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Spotters: The Unsung Heroes of NASCAR Safety — Part 2

2015 Nascar Charlotte 600

(Photo: Jennifer Coleman NKP)

For part one of this feature, click here. “The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.” – William Jones There is a reason why some cringes at the thought of being a spotter. They are one of only two people who truly decide what happens on the racetrack in …

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Spotters: The Unsung Heroes of NASCAR Safety — Part 1

2016 Nascar Talladega

(Photo: Logan Whitton/NKP)

Spotters hold one of the most crucial responsibilities every Sunday in NASCAR. Though they’re outside the racecar, spotters stand atop the highest points of the racetrack, helping the driver maneuver through traffic, adjust to racing lines and maintain calm communication all while avoiding incident. Indeed, above all, a spotter is a safety feature. While many …

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