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Driven to the Past: The Best Way to Slow a Racecar Down

Once again, one thing leads to another. In trying to explain how easy it is to misjudge a slower speed after you’ve been traveling really fast, I mentioned that I first heard the phrase “You lose your reference to zero” from Dick Trickle. He said that after the first ASA race at Milwaukee, on May 7, 1978. We had never run on anything bigger than a 5/8-mile track, so it stands to reason that most of our guys had never seen the kind of speeds they were experiencing on that big ol’ mile. Neither had I from the flagstand, actually. When the first car went out to qualify, I threw the green flag and then told the tower to wake me up when he got to turn 3.

10 Points to Ponder… After NASCAR’s Summer 2008 Off Week

1. Belt Tightening – It is a safe bet that not all the economic dominoes have fallen for the NASCAR community quite yet, as financially slumping General Motors attempts to identify cost-cutting measures while seeking to generate $15 billion in savings through 2009. This past week, the automaker has informed both Bristol Motor Speedway and …

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Driven to the Past: Let Your Judgement Be Your Guide

Quite often somebody or other is asking me what was the most memorable race I ever flagged. After 30 years in the flagstand, it’s hard to isolate one race, but there is one I’ll never forget – actually two, but they were tied together. In ASA’s first appearance at Michigan International Speedway, I was in …

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Frontstretch NASCAR Power Rankings: Top 15 Drivers Still Winless in NASCAR

With an off week in the schedule, the Frontstretch staffers decided to take a second look at a series of drivers looking for that lucky break. Our writers voted in the top-15 drivers who have never won a Sprint Cup race in their careers; and while these men might have been special in other forms …

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Driven to the Past: Dick Trickle

From some notes on the internet, phone calls, and e-mails, I’m one of those who has learned that Dick Trickle is apparently having some chest and/or intestinal tract problems. The man himself, I’m told, isn’t worried; in fact, he’s told everyone things are fine. Trickle had a hip replacement recently, and the troubles started after …

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10 Points to Ponder… During NASCAR’s Easter Break

1) Takes One to Know One! – Megastar comedian and TV personality Jeff Foxworthy talked NASCAR in a CNN interview this week, attempting to persuade host Glenn Beck that instead of taking in a race at Daytona, he would be better served going to Talladega, Ala. for his stock car racing experience. In fact, Foxworthy …

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