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Busy Penalty Wednesday In NASCAR

On Tuesday’s edition of NASCAR RaceHub on SPEED, it was reported that they did not know the extent of the penalties that would be levied against Penske Racing after their rear-end housings were confiscated prior to the NRA 500. However, they did report that the penalties would be “severe.” They were not wrong. On Wednesday, …

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Penske Penalities – Passive Pusnishment for Past Sins?

Brad Keselowski, Joey Logano, and the entire Penske organization have had a tumultuous last few weeks. First, the dust up at Fontana with Denny Hamlin and Tony Stewart for Logano, Saturday night’s exercise in stress management with getting the cars yanked out of inspection and on the grid as everybody else was getting ready to …

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Life At the 55: Jackman Tony Cardamone on Work-Life Balance, Rivalries and Injuries

_Frontstretch Readers – We know that you love our driver diary series, which gives you an inside look at the lives of NASCAR’s stars. Now, we are taking it to a whole new level! Fans love stock car racing for many reasons, one of which is that it is the ultimate team sport. While the driver ultimately hoists the trophy in Victory Lane, it is the blood, sweet and tears of men and women behind the scenes that ultimately drive the success of the team._

_New for 2013, Frontstretch is proud to introduce the “55 Team Diary” which will provide insights from different people who contribute to the accomplishments of Michael Waltrip Racing’s No. 55 Toyota. Kicking off this series is Tony Cardamone, who serves as the jackman and mechanic on the Aaron’s Dream Machine and has become an integral part of the weekend road crew that travels to each event. We hope you enjoy this first installment of the 55 Team Diary, where Cardamone shares his thoughts on work/life balance and the latest headlines in NASCAR today, as told to our Tony Lumbis._

Numbers Game: Texas

Numbers Game: NRA 500 by Tom Bowles 0 Laps led by Roush Fenway Racing, the defending champion of the race (with driver Greg Biffle). Since Carl Edwards’ win at Phoenix, the three teams have combined to lead a grand total of one lap – and that was from Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. (Las Vegas). 1 Lap …

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Kansas: A Potential Turning Point for Struggling (Or Winning) Drivers

*turning point*
*1.* The point at which a very significant change occurs; a decisive moment.
*2.* Mathematics A maximum or minimum point on a curve.

The turning point of one’s season, if there is ever one at all, could conceivably occur anytime during a given year. However, in order for one’s season needing to be turned around at all, there has to have been much of a season at all to that point. A driver could have a really poor Daytona 500, for example but if everything afterward goes fairly swimmingly, that’s not a turnaround from poor results; that’s just a good season blemished by an early outlier. The same can apply to a rough end of the season after 34 or 35 spectacular showings.

Racing To The Point: NASCAR Kept Its Head In The Sand With The NRA

NASCAR stood its ground in the weeks following Texas Motor Speedway’s decision to sign the National Rifle Association as the primary sponsor for Saturday night’s Sprint Cup race.

The stance was simple: race entitlement sponsorships are signed by the track, not the sport’s governing body. So when Texas Motor Speedway announced that the NRA was going to sponsor a race seen by millions in the middle of a debate on gun control in Washington D.C., NASCAR effectively said, “It wasn’t us, it was them.”

NASCAR Wants Silence? No One Gives A Rip Anymore

“Silence! I ‘keel’ you.”

Oh, come on. Don’t tell me you don’t know the lovable little skeleton I’m referencing. He’s famous for “Jingle Bombs” and being slightly offensive but mind-blowing hilarious.

However, it appears another entity is attempting to utter a very similar phrase: NASCAR.

NASCAR A Winner At Shrinking Its “Carbon Footprint”

This week on Voices, it’s all about “the news.” Three releases in particular have caught my eye over the last couple of weeks concerning NASCAR’s efforts to “Go Green.” Well, two actually; the third is just proof that the sanctioning body is super serious in its efforts. Yet another press release has been in front of me, over and over, week after week since the 2013 season began and it too can be tied, or at least should be, to “NASCAR’s Race to Green” as it is officially called.

Here is the first…

One Step At A Time: Three Small Teams Who Have Made One Giant Step Forward in 2013

They include a two-time champion car owner, and drivers who have won some of the most prestigious races NASCAR has to offer. One driver is a former Sprint Cup Rookie of the Year, another has that honor in the Nationwide Series. They have seen what the view from the top looks like.

And now they’re trying to get back there the hard way.

NASCAR isn’t a sport where past accomplishments are a guarantee of future success. It is a sport where the haves and have nots are obvious to fans, just from the way they run week to week.

NASCAR Fanmail Frenzy: Hall of Fame Nominee Reaction

Who says NASCAR isn’t filled with good ol; boys anymore? Look, I’m not big on things like fishing, hunting, or anything involving the term “mudding.” I enjoy country music and NASCAR, but that’s about as far as my southern blood runs. Having been born and raised in the Midwest, I’m a tad less inclined to peel the dead, festering skin from the body of an animal I’ve just eviscerated with an AK-47 … or whatever. I don’t know anything about that kind of thing. I also don’t find holding a slimy, scaly sorry excuse for a living animal known as a fish for “sport.” (Shivers) If I’m going to be on the lake, it’s going to be on a Sea-Doo or tubing behind a boat. You know … something _fun._

Racing To The Point: Brian France’s Legacy Hinges On Trust

The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series and Sprint Cup Series spent the weekend in Martinsville. You can bet your butt that NASCAR CEO and Chairman Brian France didn’t.

NASCAR’s leader prefers to watch from afar. He’ll show up during Speedweeks in Daytona and for when the Sprint Cup trophy is awarded at Homestead, but his stops on the NASCAR calendar are few are far between.