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Landon Cassill Driver Diary: Danica, Voting and Top 20s

For those who wonder, Danica and I haven’t talked really. We’ve just kind of moved on. Now looking back two or three weeks ago, my side of the story is just that we were racing hard and it was a pure product of stock car racing where we both disagreed on how the other person was racing. That’s part of the sport. At the end of the day, there were torn up racecars, and that’s not good because we weren’t racing for the win or top 10s. We don’t need to be doing that. I think she knows that and I know that. I don’t’ think there’s any issue with us. I mean, we haven’t talked. It’s just a matter of racing. I think we’ll race each other clean and competitively from here on out.

Landon Cassill Driver Diary: Move Over Flags and Twitter Trades

Executing all of our goals as a team, like pit stops or getting through practice without mistakes, or race strategy, or anything that I do in the racecar, it’s kind of just a matter of putting it all together all at once. We need to be able to do that. If we can do that every week, I think that’s where I can run top 25.

In response to the recent issues with lapped traffic, I don’t really think that comparing lapped traffic in Nationwide to lapped traffic in Cup to be apples to apples. I think there’s a vast difference of professional drivers that are in the Cup Series that could drive circles around those drivers in the Nationwide Series that are lapped cars. There’s definitely a huge difference between the guys that are running 30th in Cup and the guys that are running 30th in Nationwide. To me, you’re curious to see what someone like Harvick says about that.