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Are the Nationwide and Truck Series Saved from Ringers?

I don’t know one person who wasn’t a little skeptical when, prior to the 2011 season, NASCAR announced that drivers could only declare for points in one of the three top series. While it meant that a Nationwide regular would be able to win the championship for the first time since 2005, its ulterior motive — getting Sprint Cup ringers from driving in so many races in the lower series — was yet to be seen. Would drivers like Carl Edwards, Kyle Busch and Brad Keselowski really trim their Nationwide schedules, or would they continue to enter and win races almost weekly, thus continuing the issue and shutting out series regulars?

A year later, it looks like the skeptics can finally be appeased.

Of NASCAR Twits and ‘Non-traditional’ Tweets

Due to the fact that I was asked somewhat politely to write about a certain subject last week, I never got a chance to share a few observations I had after the Daytona 500. This week however, I have been left to my own devices so I figure now’s the time.

*NASCAR Twits*

Obviously, Juablo’s destruction of the jet engine track dryer was one of the most bizarre incidents that I can ever think of as a fan of the sport of many years.