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Holding A Pretty Wheel

“My Health Is My Business” … But Is It?


“My health is my business.” Denny Hamlin could not have been clearer. Hamlin addressed the media Friday in Martinsville, giving a thorough explanation of the eye problem that kept him out of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race last weekend in Fontana. But the driver, who missed the event due …

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30 Years and Counting: A Look at Rick Hendrick’s NASCAR Contributions


On April 29, 1984, at Martinsville Speedway, Geoff Bodine took his No. 5 City Chevrolet to victory lane for a single-car program known as All-Star Racing. That organization is now known as Hendrick Motorsports, and owner Rick Hendrick will be celebrating that team’s 30th anniversary this weekend at the place …

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Hiring a Driver Isn’t Just About Talent Anymore

Tmmy Hill’s incident at Bristol, in which he slammed into the rear of Matt Kenseth’s car, raised questions about the experience of drivers in NASCAR’s top series.

Admit it, you’ve done it: you’ve scratched your head in bewilderment at a team’s choice of driver. After all, there were several available to choose from, and they went with… that guy? Don’t they want to put the talented veteran, up-and-coming young gun, or solid journeyman who doesn’t tear up equipment in …

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Can NASCAR Carry Daytona Momentum Forward? Yes, If It’s Done Right

2014 Daytona Unlimited CUP pack racing IV CIA 430

Welcome to the real NASCAR Sprint Cup Season. It’s been said that the year starts in earnest at Phoenix, after the pomp and circumstance of the Daytona 500 is in the rear-view mirror and teams can get down to the type of racing they’ll do for most of the season, …

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A Surprise in Victory Lane? That’s Exactly What the Sport Needs

David Ragan took one for the little guys with a win last year in Talladega. (Credit: CIA)

JOIN OUR FANTASY RACING LEAGUE!! The Frontstretch has a big league on Yahoo!, once again and we’d like you to be a part of it. Come compete with your favorite racing experts by clicking here and signing up. Our Group ID is 10532 and the password is stenica… so don’t …

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One For the Ages: Looking Back At Darlington’s Most Epic Battle

Were you watching on that March Sunday as racing history was made? Were you on the edge of your seat? Did you think one or both of the drivers wouldn't make it to the finish as neither one backed down an inch? Who were you rooting for to pull out the win: the brash youngster who already had the reputation of being hotheaded and aggressive but could drive a car almost beyond the ragged edge, or the beleaguered veteran who never quite seemed to live up to his potential? Were you holding your breath as they made the final lap?

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A Glimmer Of Hope For Small Teams, Sponsors

For some of NASCAR's small teams, finding funding to race has been a huge challenge.

Sponsorship woes: it seems like they’re everywhere in NASCAR these days, and the reality is that they are. Even some of the sport’s biggest names, including a perennial Most Popular Driver and a three-time champion, have struggled to sell an entire schedule of races to backers this year, and many …

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NASCAR And Clements: When Nobody Is Right, Everyone Is Wronged

Every story has two sides. That's one of life's truths — along with the truth itself, generally lying somewhere between those two sides. Often, one side makes itself heard before the other, and opinions get formed without knowing the rebuttal. Or, speculation and empty rumors abound until both sides are heard, and then there's a judgment call about whom to side with on the issue. It's a little like a court of law: the prosecutor outlines the case and the defense gives their version of events before the jury gets to decide which one is more accurate, and to choose who's right and who's wrong.

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NASCAR’s Dark Side: The Price Of Passion

If there is one universal attribute in racing that runs through the very veins of every driver, crewman, official and fan, it is passion. Passion has always run strong in the NASCAR community, passed from one generation to the next as seamlessly as water, or sometimes unexpectedly ignited in someone new at the sound of an engine or the smell of warm oil. Passion makes good drivers better. It pushes crews to find the miniscule advantage, one that mans the difference between winning and finishing second. It makes fans support their drivers from their early days, to the height of a career, then through the fading twilight into retirement with an optimism that always serves to keep them believing. The sport fuels the passion, and in turn, the passion drives the sport. It's a part of every race, every pass, every win.

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