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I’m Just Sayin’… NASCAR Stuff We Can’t Make Up

Instead of her usual weekly racing review, Senior Staff Writer Becca Gladden has scoured the NASCAR front to bring you the week’s curious, offbeat, and just plain wacky news from the intriguing world of big-time stock car racing. Trust us, these stories are all true – we just couldn’t make this stuff up! Racing on …

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I’m Just Sayin’… Ricky Rudd Needs to Run Martinsville Once More

I still remember the scene. There Ricky Rudd was, so exhausted he could barely stand following an unforgiving Sunday afternoon. 500 laps at Martinsville had brought one of NASCAR’s legends to his knees. Good thing he won. The day was Sept. 27, 1998, and Rudd had just put a silver lining on a dismal season …

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