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Happy Holidays From Frontstretch!

To all our devoted fans, As we prepare to put the 2008 racing season behind us, it’s time to thank you once more for your readership, your support, and most of all – your passion. In good times and bad, I believe a NASCAR fan’s dedication is unmatched in American sports. You’re never afraid to …

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Thank You Frontstretch Fans!

Dear Frontstretch readers,

After nine months and over 40 weeks of racing in NASCAR’s top three series, the season has come to a close once again. It’s been a tough year for the sport, with sagging attendance, sponsorship, and TV Ratings causing us all to question the series’ future direction at some point. But while the fans may not be hitting the race track or turning on the television to watch the main event, even the most jaded of fans has proven more than ever that you’re still interested in the various happenings surrounding this sport.

Why in the world would I say that? Because our site has hit record growth this year in the face of all this negative news.

A NASCAR Fan With a True Passion: Mourning the Loss of Bob “The Ford Guy” Whitehead

This story is about NASCAR’s heart and soul. In a world where prima-donna drivers and corporate sponsorships can sometimes reign supreme, we often forget there’s still one thing, one group still responsible for the sport’s unprecedented growth. Behind the fences lie millions upon millions of fans with unsolicited, passionate love for racecars. No question, NASCAR …

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And We Have A Winner….

Congratulations to Bill Gilmore of Raleigh, N.C. – the winner in our “Back in the Day with Dale Earnhardt, Jr.” DVD contest! Bill was the only person to correctly answer all 10 trivia questions.

Thanks to all the readers who participated in the contest!