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Voice of Vito: 2007 the Worst NASCAR Season Ever

I may be in the minority here (my heritage notwithstanding), but for many reasons, to me this season has been one of the worst in recent memory for NASCAR. Perhaps ever. To look back on it that way is quite disappointing – especially since 2007 started out with so much promise. There was the addition …

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Voice of Vito: Mustangs, Camaros & Challengers, Oh My! Busch Series to Pony Cars in 2009?

“NASCAR’s Car of Tomorrow sucks.” No, that’s not Kyle Busch‘s quote. It’s not even Tony Stewart‘s. It’s mine. I hate the CoT. I physically hate it. As British automotive journalist Jeremy Clarkson might say, “It is wayward, its front splitter is utter rubbish and the rear wing is stupid.” A series that once celebrated and …

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Voice of Vito: Where’s the Beef? Chase for NASCAR Championship a Far Cry From Past Battles

With only one race remaining before the start of NASCAR’s 2007 Chase for the Nextel Cup, the race for 12th place has all been but decided, with Kevin Harvick needing to only finish 32nd or better to solidify his place in the Championship dash. While the Daytona 500 winner will start the race a whopping …

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