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Slipstream Saturday: Questions Surround the British Grand Prix

La Formula 1 Se Viste De Gala Por Las Calles De Londres F1 Live London 201737722 1

Mark Webber of Australia and Red Bull Racing drives and completes a pit stop at the Houses of Parliament on July 2, 2010 in London, England.

The British Racing Drivers Club announced this past week that they are exercising the opt-out clause in the contract they hold with Formula 1 to host the British Grand Prix.  The BRDC, better regarded as the owners of the Silverstone circuit, have cited that they cannot continue in their relationship with F1 as they continue …

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Slipstream Saturday: Sebastian Vettel Away Clean & More Ahead of the Austrian GP

Para Sebastian Vettel Nao Ha Duvida A Pista De Sochi Favorece A Mercedes

(Photo: Getty Images)

When the cars last took to the track in Formula 1, they raced on the streets of Baku, Azerbaijan.  The race turned out to be, thus far, the most entertaining of the year.  Mind you, that does not mean that it was the best or most competitive race, but certainly the most entertaining.  Aside from …

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Happiness Is: The NASCAR World We Live In

2017 Nascar Monster Energy Cup Series, Daytona

(Photo: Nigel Kinrade /NKP)

This past Saturday night featured the annual summer return to Daytona for the 400 mile event.  This Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series (oh yes, it never stops being fun to type out the full title for the Cup series, as goofy as it is) race, was an interesting collage of strategy, fast cars, driving acumen, …

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Slipstream Saturday: Kaltenborn’s Departure & More Ahead of the Azerbaijan GP

Monisha Kaltenborn Sauber

Monisha Kaltenborn, former head of Sauber (photo: Getty Images)

The first female team boss in F1 split with her organization this week in what came as a surprising move.  Monisha Kaltenborn began her involvement with F1 beginning around 2000 when the company for which she worked, the Fritz Kaiser Group, joined the sport backing the then BMW team.  As principal players in the structure …

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Happiness Is: Stage Racing At Its Finest

2017 Pocono Cup Zach Catanzareti Kyle Busch

(Photo: Zach Catanzareti)

This past weekend was chock-full o’ racing, with NASCAR hosting three events, IndyCar in action accompanying the Trucks in Texas and Formula 1 making its annual appearance in Canada.  That meant there should have been something for everyone.  And if not, well what are you doing hanging around a motorsport site? Each race had its …

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Slipstream Saturday: Spreading the Wealth & Rumors Ahead of the Canadian GP

F1 Williams Felipe Massa 2017

Felipe Massa has driven well for the Williams team in 2017 (photo: Getty Images)

When we last joined the Formula 1 daredevils, they were speeding through the streets of Monaco.  The commonwealth, a veritable playground for the rich and famous, seems to match with the sport like no other environment does.  At the same time, racing the Monaco GP also represents the elements of class that are representative of …

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Happiness Is: Criticism, Arguments & Mettle

2017 Dover I Cup Jimmie Johnson Happy Logan Whitton Nkp

(Photo: Logan Whitton/NKP)

This past weekend at Dover International Speedway was a crash course in, well, crashing.  Sheet metal suppliers must have been in love with the races, if that’s what you want to call them, because for much of each event they resembled demolition derbies rather than examples of racing par excellence.   Blame it on whatever …

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Happiness Is…: Moving On from the Best Day in Motorsport

Austin Dillon Crew Celebration Charlotte Cup 2017 Yvonne Leonard

(Photo: Yvonne Leonard)

This past Sunday marked a wonderful day in motorsport with Formula 1, IndyCar, and NASCAR all putting on varied shows.  In many ways, the culmination of all three races and 1200+ miles of racing showed that everything can happen, from the seemingly mundane to the incredibly fortunate.  The race leading the day turned out to …

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Slipstream Saturday: Kissing the Walls at the Monaco GP

An overhead shot of the Monaco Grand Prix in 2017. (Photo: Getty Images)

(Photo: Getty Images)

This weekend is the annual return to Monaco for Formula 1.  In some ways, the race is a bit of a stay-at-home affair, as many of the drivers and team principals have residences in the area.  In fact, when Nico Rosberg finished the race last year, he reportedly walked home after his disappointing finish.  He …

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