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Did You Notice?: NASCAR Fans Claiming a Race Was Fixed for Bubba Wallace?

Did You Notice? … The reactions in the wake of Bubba Wallace‘s first ever NASCAR Cup Series win at Talladega Superspeedway?

It’s the first time since December 1963 a Black driver has visited victory lane, 10 months into Wallace’s first season running with the most famous minority owner in NASCAR history, Michael Jordan. That’s a landmark moment for a sport looking to be more representative of the country as a whole.

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It’s also invited its share of detractors. As an example of what Wallace deals with on a daily basis, not every race fan feels so warm and fuzzy about what others consider a dramatic achievement. A rain-shortened win (71 laps) combined with the timing of when NASCAR stopped the race left some crying foul, continuing the polarization surrounding Wallace since the infamous June 2020 noose incident at Talladega.

More of these comments can be found here and here (fair warning: not all of them are G-rated) in places that would celebrate the first-time achievement of just about any other driver. Call me crazy, but Justin Haley‘s rain-shortened win with Spire Motorsports at Daytona International Speedway two years ago didn’t quite generate the same amount of backlash.

There’s a simple reason for it: Fans feel Wallace was gifted opportunities as a minority, in much the same way Danica Patrick ran at the Cup level for years despite underwhelming results.

So let’s take a minute to examine why Wallace is here and whether this race could have been fixed. Wallace, in the midst of celebrating his win, was asked what the victory meant for the sport’s Drive For Diversity program, designed to provide opportunities for him, Kyle Larson and other minority drivers since its inception 17 years ago.

“The diversity program is continuing to shine,” Wallace said. “I still continue to say without that deal back in 2010, 2011, I don’t know if I would be here. I don’t know if I would be in the top three levels of our sport without that deal.”

It’s an advantage the sport felt necessary in the wake of decades without the type of diversity you see in other stick-and-ball sports throughout the nation. Yet even with its existence, after several dozen drivers have gone through the program, Wallace remains the only full-time Black driver in any of the sport’s top three series. Only three drivers in the history of the program: Wallace, Daniel Suarez and Larson, have risen to make a Cup start. One could argue, rather effectively, than even a de facto assist isn’t fully balancing out the disadvantage.

Defying those odds, Wallace has come the furthest of any Black person who went through the program. He spent three-plus years running Cup for Richard Petty Motorsports, a single-car team with a legendary figurehead (Petty) but without the resources to compete for a playoff spot. Erik Jones, who replaced Wallace at the team this season, has an average finish marginally better (20.0 to 21.1) and sits without a top-five finish 31 races in (Wallace had one in 2020). It’s hard to say, based on those results, Wallace was dragging the team down considering Jones is a former NASCAR playoff driver for Joe Gibbs and a Southern 500 winner.

Meanwhile, when Jordan and Hamlin recruited Wallace for 23XI Racing, it was in part due to the driver developing a knack for superspeedway racing during his three-plus years of running the Cup Series. Entering Talladega, he’d earned three top-five finishes in 16 previous pack racing starts, including a runner-up finish in the 2018 Daytona 500.

“Just look at the results, right?” co-owner Denny Hamlin said when asked about the driver’s past performance at this track type. “A lot of times he got into incidents, but a lot of times he was up front when he got into them. He’s just got a knack for it.”

Wallace has utilized that skill set in a year where 23XI Racing remains a step behind, as building their Cup program up to match the multi-car giants of Team Penske, Hendrick Motorsports and Joe Gibbs Racing takes time. He emerged as a 2021 Daytona 500 contender, sitting inside the top five and leading a lap until a tire problem led to an unscheduled green flag stop.

The next pack race, at Talladega in April, Wallace led 16 laps despite Joey Logano’s No. 22 Ford landing on his hood during an early wreck. But some struggles in working with Toyota teammates left Wallace out of position down the stretch, winding up 19th.

Daytona’s race in August was much better, with Wallace leading eight laps and finishing second when a last-lap wreck provided an opening to move up. Then came this race, where the No. 23 Toyota started 19th and emerged as a contender as the day went on. He led the last five laps of the race, working his way up front moments before a multi-car wreck caused a caution flag.

