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Top 10 Punishments NASCAR Considered for Matt Crafton After the Race at Gateway

10. Giving him the “Black Flag” treatment. A whole can of it. 9. A good talking to. 8. An all-expense paid hunting trip led by Todd Bodine and Ron Hornaday. 7. An all-day indoctrination covering the entire NASCAR rulebook, but no one could find one. 6. A written apology to Hornaday and Bodine. 5. Truck …

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Mirror Driving: Matt Crafton’s Penalty, Kyle & Kurt’s Big Problems & Johnson Playing Dumb?

Matt Crafton was penalized at Gateway Saturday and sent to the back of the longest line for two incidents where he made contact with the truck in front of him.

Top 10 Things That Will Happen if Kyle Busch Doesn’t Make the Chase

10. The Chase will start with the 12 most deserving drivers in it. 9. An anonymous call will be received by the North Mecklenburg County Crime Stoppers (at 704-896-7867), claiming Denny Hamlin’s stolen Lexus is actually in Brian Vickers‘s garage. 8. Some poor schmuck from Frontstretch will be goaded by the rest of the media …

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Mirror Driving: Atlanta’s Fan Frenzy, Picking the Chasers & Morgan Shepherd’s Swan Song?

Swapping Atlanta Motor Speedway’s date to Labor Day weekend certainly improved attendance at AMS. But did the quality of racing match the fans’ enthusiasm?

Voices From the Heartland: Looking Back at How Fun NASCAR Was Not That Long Ago – Part 2

As I continue this little stroll down memory lane, I want to take a moment to comment on some of the comments from yesterday. A couple of readers, who called themselves Todd and Mike, so I will too, said the REAL FUN in NASCAR was back in the days of yore when the likes of …

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Voices From the Heartland: Looking Back at How Fun NASCAR Was Not That Long Ago – Part 1

Remember when NASCAR used to be fun? After doing this here writing gig for Frontstretch almost six years, I sometimes lose sight of the fact on just how much fun it was, say, five years ago. Nowadays, it seems like we are all just bitchin’ about this and/or that and it really gets mundane after …

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Voices From the Heartland: No Need to Switch to Fuel Injection

Lately there has been a lot of talk about switching to a fuel injection system versus a carburetor in NASCAR. The question I have is; why? Why do we have to mess with one more ‘tradition’ of this great sport? Advocates of fuel injection cite numerous reasons such as better fuel mileage, better performance, “everyone …

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Mirror Driving: Fuel-Injection Firestorm, Tackling Team Orders & Why Bash Bristol?

Saturday’s race at Bristol featured green-flag passing as well as several on-track run-ins, although many fans still said afterward that the race was boring.

Voices From the Heartland: Turn Your Head & CotH?

Wow, who’d have thunk it? First we were given the “Car of Tomorrow,” but now we have the “Car of the Heartland?!” For those wondering, the Car of the Heartland is the head-scratching brainchild of Furniture Row Racing and Farm Bureau. Furniture Row Racing, which ran full Cup schedules in ‘06, ‘07 and ’08 but …

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