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Stock Car Scoop: Was Joey Logano’s Move on William Byron at Darlington Justified?

In a special Darlington on-the-road edition of Stock Car Scoop, on-site reporters Adam Cheek and Michael Massie are joined by former Frontstretch writer and editor Dustin Albino to recap all the action from the NASCAR Cup Series’ throwback Goodyear 400 at Darlington Raceway.

As they rocket down the interstate, the trio discuss whether Joey Logano‘s move on William Byron was justified, how the Next Gen car took to the “Lady in Black” and more.

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About the author

Adam Cheek joined Frontstretch as a contributing writer in January 2019. A 2020 graduate of VCU, he works as a producer and talent for Audacy Richmond's radio stations. In addition to motorsports journalism, Adam also covered and broadcasted numerous VCU athletics for the campus newspaper and radio station during his four years there. He's been a racing fan since the age of three, inheriting the passion from his grandfather, who raced in amateur events up and down the East Coast in the 1950s.

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Bill Knight

Logan’s move should be a penalty and he goes to the end of the line!

not racing anymore

I agree but would park him 2 laps. Bet he would stop the nonsense than

Last edited 2 years ago by not racing anymore



It is called racing not ballet, Logano’s move was a good one.


The 22 was faster and had all the room he needed to pass clean or nudge the 24 up the track. But in typical Logano fashion, rather than show some skill he rails the 24 and ruins his race. The 24 did not deserve that but i bet the 22 will get what he deserves in the near future. It was a sh*t move.


Racing is where you try to pass the car in front of you. Slamming straight into the car in front of you is not racing. Period.


Suppose Big E was in the 22, that move would not have been questioned. I think the kid crying about getting bumped by a faster car was not a good look. 6th grade name calling is not cool for the image you know.

Bill B

Are you kidding me? 50% of the fans loved Earnardt, 50% hated him. Had he made that move half the fans would have been booing him and questioning the move (which pretty much is what happened when Logano pulled into victory lane yesterday- 50% cheers, 50% boos).

Last edited 2 years ago by Bill B

no, there’s a difference between a bump and run and driving through the car.


Good point Mr. B. 🙂


Looks like Logano needs another lesson, Matt Kenseth style…and there are four Chevy’s ready to give it to him. Keep wrecking that mf’er every week until he gets the message. I’m serious

Kevin L

‘Bump and Run’ means lightly touching or tapping an opponent.
Not slamming it in the rear quarter as you are managing a turn.

The ignorant media needs to learn the difference between a “bump” and a blatant hard hit meant to dump the 24 car; which it did. Not only a deliberately hard hit – but done going into a turn which is an automatic spin or wall crash for the receiver!

NASCAR lowered their bar of integrity in this case. Not sure how much lower NASCAR can go… allowing CRASH-TO-WIN finishes, losing sponsors, losing attendance numbers, etc., etc.

not racing anymore

They really need to put a stop to this sort of “racing” Automatically park them for 2 laps, no appeals allowed. WWE has enough fans now they are encouraging WWE racing. Bill France would have made that a point when all these too young kids came to Nascar. No wonder so many empty seats the last couple of years, no matter what TV commentators say. You can only paint so many seats to look like people.

Last edited 2 years ago by not racing anymore

I think before he calls someone out, he should probably grow up a little himself. Joey did what he had to for the win. Does ANYONE else thing Byron wouldn’t have done the same thing to him or anyone else? If you wanna play with the big boys, you better figure it out real quick or you’re gonna get you’re feelings hurt time and time again!


Come on Paul…he was much faster and could have easily passed clean. Even a nudge to move him…he deliberately wrecked him and then blamed the 24. Logano is a punk….always has been. Lets see how he feels when payback comes his way.

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