2017 Frontstretch Cup: Go Bowling 400 Predictions

2016 Kansas Ii Cup Matt Kenseth Kyle Busch Racing Russell Labounty Nkp

(Photo: Russell LaBounty / NKP)

Welcome to our 10th year of our NASCAR Frontstretch Cup staff predictions! Each week, our experts attempt to tell you who the winner of each Cup race will be. Take a look to see who your favorite writers think will win it all (or at least score some points) this week! Think you can out-prognosticate …

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The Frontstretch Five: 2017 NASCAR Season Musings 10 Races In

2017 Fontana Nxs Pack Racing Nigel Kinrade Nkp

(Photo: Nigel Kinrade / NKP)

I have just one question this week: how the heck is the 2017 NASCAR season almost a third over already?  2017 is flying by… maybe a little too fast! Complain though I might, I never want race season to end. 10 races in, there’s a lot to think about.  Some of it’s serious, a lot …

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The Underdog House: Small Teams Impress at Talladega

2017 Talladega I Cup Cole Whitt Car John K Harrrelson Nkp

(Photo: John K. Harrelson/NKP)

Think Small This past weekend’s action at Talladega illustrated again what can happen when the racing is more in the hands of the drivers. There were several different names at the top eager to display their talent.  Aric Almirola nearly pulled off the weekend double, and David Ragan overcame crash damage to finish in the …

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The Underdog House: Changes in the NASCAR Ranks

2017 Richmond I Cup Michael Mcdowell Pack Racing Russell Labounty Nkp

(Photo: Russell LaBounty/NKP)

Think Small The 2017 season is at the quarter mark after nine races, and some trends are taking shape.  Wood Brothers Racing has established itself at the top of the class, which was to be expected after the team increased its alliance with Team Penske this year. Even within the group, the haves and have …

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The Underdog House: The Great Equalizer

2017 Bristol I Cup Jeffrey Earnhardt Car Matthew T Thacker Nkp

(Photo: Matthew T. Thacker/NKP)

Think Small Short tracks are popular with race fans because there is almost always some action somewhere in the field.  Cars are close together, tempers flare and drivers are aggressive.  Another reason to enjoy this type of racing is that short tracks (Bristol and Martinsville more so than Richmond) usually level out the playing field …

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The Frontstretch 5: Reasons to Thank Dale Earnhardt Jr. for a Career Well Spent

2017 Atlanta Cup Dale Earnhardt Jr Nigel Kinrade Nkp

(Photo: Nigel Kinrade/NKP)

1. He goes out on his own terms You’d expect nothing less, but Dale Earnhardt Jr. was the person who ultimately made the call about when to step aside.  He could have done it six months ago, and some will argue that maybe he should have, but that wouldn’t really have been his decision. It …

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Friday Faceoff: Which Rookie Is Top of the Class?

2017 Phoenix I Cup Erik Jones Jimmie Johnson Racing Matthew T Thacker Nkp

(Photo: Matthew T. Thacker / NKP)

In the days leading up to Matt Kenseth’s announcement of a six-race sponsorship deal with Circle K Wednesday, some speculated that the announcement would concern the driver’s imminent retirement. He may not be stepping aside any time soon, but realistically, how much time does Kenseth have? Matteo Marcheschi: Matt Kenseth doesn’t have long. While he has earned …

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The Underdog House: Progress Reports for NASCAR’s Small Teams

2017 Phoenix I Cup Ryan Blaney Pack Racing Russell Labounty Nkp

(Photo: Russell Labounty/NKP)

Think Small We’re seven weeks into the 2017 season, enough time to start seeing some trends.  Since there was no Cup race this weekend, we’ll use this week to take stock of our smaller teams and who’s headed in the right direction. If you’re not sure who’s on our small team list and why, please …

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Holding a Pretty Wheel: Room to Move

Goodyear Tires ready for NASCAR action. Photo: NKP

(Photo: Russell LaBounty/NKP)

As elusive as the printed form is, NASCAR has rules.  Sports in general have policies covering everything from how the game is played to how players dress for competition.  The rules put the competition on equal ground, at least to start. There are good teams and those who don’t perform as well, but they’re playing …

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Friday Faceoff: Who’s Hall of Fame Worthy?

2017 Nascar Hall Of Fame Induction Zach Catanzareti

(Photo: Zach Catanzareti)

For the first time, Goodyear will bring two different tires to the All-Star Race weekend, and teams can choose between two compounds: a  harder, more durable tire that will allow them to start with better track position, or a softer, faster tire which they would start behind those choosing the harder tire. What will this …

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The Frontstretch 5: Things to Like About NASCAR 2017

2017 Texas I Cup Kyle Larson Racing Matthew T Thacker Nkp

(Photo: Matthew T Thacker / NKP)

2017 is already seven races old, and so far we’ve been treated to six different winners and some new faces. And the drivers at the top aren’t the only thing that sets 2017 apart from the last few seasons. And there’s a lot to like. There are some concepts fans aren’t sold on and we’ll …

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The Underdog House: NASCAR’s Best-Kept Secret

2017 Texas I Cup Cole Whitt Matt Dibenedetto Racing Logan Whitton Nkp

(Photo: Logan Whitton/NKP)

Think Small It feels like NASCAR’s small teams get a bad rap right from the start from some fans and even media.  Too often, they’re lumped into a “backmarkers” category, often mocked for their poor performance compared to rivals.  To hear some people talk, you’d think they went out every week and ran in the 20’s …

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