Moments later, a downpour forced the cars down pit road. Mother Nature took care of the rest.

“He made some big changes from Daytona 1 and Talladega 1 to Daytona 2,” co-owner Hamlin said of Wallace’s race strategy. “I mentioned to him this week, I was like, ‘That’s the right way to do it. That’s how you maintain your track position up front. That’s how you work the lanes.'”

Hamlin also had a front row seat on track to this one in a unique position, both as a driver and an owner. The maturation of Wallace seems clear, developing from an inconsistent threat to someone capable of winning at Daytona or Talladega.

You also look at the overall body of work elsewhere, and it’s clear 23XI focused on this track type as their best opportunity in year one. Wallace, still developing himself, used these places to maximize his talent and get in position up front, knowing he wouldn’t have the speed to at, say, intermediate tracks. It’s the same philosophy other drivers running with teams a step behind (see: Michael McDowell, Daytona 500) have utilized to great success.

Now, for the race to have been fixed, NASCAR would have also had to predict the rain before it actually happened. That’s difficult considering the forecast changed dramatically over the course of less than 24 hours.

Here’s a look at what Monday’s forecast appeared as when the race had been called.

Now, let’s take a look at that same forecast the morning of Monday’s rain-delayed event.

There was a less than 20% chance of rain until 5 p.m. CT, leaving the racetrack in position to finish the full 500 miles without a problem (a race typically runs about three hours at ‘Dega). You could have said it was a mistake to run the race Monday as it was being called on Sunday; you could have applauded them for it at 10 a.m. Monday morning. The lesson here is it’s simply impossible to control Mother Nature.

NASCAR also can’t control other drivers randomly hitting each other inside a 40-car draft, causing the Big Ones pack racing is known for. Rain moves a couple of miles in any direction, and the race could have been called following an earlier wreck on lap 99 involving Alex Bowman, Tyler Reddick and many others (that Wallace narrowly missed). Ricky Stenhouse Jr. was in front at the time.

Still, for those on the conspiracy train, these words will go in one ear and out the other. It’s disappointing a huge segment of the fan base will look to this result as illegitimate, no matter what you say or do. But the NASCAR record book has the final word on this one, and Wallace’s name will be inscribed there in perpetuity.

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“Everybody knew it was going to rain,” Wallace said. “We knew we had to make a move to get out [front] and the caution came at the right time.”


Did You Notice? … NASCAR fans at Talladega showcased a double standard? As Brandon Brown was interviewed on the frontstretch, celebrating his first ever NASCAR Xfinity Series victory, fans broke out in a “Fuck Joe Biden” chant about a minute in. It caused NBC reporter Kelli Stavast to stop in the middle of their interview, acknowledging a chant so loud it was impossible not to hear it. What was weirder was Brown wasn’t even expressing a political opinion or talking politics at all; he was just ecstatic over winning the race.

Stavast then turned around and tried to patch up the situation by saying the fans were chanting, “Let’s go Brandon.” It’s a spur-of-the-moment decision I don’t think she should be criticized for. Yes, it was an obvious lie to the viewing audience, but the story wasn’t the chant: It was an underdog first-time winner who had spent years of blood, sweat and tears to get to this point. A full acknowledgment of what was happening would only have amplified the distraction, giving it attention it didn’t deserve.

Others, like Donald Trump Jr., were keenly aware and have egged on this political movement. What’s unfortunate is this interjection is coming from some of the same people who were angry over politics and sports intersecting, decrying everything from national anthem protests to social justice support. Findings over summer 2020 seemed to support fans of all political persuasions wanting sports and politics to stay separate; a Yahoo/YouGov poll found only 11% watched more because of intertwining the two, while 35% said they watched less.

To complain about such messaging, then interject your own, speaks of hypocrisy. It’s disheartening for Brown, someone who’s toiled in the trenches for years to build up his family-owned team and get that first NASCAR victory.

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In response to such a Cinderella story, that’s what the fan base had to say during the most important moment of his life? For years, that winner’s interview can’t be watched without those chants in the background. What a shame.

Where are we heading as a country that this behavior had to be acknowledged and addressed? Fans should be ashamed of what transpired and how it makes the entire racing community look. There’s a time and a place to express those opinions. Right after a driver wins his first career race, getting interviewed on national television, isn’t one of them.

