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Voices From the Cheap Seats

Voices from the Cheap Seats: BSNews! Chad Knaus Fumes After Pocono Defeat

(Credit: CIA Stock Photography)

Chad Knaus, longtime — hell, only — crew chief for six-time champion Jimmie Johnson, lashed out Sunday after the No. 48 was defeated in its bid to become the first car to win three races in a row, or a hat trick, since NASCAR CEO Brian France started his campaign …

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Voices from the Cheap Seats: NASCAR’s Best Bet for Your Taxpayer Dollars

Going from 24,800 to 7,500 prospective recruits? Is the National Guard even trying?

In case you don’t have any where you are from, the title is known as “sarcasm.” Go out and getcha some today! While everyone else in the media is focused on the life-and-death issue of whether Greg Biffle and Carl Edwards will remain at Roush Fenway Racing after this year …

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Voices from the Cheap Seats: Wussies And Suits Are Ruining NASCAR

2013 ACS CUP Casey Mears on camera CIA 430

Last week, I wrote about stupidity in advertisement and how multitudes of commercials are, or at least should be, an insult to your intelligence. If you disagree, well, you should probably stop reading this column now because it’s definitely not going to be for you. Now, my editors will probably not …

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Voices From The Cheap Seats: Advertising For Dummies

Since we are on an off week and there is little to no real NASCAR news, other than maybe Brad Keselowski’s almost tearful revelation at how utterly heartbroken and betrayed he felt by Rick Hendrick in 2010, I want to talk about commercials. Yes, they are an evil that we all have …

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Voices From The Cheap Seats: BSNews! A New NASCAR CEO On The Rise?

Brian France

BSNews, a wholly disowned subsidiary of Frontstretch.com, has learned that the CEOof NASCAR, Brian France, will step down as the head of the sanctioning body following the conclusion of the 2014 racing season. The news has been received by both fans and teams with shock and incredulousness, and was announced early this …

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Voices From The Cheap Seats: How To Mix Predictable And Incredible All At Once

NASCAR touted a sold-out weekend of racing at Fontana… but was it really?

And now for something completely different — different, that is, from some of the fluff that’s been pouring from this very site! While one writer has a caption describing, almost verbatim what I heard from the FOX booth all afternoon Sunday, this writer is going to, as usual, point out …

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The Difference In NASCAR Between Oblivious And Relentless

Credit: Yvonne Leonard

Once again, I am writing about a topic that, while obvious to the common man (and not to mention that most of us thought it had long ago been taken care of), has reared its ugly head once more: SAFER barriers. I know what you are thinking: aren’t SAFER barriers old news? Yes, Virginia, …

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