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Rules…There was a Rule?

So, for the third week in a row a team that is gunning for the big show in Homestead was parked due to a simple rules violation.  This week, the team of Matt Kenseth’s No. 20 was sent home after they had seven crew members come over the wall while repairing crash damage from the …

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Why Were We Making Noise at the End of the Race?

What did Martinsville teach us this week? Well, for many people it apparently had something to do with the fact that Denny Hamlin will wreck just about anybody to score a spot in the final four.  But for me, surprisingly, I learned that I still do give a damn about the outcome of a race. …

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Kenseth is Leaving? No Big Surprise Here

NASCAR experienced a huge upheaval on Saturday as the news broke that Matt Kenseth would be stepping away from racing in 2018. Well, actually it was more of a slight tremor. Despite the fact that this story was featured on every single racing site across the world, probably the only person who was really shocked …

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Why Can’t NASCAR Fans Be Impressed with Perfection?

OMG! Did you see that? Jimmie Johnson won! He won his 76th race in a Sprint Cup career spanning fifteen years. It was…entirely expected. As the media sing the praises of the latest addition to the Earnhardt plane of accomplishment, there’s a large contingent of fans who face the news with the indifference worthy of …

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All the Pretty Lights: The All-Star Magic Show

2015 Charlotte Showdown Green Flag Credit Nascar Via Getty Images

(Photo: NASCAR via Getty Images)

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Accident Ends Justin Boston’s Day at Pocono

Boston Finishes 22nd at Pocono Raceway Justin Boston started the Pocono ARCA 200 from the 27th position and finished 22nd after being caught up in a late-race accident on Lap 66 at Pocono Raceway on Saturday afternoon. Boston, driving the No.25 ZLOOP Computer and Electronic Recycling Centers – JACO Environmental Toyota Camry for Venturini Motorsports, …

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Danny Holtgraver Wins All Star Circuit Of Champions At Butler Motor Speedway

Danny Holtgraver takes All Star Circuit of Champions race at Butler Motor Speedway Photo by Campbellphoto.com

By Brian Liskai Quincy, Mich. (Saturday, June 7, 2014) – There’s an old saying: “Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good.” Danny Holtgraver was both Saturday at Butler Motor Speedway. The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania driver took advantage of other driver’s miscues and benefitted from timely caution flags and drove to his first University of Northwestern …

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Pace Laps: Almost Isn’t Enough, Keselowski’s Comeback And Refueling

*Sprint Cup: A Series Of “Almosts”* Saturday night’s Richmond race, a prime example of why winner Kevin Harvick is called “The Closer” leaves behind a long list of “what might have beens.” The driver of the No. 29 Chevrolet, used to charging from behind in crunch time came from seventh place, making daredevil moves on a green-white-checkered finish and only led a grand total of three laps during the race.

But Harvick’s gain, “Happily” stealing a trophy underneath everyone’s nose left up to a half-dozen drivers scratching their head. Once again, Matt Kenseth and the No. 20 Toyota had the dominant car, leading the most laps (140) only to have the wrong handling package down the stretch. Coming home seventh, he’s now led a total of 303 laps the last two weeks and has just 37 points to show for it. Clint Bowyer, who also led a huge chunk of the race (113 circuits) had no choice but to settle for second.

Kyle Busch Wins Denny Hamlin Short Track Showdown

Who says Joe Gibbs Racing teammates don’t get along? Kyle Busch is certainly receiving gifts, from Denny Hamlin in the form of shiny trophies from winning the latter’s annual charity event. Rowdy was romping through the field again at Richmond Thursday night, taking control at the race’s midpoint and cruising during the latter stages to …

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NASCAR Penalties Need To Fit The Crime

_”There is no truth. There is only perception.”_ _Gustave Flaubert_

The beauty of sports is that they’re a form of entertainment. You don’t need to know every lap, number, and fact in order to lay back and enjoy the show. That’s why for every diehard, no matter what you’re covering there’s about ten other people who know just enough to get by. Life has a funny habit of getting in the way of these hobbies: kids, work, bills, or even a beautiful Spring Day, which more than half the country experienced on Thursday that clearly supersedes some 30-minute research into the NASCAR Rule Book.