About the author

The author of Did You Notice? (Wednesdays) Tom spends his time overseeing Frontstretch’s 40+ staff members as its majority owner and Editor-in-Chief. Based outside Philadelphia, Bowles is a two-time Emmy winner in NASCAR television and has worked in racing production with FOX, TNT, and ESPN while appearing on-air for SIRIUS XM Radio and FOX Sports 1's former show, the Crowd Goes Wild. He most recently consulted with SRX Racing, helping manage cutting-edge technology and graphics that appeared on their CBS broadcasts during 2021 and 2022.

You can find Tom’s writing here, at CBSSports.com and Athlonsports.com, where he’s been an editorial consultant for the annual racing magazine for 15 years.

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Bill B

I think those people calling foul are full of IT. The only way there should be any complaint is if they could have dried the track and finished the race before dark (from what I know that wouldn’t have been possible). All the possibility of rain in the forecast did was make an already crapshoot race more of a crapshoot by adding another uncontrollable variable.

As far as I am concerned I’ve seen races run in the same conditions and end in the same way at least every other year. Unless it is a monsoon type rain, NASCAR will always do everything possible to get the race in on the next day, and that is what they did. The fact that Bubba was out front when it started to rain was just a case of being in the right place at the right time. If I recall they were already under caution for a wreck BEFORE the rain started falling and Bubba was in the lead. They didn’t freeze the field because of the rain, the field was already frozen.

Where I am having trouble with this whole thing is the narrative developing around it. You are right that when other drivers have won similarly there aren’t as many complaints or negative comments, but conversely, there aren’t as many writers trying to elevate it to some historically significant event. Bottom line, the race got called for rain, someone was called the winner, we give him an attaboy and some press and we move on.



Bill B

Take a step back and read the shit you are shoveling. In order to fix the race for Bubba to win NASCAR would have had to cause a wreck to bring out the yellow just as he’d taken the lead and then known or (more unbelievably) caused it to rain. Like I said above, the only way I buy it is if you can tell me that the rain stopped shortly after, the track could have been dried, and the remainder of the race could have been run before darkness.
Instead of just throwing out baseless conspiracy theories explain to me just how NASCAR managed to make all of the above happen.
And BTW, if you think I am a Bubba lover or left wing whacko look at my comments in the Thinkin’ Out Loud: 2021 YellaWood 500 at Talladega Superspeedway article. I hate the left wing agenda but I also hate people who see conspiracy in everything regardless of how ridiculous it sounds.


think about this Bill. Those YellaWood commercials that were playing were not even accurate. the gun is facing in the wrong direction of the staple it layed? Im sure you didnt notice that but its true. it was right there in front of you! Riddle me this when did Bubba get out of the car with a red hat on? … never thats when! click bait.

Bill B

Guess I’m missing the point if there is one. So what if the staple gun was facing the wrong direction? And who cares about Bubba and his red hat?


humm do you think Stevie Wonder could see it though?

Jeff Hofstetter

It’s aweful funny how all race long the outside lane was moving forward until Bubby got the lead

Jim Green

Your key board is
stuck on all caps.





So why didn’t they start the event at 11:00 like they have in the past so the event would be over by 2:30 or 3?

Jeff Hofstetter

Or finish on Tuesday

Sally Baker

Banning the confederate flag has obviously not banned bigotry and hatred. Such a sad commentary on what is being done to this country now. So happy for Bubba, haveing to drive under these circumstances.



Scott Stevenson

Look, we get it, Ben. You’re mad because “one of his kind” got uppity and doesn’t “know his place”.

William Horn

You are just a plain old racist. Get help.

Russell Padgett

71 laps is not half way. It should not have been called until 144 laps had been ran.


Half distance is 94 laps. They got 117 in…sort of.


Are you still scolding the readers? Or can I go back outside and play now?


Where’s the love/hate articles for the other minority drivers? Kyle Larson is winning left & right. Aric Almirola won a race a few weeks ago. Daniel Suarez may be able to win here in the next couple of years. I think JJ Yeley may never win a race, barring his equipment. Most of these articles seem to be just about Bubba?


