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@keselowski (Brad Keselowski): #MultiTasker : And he is still tweeting @keselowski pic.twitter.com/nVrAa5MDHf” @Just_AP (Ashley Parlett): Here's why I think whatever Jeremy said should NOT be released: 1) we do NOT need anyone personally offended 2) hes a good kid and the.. @Just_AP: ..loss of everything he has worked for is enough 3) every hypocritical asshole will land blast him and forget that they too.. @Just_AP: ..have made an inappropriate statement at some point. The people who patrol these things have taken action. Now focus on something else @Just_AP: And for everyone saying they have the RIGHT to know. You are wrong, sit down. #lynchmob @Just_AP: Furthermore. I don't blame NASCAR for policing such things. It sucks, its ridiculous but its their sandbox & they have sponsors to answer to @DGodfatherMoody (Dave Moody): So you're angry at the reporter, but not Clements? Interesting @DonRohr SOMEONE ratted him out vs being adult and discuss it with him @KristineC48 (Kristine Curley): I'm so glad @JimmieJohnson is enjoying mocking me & the fact that I fell UP an escalator. Me and my new bruises & broken phone- not so much @MichaelAnnett: I think I could set up a fruit stand on the side of the road with all these Edible Arrangements I've received. #chocolatedippedstrawberries @NASCARBowles (Tom Bowles): Me to @Beth_Frntstrtch 2nite: \"@MRNRadio did a Harlem Shake video? Why can't we?\" Silence. Then..\"I don't know about all that.\" Haha #NASCAR @JohnnySauter: My son just ran 50 laps around our house and then stopped and told me that he has to take a break because @Matt_Crafton put him in the wall. @StacyStenhouse: Love waking up to this precious face! http://instagr.am/p/WcEc1HKg8-/ @Mother_Function: Nice q-run for @kevinharvick today. Must have brought out his \"Big Guns\" http://twitpic.com/c7w5kp @55MarkMartin: Thanks @rchilders55 @aaronssports @toyotaracing cool starting 1st Sun. http://yfrog.com/oborttej http://yfrog.com/hswfqybbj http://yfrog.com/obc43dej @KyleBusch: What an awesome day, great 2 get @MonsterEnergy to VL. This burn out was 4 all u fans! Thanks 4 the support. pic.twitter.com/96NtlvFspK @KyleBusch: Great way to cool down after a win w ice cold @MonsterEnergy!! All jacked up for today ready to do it again!! http://twitpic.com/c8eekc @KurtBusch: Don't get in any moving vehicle w/ my mom. She was involved in a crash in the tunnel b4 the end of the race. A little banged up @SamanthaBusch: Dear @NASCAR this sandwich bag floating on the track looks VERY dangerous! Quick throw a caution, Pretty please ;) pic.twitter.com/Nz341tAxad @roushfenway (Roush Fenway Racing): A #Backflip into Victory Lane #CarlEdwards #rfrdriven http://tmblr.co/ZT-1vsfSV6eU @KurtBusch: Thx again for all the nice comments about mom. She's here at the track & in great spirits. She was touched by all the concern @landoncassill: We didn't expect to run the full race this week but we did! Car isn't too bad, when we get some sponsors to make a full effort we'll be good @DavidRagan: Well you have days like today….I wish I could have missed the wreck….. Again we will move on to Vegas. It was a good race 4 us last year @StenhouseJr: Long day fly to Texas this mornin. And jus landed back in Phoenix waitin on my chauffeur @DanicaPatrick well not waitin she's waitin on me @scottspeed: We laid it down!! Missed half of practice!! No matter.. So proud of everyone, made real good decisions on setup!! Love out q'ing huge teams @DavidStremme: I'm sorry to all the Dave Blaney fans. I had brakes issues and it was totally my fault that he got wrecked. Week was not the way we wanted @travispastrana: Never know what to expect when I walk into a nascar race… pic.twitter.com/60WKCmHKCg ‏@JimmieJohnson: What a start to the season for @LowesRacing. I'm so proud of@TeamHendrick, the hard work and endless hours of work is paying off. #6pack @Brendan62 (Brendan Gaughan): Definition of happiness: Climbing into bed w @Taterztotz and my son with the baby in the crib next to us. I missed my babies! @DeLanaHarvick: Don't go ninjin nobody that don't need ninjin! RT @KevinHarvick Stay away from this guy… He's dangerous!!! pic.twitter.com/0XvaH0Et7B @DakodaArmstrong: Well got 2 speeding tickets within 12 months so have to do a 4 hour driver defense test now #awesome #goodtime @11mommalou (Mary Lou Hamlin): Had a BEAUTIFUL drive 2day to Utah! 1st time in State.Look what's across the street of hotel! Zion Nat'l Park 2morrowpic.twitter.com/PgDOQVPkZS @David_Starr_81: Baby Vance Starr! #fb pic.twitter.com/eILfWNO1rV @kennywallace: Kenny Wallace \"Harlem Shake\" St.Louis Style! http://youtu.be/JFeqtqw1bjE \" @keselowski (Brad Keselowski): I have a strange un-diagnosed phobia that makes me want to uncontrollably cry on tax day. @J_Allgaier (Justin Allgaier): Well, I mean how else would you describe a dog? Haha. Sign @starbucks this am http://instagr.am/p/WUd46aIRQm/ @AndyLally: Martin is on the pole today, get it,,, on…the…pole… Oh, wait,,that's not funny this week? #Good #ThatGotOldQuick @ReedSorenson7: So thankful to get an opportunity to drive the 43 while @MichaelAnnett recovers. Very exciting and can't wait to get started this weekend @MichaelAnnett: Really excited for my buddy @ReedSorenson7 getting behind the wheel of my #43 car. He'll bring home the finishes we need. @Elliott_Sadler: Glad to see Reed get tabbed to fill in for Annett… He deserves this opportunity.. Good luck to him…. As well as Mike on speedy recovery @JennaFryer: Just attempted to fix the washing machine with google, YouTube and an 8 year old. #MacGruber @JennaFryer: Awaiting the results of attempt 3 to fix washing machine. We are down 3 beach towels, a roll of paper towels and borrowed the frying pan. @pkligerman (Parker Kligerman): @JennaFryer honestly. I resort to the BIG HAMMER option in situations like that. After that it won't be a question if it works or not! @JennaFryer: @pkligerman That's next. I also have a power drill and some bits. @JennaFryer: P.S. the frying pan was what the 8 year old raced to grab to collect the water because the hose was so low to the ground.

Nuts for Nationwide: Annett’s Anguish, Plus Seven Part-Timers To Watch In 2013

The crop of young talent in NASCAR’s Nationwide Series is deeper than it has been in years. After many years of Cup guys running the show, more teams are taking chances on rookie drivers to lead them on the path to victory — or, at least, some good finishes here and there.

In 2013, three of those drivers — Alex Bowman of RAB Racing, Kyle Larson of Turner Scott Motorsports and Kyle Busch Motorsports’ Parker Kligerman — lead the charge with full-time efforts and established organizations. Count on at least one, if not more of them making it to Victory Lane by season’s end. That’s how good this group is.

An Open Letter to NASCAR Teams: Part-Timers to Consider

If you’re the owner of one of those teams with little choice but to try to salvage what’s left of the 2012 season, perhaps a driver change is in order.