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Happiness Is… Family, Retro & A Breather

2015 Daytona I Cup Dale Earnhardt Jr Credit Yvonne Leonard

(Photo: Yvonne Leonard, Frontstretch)

One of the big announcements that was made this week was NASCAR’s decision to implement a different rules package for the upcoming race at Kentucky. The decision to make changes to the current aero package is warranted but the question that comes about is: are the alterations enough? As has been documented everywhere, the spoiler, …

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Happiness Is… New Hampshire, Actuality & Michigan

2014 Michigan Ii Cup Pack Racing Cia

Photo Credit: CIA Stock Photography

One of the debates that surrounds auto racing is one that continues to rage, that being how to classify it; is it a sport or just entertainment?  In NASCAR, this debate is fueled by what appear to be manipulations in the racing or things like phantom-debris cautions, green-white-checkered finishes, the lucky dog and the list goes …

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Slipstream Saturday: Monaco in the Rear View, 2015 Canadian GP Up Next

Nico Rosberg 2014 F1 Monaco Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Two weeks ago, the Monaco Grand Prix featured one of the all-time best examples of the fastest car not winning the race.  Lewis Hamilton raced out from P1 and never looked back, gapping his teammate, and essentially making the rest of the field look like they were doing something completely different, like racing big wheels. …

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Happiness Is… Meh, Fines & the Weekend

2015 Dover I Cup Jimmie Johnson Checkered Flag Cia

Photo Credit: CIA Stock Photography

Last week, this column assailed one of the many strange consequences of the Chase. More specifically, the topic addressed was how a driver can earn a playoff berth while having played so very little of a season. The rules surrounding what makes a driver eligible are certainly one of the things that need to be …

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Open-Wheel Wednesday: Checking in at Halfway

Indycar 2015 Indy Montoya On Track Fist Pump Credit Mark Reed

Photo Credit: Mark Reed

With the conclusion of the Chevrolet Duel in Detroit this past weekend, the IndyCar series has reached its season midpoint. That’s right, the season is already half over, which is both surprising and not. Consider that Formula 1 started a couple weeks prior to IndyCar and that they’re only one-third of the way into their …

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Happiness Is… Funny Stuff, Yoga & Released

2015 Charlotte I Cup Kasey Kahne Jimmie Johnson Credit Amy Henderson

Photo Credit: Amy Henderson, Frontstretch

By winning the Coca-Cola 600, Carl Edwards has now joined the Chase fray, putting him in position to tinker around for the rest of the “regular season,” continue building chemistry with new crew chief Darian Grubb and meld into the Joe Gibbs Racing organization as a whole. Congrats goes to Edwards, then for earning his first …

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Slipstream Saturday: The Jewel of the Calendar; and News

After a week off to get manicures, stylish haircuts, and have their tailors dress them in the latest haute couture, the drivers of Formula 1 are set to return this weekend. While making fun on the erudite aspect of the series is one thing, it belies the fact that the drivers and teams are just …

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Happiness Is… Hall of Fame, You Want It, Indy & Monaco

2015 Las Vegas Cup Jeff Gordon Credit Nascar Via Getty Images

(Photo: NASCAR via Getty Images)

In 2010, the NASCAR Hall of Fame announced its inaugural class to much fanfare. With names like Richard Petty (a foregone conclusion), both Bill France Sr. and Jr., Junior Johnson (no surprise) and Dale Earnhardt (duh) the group that was selected surprised no one. It does not mean that the selectors got things wrong; far …

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Open-Wheel Wednesday: Roundtable Discussion of the Goings-On at Indy

2015ims13442 3 4

Photo Credit: Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Matt Stallknecht: Can I just say how excited I am to be going to Indy this weekend?! Huston Ladner: I hope you’re going as a paramedic, looks like you might have work. Toni Montgomery: I’d be excited though, too. Aaron Bearden: I’m happy for you! If things don’t get worked out, the race could be tragic, though. It’s been …

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Happiness Is… Rules, Bewilderment & the Next Big Hotness

2015 Atlanta Cup Kyle Larson Vertical Credit Nascar Via Getty Images

(Credit: Getty Images)

Hip hip hooray, the Sprint All-Star Race is here. Forgive Happiness Is for starting this week’s column in a rather negative way, but seriously, the All-Star Race. This race may once have been interesting but now looks like another example of NASCAR’s desire to milk the fans for everything they’re worth (hello, two-day format) while …

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Slipstream Saturday: 2015 Gran Premio de España

fernando alonso (credit: McLaren)

(Photo Credit: McLaren)

Formula 1 returns this weekend after taking an early season mini-break. The two weekends without racing allowed most teams to make changes to their current car, be it a slight tweak, or in the case of McLaren, a more major overhaul. The one team that probably needed nothing but slight adjustments is Mercedes, who might …

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IndyCar Preview: 2015 Angie’s List Grand Prix of Indianapolis

Pippa Mann Pink Indy 500

(Photo: Pippa Mann)

The series returns to race at its most storied home, but this weekend it races on the other circuit for just the second time.  The race was meant to add to the fun of the month of May at Indianapolis and it looks like it does just that. The one question that might arise is …

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