Larson can drive. Almirola took Danica’s car and team to the playoffs the very next year.
Suarez doesn’t seem to be much of a driver, but is at least personable.
Wallace on the other hand is an arrogant jerk. When’s the last time you saw a driver throw something at another driver whilst being attended to by medical? I’ll tell you when. Never. Just Wallace.
The problem with Wallace isn’t that he’s a person of color…. it’s that he’s a mediocre driver at best (based on results) who gets champion caliber publicity because he’s a person of color.
If you care about racing and couldn’t care less about skin color, that gets annoying. Especially when said person is an arrogant jerk.


Rusty Wallace threw water bottles during interviews as well. Must fun in the family


Word. I understand the whole Drive for Diversity and all. I’m just befuddled on why the media chooses to focus on the color of his skin, and not his talent? The other drivers mentioned are actually pretty decent, and generally don’t advertise their minority issues. The media, for whatever reason, doesn’t seem to want them to have the same platform? Wasn’t that the whole point of the diversity program?

John Dawg Chapman

If I thought NASCAR was fixing races. I wouldn’t be a fan, end of story. I do believe they do, or at least have favored certain drivers on calls. But that’s promoters everywhere.


Go search for Dale Earnhardt Jr’s podcast and look for the episode where he had Jimmy Spencer on. It will open your eyes.


lol Wow ummm grow up!


I believe people said the fix was in when Dale Sr. won the Daytona 500 in 1998 because it finished under caution…

Bill Patrick

Don’t bring up big E name in this context, totally different situations. Dale beat everyone’s ass that day, can’t say the same about Bubba Hamlin. Hmmm


Bubba is of mixed race …and signifying race …is racist


That very first quote I agree with! “These playoff races are too important to give one away to a driver that can’t place better than 20th on any other day.”

Daytona and Talladega are merely lotteries for the masses where the end result is essentially the same as picking numbers from a hat. Thus, they have no place in any competitive playoff system that is attempting to crown a Champion!

Regardless, it was, and Bubba won fair and square.




It’s no secret NASCAR has a history of tipping the odds to help certain drivers in certain situations – whether that is a timely caution to keep them on the lead lap, or even to get a win for a sponsor or storyline. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Did they do this for Bubba? Maybe, maybe not, I don’t know. Even in that regard I stand by “Bubba won fair and square”, at least by established NASCAR standards. No other driver has given back the win, trophy, points, or prize money whether NASCAR helped get them a better finish / a win or not, and neither should Bubba.

He has generally run really well at Daytona/Talladega (as do a few other drivers who are otherwise backmarkers). It just as plausible Bubba and his team had a good car, timed it right and got lucky with the rain.


Yes its fixed. You know it is.

Sally Baker

Violence (trying to ‘outshout’ people you don’t agree with) is the last resort of the incompetent.


What they are and have historically been is, easy to fix!



Bill B

You do know when capital letters are used it is usually to either emphasize a word or sentence above the other words and sentences in a comment or to denote that you are screaming or shouting. Since all your comments are in caps I must assume it is the latter.
FYI,, you don’t have to shout we can all hear you just fine.

Sally Baker

Yes, but we just prefer to ignore the ignorant.


At least he’s also angry about other instances where “the call” seemed to come in. It appears he’s not a Childress / Hendricks fan. Most likely not a Toyota fan either.

Mike b

Bubba ducks period


They will probably block this,but, Thats what happens when you let communist take over this country folks,Demercratic party did it!!!

Jim Green

That was Trump that aloud the communist to attack the Capital on January 6th. Check the news… Republicans and Donald.


Actually he has a point. Government forced affirmative action and race quotas, the bogus “white privilege” agenda that all promote a perceived favoritism have built a distrust among many. Due to this everytime a minority acheives a win or a success with the least bit of controversy questions will be asked. I didn’t see the race, If it’s all legit it’s cheating Bubba but that’s what this country has come to.

Go ahead and light me up but deep down you know it’s true.

