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NASCAR’s Same Old Chase Song Is Over?

Folks, this is it; the home stretch. In just four weeks we’ll be leaving a plethora of what-if’s and could-be’s behind as the regular Sprint Cup season comes to an end and we embark upon the grand, mysterious, and often problematic Chase to the Cup. On the upside, we have three races left that are …

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No Matter Who Wins the Cup, NASCAR is Going to Lose

Well, you can’t please everyone. After all the excitement at Martinsville, you’d think that the Texas shootout might have ended up being a little more predictable. But, no. The NASCAR gods are not quite done messing with the fans this year. They seem bound and determined that a goodly section of the grandstand will be …

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Fan’s View: What Will Gordon Nation Do Now? A NASCAR Apocalypse

2015 Texas II CUP Jeff Gordon final rodeo CIA

(Photo: CIA Stock Photo, Inc. ©2015)

“What will you do when Jeff Gordon retires?” The question has been bandied around this year, mostly asked by those who are not die-hard Gordon fans. What will we do? It’s like there’s supposed to be a national crisis when the man we have cheered for since 1993 will no longer compete on a weekly …

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The More NASCAR Changes, the More Things Stay the Same

After parking his mangled No. 19 ARRIS Toyota behind the wall Saturday night, Carl Edwards shared a stunning new fact with the viewing public. “Brad’s still not gonna lift and let me in.” <big empty silence> Really? This is news? Perhaps this myopic view of his fellow NASCAR drivers’ intentions explains a bit of why …

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Sometimes Racing Can be too Good

The day dawned bright and clear. The fans filed into the track via Daytona’s new “injectors.” Jeff Gordon and Darrell Waltrip yakked up a storm. Mikey appeared for a short time before the green flag to play the goofy younger brother that he does so well. The pre-show went off like clockwork—on-track concert, anthem, driver …

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Superspeedway or Junkyard? Your Call

“The World’s Fastest Junkyard”   FOX’s Mike Joy may have coined the next great nickname for a track on the Sprint Cup track.  It’s a shame that Talladega won’t be able to use it in their promotional material.  Who wants to sell their multi-million dollar venue as a place where cars go to die?  Yes, …

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Jacking Around the Rules Book in NASCAR

Every once in a while, it seems that the head office of NASCAR gets a little something stuck in their craw, and they decide to make a federal case out of a particular violation of the ever changing rules book.  This past week, they suspended three crew chiefs in the Sprint Cup Series.  Brian Pattie …

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Some Safe Tailgating Tips for Your Next NASCAR Race

While the Sprint Cup Series was sorting out the new configuration and pavement of Kentucky Speedway on Saturday evening, the fans were momentarily distracted by a truck bursting into flames in one of the track parking lots.  While initial conjecture had the fire starting in the BBQ that was tied to the pickup bed, track …

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