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Voices from the Cheap Seats: With Joy & Sadness, I Take My Leave of This Mess

2014 Loudon I Nns Race Fans Cia

(Credit: CIA Stock Photography. Copyright 2014)

Geez, where do I start? How do you sum up 10 years of weekly columns in a few parting paragraphs? I’m not sure I can do it justice but I guess I will give it a shot. Y’all deserve that much! Speaking of y’all, I want to say first and foremost that I wouldn’t have …

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Voices from the Cheap Seats: Is Brian France Proud of What NASCAR Has Become?

2014 Daytona Sprint Cup Brian France Press Conference Credit Phil Allaway

(Photo: Phil Allaway, Frontstretch)

In the 10 years that I have been doing this gig, there is one interview that I would give my left lug nut to be able to do, and that is a one-on-one with Brian France. No one else in the room – just me and him, him and I, man to man, common sense …

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Voices from the Cheap Seats: Defending the Indefensible

2014 Loudon Ii Cup Kevin Harvick Cia

(Credit: CIA Stock Photography)

Just a scant couple of weeks ago in this column, I basically did the journalistic equivalent of ripping Brad Keselowski a new one. Today, I find myself in the position of public defender for the aforementioned “defendant,” who shall henceforth be referred to as BK. Others involved in this investigation, namely Jeff Gordon, Kevin Harvick …

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BSNews! Hendrick Motorsports Announces Team Changes

2014 Indianapolis Cup Jeff Gordon Alan Gustafson Rick Hendrick Selfie Cia

(Credit: CIA Stock Photography)

BSNews! – Amid a week of various team changes and shuffles throughout much of the garage, Hendrick Motorsports announced it plans a major team swap involving the No. 24 of Jeff Gordon and the No. 88 of Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Sources that will remain anonymous, mainly because BSNews ace Stu Padasso has forgotten who he …

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Voices from the Cheap Seats: How Can There NOT Be An Asterisk?

2014 Talladega Ii Cup Jimmie Johnson Credit Nascar Via Getty Images

(Credit: NASCAR via Getty Images)

The more I soaked in the shower and thought about it – yes, I do some of my best thinking when I’m all wet – the more I became convinced that this new format virtually invalidates all the previous Chase championships before it. Notice I said, “Chase championships.” I’m not even going to go down …

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Voices from the Cheap Seats: NASCAR Still Years Behind the NFL

2014 Bristol Ii Cup Brad Keselowski Cia

(Credit: CIA Stock Photography)

While Brian France has made great strides to make auto racing akin to stick-and-ball sports, he still has a long way to go. Brad Keselowski, however, helped narrow that gap by quite a margin with his post race meltdown last Saturday night. As has been evidenced by the sports news, especially this past year, we …

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Voices from the Cheap Seats: Can Matt Kenseth Repeat History?

2014 Pocono Ii Cup Matt Kenseth Cia

(Credit: CIA Stock Photography)

The more I think about all this elimination crap, the more I hate it. On one hand, it could be a Godsend. On the other, it could show Brian France and the top brass in Daytona that they are indeed dumber than a box of rocks. I’m praying for the latter. Of course, it’s all …

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Voices From The Cheap Seats: Talk Of A Stewart/Ward Settlement Is Ludicrous!

Tony Stewart First Press Conference At Stewart Haas Racing 2014 Yvonne Leonard 2

(Credit: Yvonne Leonard)

I know this is a controversial subject, but after reading some press releases by some so-called prominent lawyers, I refuse to remain silent. “I think he will end up settling,” said Greg Bloom, an attorney at the Miami firm Chase Lawyers, which represents athletes and entertainers, said of Tony Stewart and the potential outcome of …

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BSNews: Group Targets NASCAR For Offensive Use of “Injun”

2014 Atlanta Nns Fans Ii Cia

(Credit: CIA Stock Photography, Inc. ©2014)

Not happy with just taking on the National Football League (NFL) and the Washington Redskins, Amanda Blackhorse and her legal team have set their sights on NASCAR. At the heart of the NFL battle is the use of the name Redskins by the famed Washington, D.C., football team. Blackhorse claims it is derogatory to Native …

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Voices from the Cheap Seats: Circus Tents Wrong Way to Go for Souvenirs

2014 Richmond Ii Cup Fans With Giant Kyle Busch Head Cia

(Credit: CIA Stock Photography)

One change that is looming on the horizon, a change that I have given a lot of thought to but have yet to righteously pontificate about, for the NASCAR fans that are left is NASCAR’s planned replacement of the classic souvenir hauler for a exciting circus tent! I say “NASCAR’s plan” because, in case you …

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Voices From the Cheap Seats: Chase Begins Countdown to the End

2014 Atlanta Cup Kevin Harvick Tony Stewart Cia

(Photo: CIA Stock Photo, Inc. © 2014)

As we descend into the depths of the 2014 season with yet another infernal change as to this sport’s definition of a champion, so begins the countdown to the end of this infernal column. Yes, that’s right, I’m really, really gonna do it this time. Why, you ask? Well, let me tell you! As I …

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Voices from the Cheap Seats: BSNews – Expounding Upon NASCAR’s Asterisk

Mike Helton Stewart Chase Eligibility Press Conference Atlanta Motor Speedway 2014 Chris Owens

(Credit: Chris Owens)

Just before last weekend’s race at Atlanta, NASCAR President Mike Helton announced that, despite the fact that he missed three weeks of the regular season and despite what the rules say as to who can be eligible for the latest version of the Chase, Tony Stewart may participate in the Chase – should he qualify. …

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