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2008 Season Preview: Which NASCAR Driver’s on the Hot Seat This Year?

As always, 2008 will be a year when several NASCAR driver contracts are on the verge of expiring. So, which driver starts the season on the hottest seat?

2008 Season Preview: Is There Another Juan Pablo Montoya in This Year’s Rookie Class?

After the success of Juan Pablo Montoya last season, the floodgates opened for a number of open-wheel stars to transition into the NASCAR ranks.

2008 Season Preview: Will Toyota Become a Sophomore Sensation With Gibbs… Or Enter a Sophomore Slump?

Today’s Season Preview Topic: Toyota made a major effort to upgrade their teams in the offseason, making a blockbuster deal with Joe Gibbs Racing.

Voices From the Heartland: Is Brian France Stupid or Does He Not Understand the Word Contract?

con•tract – kuh n-trakt – verb to become drawn together or reduced in compass; become smaller; shrink In February, NASCAR CEO Brian France, on the subject of lower television ratings, said: “My view on television ratings, I mean, we look at them a little bit longer cycle or window than maybe you would think we …

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Voices From the Heartland: Time to Put the * in the NASCAR Record Books

One thing that really, really irks me – as well as many NASCAR fans – is the use of the term “Nextel Cup champion.” It is commonly said that Richard Petty and the late Dale Earnhardt are each seven-time Nextel Cup champions. Jeff Gordon is also known to be a four-time Nextel Cup champion, singled …

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Voices from the Heartland: Sunoco Misses Yet Another Advertising Bonanza

Remember way back in February when Kevin Harvick was firmly ranked first in the Chase after winning the Daytona 500? Remember all the hoopla by racing pundits everywhere about how Kevin had the Chase all but sewn up? Me neither! What I do remember, though, is all the whining by Sunoco, The Official Fuel Supplier …

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