Jim Green



Beanie my whiny little boy just stop watching

Bill Patrick

Your on it Ben, many more thousand back you on this but afraid the leftest freaks might find where ppl live and upset their life. Can’t blame them that’s how all shit works now days. Ppl afraid to give their own opinions afraid of left freak backlash . Really sad


Know who else yells the same word repeatedly when they don’t get their way? My two year old. And even she’s already starting to learn, that tactic will never produce her desired outcome.
Now go to your room until you’ve calmed down.


You are a waste of space

Frank Rice

Stop with the racism garbage they said the same thing when Dale Jr.would win, but if you think the 23 wins the race at full distance, you’re delusional

Last edited 2 years ago by Frank Rice
Douglas Farrell

Lift the Hemi ban. Get Dodge back in NASCAR with a two car team run by Roger Penske with a 5 year contract. Bubba gets one Charger and Brad Kesolowski gets the other.

Last edited 2 years ago by Douglas Farrell

It’s fixed in a way. Total sponsorship from giant corporations, the engineering technology from Gibbs Racing and a racing series desperate to prove to BLM that Nascar isn’t racist. My Grandma could win a race in that car.


The difference is Brandon doesn’t have a bad image nor has he called race fans, names. He also hasn’t been seen recently throwing water on a driver who needs EMTs. I suppose Hamlin stood up to Wallace or was a fake feud then hired him works for him. But a percentage of disabled people may not have thought Adderall remarks funny. I believe Bubba’s Mom read my suggestion on a thread last Fall to work on attitudes and refrain from name calling and stop using “replacement” racist and narcissistic words. To this end, his concentrating on not doing so when around cameras has much improved or he stopped doing so when on camera.


Its a show folks! deal with it. its not just a bash Bubba deal going on here. its been going on for years. take a look at the Darlington win from Richard Petty himself, its good for the sport. it puts them on the front pages the next day. NASCAR hasn’t hid this fact from us! …. its a potential page being torn right from WWE. Ask yourself this
, how many times has the primary sponsor of a NASCAR events car won the race? Its not just NASCAR its all of them. Its not racing, Its just motorsport. Was Capt Kangaroo really a Capt? Thats entertainment.


Most are pissed at Bubba because he rolled with the noose story at dega then spouted out support for racist organizations like blm and the like. Then when we all found out it wasn’t a noose after all instead of apologizing like a man he doubled down on the racism card and continues to lie and say it was a noose. I pulled for Bubba until all this happened and so did a lot of us so called racist nascar fans. So you in the media continue to get it wrong and print lies about what’s really going on and nascar goes along with it because they have no backbone and cannot figure out why they can’t sell tickets to their events. But thats another story for a later date!!!


So three people tweeting from their Mom’s basement overrides the overwhelming support for Bubba?

Pure clickbait.


Kneeling during national anthem… time and place… wanna bring politics into the sporting events but bitch when it doesn’t line up with what you believe in… that’s hypocrisy


Question: Has race got anything to do with it if you said that bubba has never taken a checkered flag in the cup series?

Sally Baker

All three races had first time winners. Has race got anything to do with that?

Richard branch

I quite watching Nascar a year ago !!!!!

Mike Paulsen

Why does a man that is 50% white always have to cry racism ? Because he knows that there is bo unfair advantage to being white . He uses his “black privilege “card constantly and every NASCAR fans see through his hypocrisy !

Bailey the NASCAR DOG

We’ll KNOW for sure (if the fix is in) if Hapless Hamlin (also known as the PIG) wins the championship…


I’ve watched some rain wins that didn’t include my guy. And a couple times the win went to my least favorite guy. By next Sunday I’m over it and rooting for my guy. Fixing a race, geez, thats pretty tough to do.unless you’re out on the track. And the fjb stuff, disgusting, just disgusting. It shows how many sheep attend races. I bet 60% of those people had no idea why that was happening. Like the wave at a game. Oh ok wave my arms, oH Now yell swears at this guy that won. Steal his moment for myself.

D Thompson

Boring nascar-left turn left turn left turn


Why are you commenting on this site?

Jerry Coile

He would not have been at the front had the third stage happened. Guys like Elliot and Larson would have been back up front to either win or finish in the top ten. That’s just a fact!


