Richard Childress Racing and having UPS as his main sponsor? – Aggie (way way up in frozen Canada)

A: Wow, that’s a juicy one, almost as good as the Stewart to Hendrick hearsay. Honestly, I have nothing to report on Stewart’s 2009 plans, but the longer he puts off the contract talks, the more speculation will grow.

And thanks for the kind works, Aggie. Feels as though some of them drag on for an hour, but we have fun with ’em.

Q: Thanks for a great column, Matt. My question: What are the differences between an engine dyno test and a chassis dyno test? – Shelby Lynn Worth

A: Good question, as we’ve heard a lot about chassis dynos lately (they are much more in vogue these days). Engine dynos measure torque at various speeds, and generally gives an engine-power output reading.

A chassis dyno, without getting technical, because then I’d confuse myself, measures the total power at the rear wheels that is transferred to the track. This type of test gives a more accurate measure of horsepower and speed. A team wants as much of the horsepower as possible to reach the drive wheels, and this test aids them in ensuring they are getting an optimal amount transferring from the power plant on back.

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