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Voices From the Heartland: The Writing on the Wall at Nashville… & the Art of Writing Pure BS

“We’re moving forward like normal,” Camp said, when I asked him to address many fans’ fears of the speedway closing down. “We’re planning for events in 2012 and trying to do anything we can to get butts in the seats and get more fans to come and see races here at Nashville Superspeedway. We are not alone in this softness in attendance, it has affected all NASCAR tracks, so we are just working hard to get people out here and are optimistic that 2012 will be an improvement on 2011 and we’ll get this ship turned around and headed in the right direction.”

Liar! OK, maybe that is a little harsh. I ‘spose they are planning for _some kind_ of events at Nashville, but Camp damn sure knew it wasn’t going to be NASCAR, as yesterday’s announcement of (essentially) Nashville’s closing clearly demonstrates.