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How to Guarantee Profits From Arbitrage Betting

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Have a few minutes to spare? You may want to consider arbitrage betting for all types of sports, from NASCAR to Formula 1 to tennis. It’s quite a common form of betting, but one that requires a little time to arrange and organize. Essentially, you’re taking advantage of the differences in odds between various bookmakers to ensure some profit is coming back to you regardless of the result of the sporting event.

What is Arbitrage Betting?

It’s a bit like playing a fast one on the system to some extent. You bet on different outcomes of a sporting event at odds that ensure you make a profit. In other words, whatever the result, you will make a profit. This type of betting benefits everybody and is also a form of trading.

This is a very popular betting system, but you may not have seen it too often. It is usually known as arbs or Surebets. Anyways, arbitrage betting is the best way to take advantage of the odds offered by bookies because if you do it right, there is a guaranteed return of profit for you. Doing this on something like a tennis match would earn you the same profit from the underdog winning as you would from the favorite. This is because you are creating a balanced book by hedging your bets.

I think it’s strange to not profit from an underdog’s success, but it shouldn’t bother you because the stakes are all covered so there is no loss. The majority of your Arbitrage betting will be on events that have two outcomes, or sports where draws don’t always happen. One can do this on sports with three outcomes, such as a football match where there must be a home win, a draw, and an away win. Extra work and calculations are required, but it is possible.

Did we say calculations? Yes, because this is a betting system where finding the right odds and working with the numbers is required for it to work.

How does Arbitrage Betting work?

Arbitrage betting will not work on a single bookmaker. The numbers need to be taken from different bookmakers to be correct. Nowadays, online bookmakers have to compete against each other, so there can be differences in odds, or the bookmaker may get the odds slightly off. While others wait for who will post odds first, some bookmakers adjust their odds after they do.

In either case, you should consider playing different bookmakers against each other. Since odds are different when a market opens then when they are closer to the event, you are more likely to find Arbitrage opportunities when markets open.

How to calculate Arbitrage Betting

Is it possible to guarantee a profit from sports betting? If you are willing to put in the work, the answer is yes. Arbitrage betting is a method of betting where you compare odds from different bookmakers for the same event. Taking this approach allows you to guarantee a profit regardless of how the event turns out.

The odds are based on research and finding the correct ones for a specific event, like a snooker match. The goal is to find two bookmakers who are offering the highest odds possible on two outcomes of the match. This isn’t at the same bookmaker, as you want one bookmaker to offer the highest price on Player A and the other to offer the highest price on Player B.

Looking at one bookie wouldn’t allow you to do that because their margins will be built into the odds, so there will be no Arbitrage scenarios. By exploiting discrepancies in odds on the same event offered by different bookmakers, you seek to profit. You can see more on Novibet Sports.


Arbitrage betting offers a lot to the punter, but it requires effort from the punter. There are Arbitrage Calculators that you can use to weigh your betting options. To make this work, you will need accounts at different bookmakers as well as creating some free time.

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