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Double Take: 17 Years in the Blink of an Eye

Rusty Wallace With Sterling Marlin 2004

(Photo: Sheryl Creekmore/NASCAR)

17 years. That’s how long I’ve been a NASCAR fan. I watched a few races as late as 2000, even lived near Daytona for a couple of years in the late 90s, but only when I moved away did I really start to get into the sport that has grown to consume my life. I …

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NASCAR Drivers Speak Out on Brian France’s At-Track Attendance

2017 Xfinity Richmond Zach Catanzareti Brian France

(Photo: Zach Catanzareti)

During the 2018 NASCAR Media Tour, Brad Keselowski lashed out regarding the leadership of NASCAR and how frequently NASCAR CEO Brian France is visible at the track. It wasn’t the first time France was called out by a driver for his lack of presence at tracks. In 2016, during a SiriusXM NASCAR Radio interview, three-time …

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