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Nitro Shots: NHRA Does Some Things Right, Some Things Wrong

Nhra 2017 Brittany Force Car Courtesy Nhra

Last week this commentary space was occupied with some thoughts about social media and the effect of negative comments in particular, especially on people who are new to the sport. The point of the commentary was to talk about social media, not about what NHRA does right or wrong, however, along the way I noted …

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Nitro Shots: Why Is Drag Racing Such a Hard Sell?

Nhra 2017 Chicago Steve Torrence Courtesy Nhra Media

(Photo: NHRA Media)

I’m going to throw my staffmates under the bus today, but it’s necessary to prove my points. I apologize in advance, and I’ll even throw myself under there too just to show there’s no hard feelings. There are one or two other staff members here at Frontstretch who understand how awesome drag racing is. There …

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