Except Larsons teammate wrecked out a second rate driver who took out Larson…Larson is still in the playoffs yet hamster is still leading somehow without winning a race until the playoff which he SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN IN…

Thomas P

After reading this article, I know my decision to quit following nascar was the right one. I went to Talladega for 25 straight spring races and loved it. However, who ever it was that wrote this article is obviously biased toward the left. Keep it up and there won’t be anyone left in the stands to support the sport. Right leaning fans got the sport where it was. When they’re gone, who will support it?

Rob Cliff

Those who say they will stop watching it, should. Be a man of your word and turn it off and find something else to do. Real fans except what happens. My guy didn’t win it sucks ! Well get them next week. So please find another sport to watch or listen to or think about.


If you are in the top 10 in Daytona or Talladega you have a shot to win . If lagono and keslowski were waiting for the end of the stage to make a run, bad strategy, Bubba wins.

Harld Shriner

He has done well at the super speedways. He placed himself in position and with luck won the race. Congratulations and good luck in the future


He rides around in the back then after a wreck starts to move forward until others catch up and past his slow ass…If this race had gone full length Wallace would have finished 25th or lower…The rain just gave nascar the opportunity to hand the win to someone not deserving…


NASCAR fans say every race is fixed if it’s not their driver. Nothing new here. Click bate bs

The truth

Every time an African-American win at something it’s must be fixed, Everything Caucasian people touch they f***** it up

Bill B

Don’t you mean “The Troof”?

Nunya Kunsern

Yes people claim the race is fixed. But you journalists saying this claim makes the fans racist are the problem. Are football fans racists when they blame refs? How about tennis? FANS ARE NOT THE PROBLEM! Cheap journalism is.

Benjamin H Covington

And your adding to that narrative in this article, by sharing a few comments as if it’s the majority, anyone and everyone can go find and compile a bunch of negative comments on any video or event, stop trying to fuel the fire, you are now part of the problem

Benjamin H Covington

Somebody is internet dumb, “Fuck Joe Biden” is viral lol it’s been chanted at almost every sporting event all across the country, he was probably thinking it himself

Jim Green

Bigots love to hate because they know some day in the future they will become the minority.


Fixed…I don’t think so. However I’m 100% sure that NASCAR took full advantage of the position they found themselves in. You have the driver from noosegate, at the same track, after the flag debacle and the FJB chants from the race prior, a team with a current driver and a living legend of basketball Co owning that run as a JGR satellite team with no real results to speak of and luck of luck it rains. They may not have fixed the race but they damn sure couldn’t have saved face any better than the result they got.

Last edited 2 years ago by JustAdam
Debbie rigers

I also think that chanting f$$$k binder at the interviews just showed how ignorant you really were so what you don’t like him that’s your choosing but coming to enjoy a day of fun at a sporting event wasn’t the time or place it wasn’t some stupid political rally being held for Trump if that’s what you wanted to say then why didn’t you go to a Trump rally instead


But its ok for everyone on the left to cancel culture anyone who speaks their mind including businesses firing people for telling the truth but because they are conservative they get punished. Be careful though your turn will come sooner or later!!!

Sally Baker

Facts please?


It was not fixed, all you haters that sit in your basements behind you screens need to STFU, and Dale Jr race in Daytona after the death of his father wasn’t fixed either

Tim Wilkinson

I try to stay out of these type conversations, but this one got me… Im 59 and grew up on racing..used to go to Charlotte as a kid and watch em qualify on wednesday afternoons when it was free to watch..almost every notable driver thru the years has won a rain-shortened race..every driver,crew chief,crew member and fan knew it was past halfway and rain was coming..bubba did what every other driver knew to do—Go For The Front..he hit the right lane and did what he was supposed to do..my driver didnt and obviously yours didnt either..he didnt wreck anyone(accidentally or on purpose) and was in P1 when caution came out..a win is a win, nothing racial,nothing fixed, just another day at the office for 40 guys who do this every week..congrats to Bubba..hope its not his only one before he’s done


Yes he may be one and done…just an below average driver with an arrogant attitude. He uses the race card to compensate for his low skill level.

Janice L Wambold

My question to the fans calling foul with the race on Monday is this. If your driver was in the lead would you be saying the race was “fixed”? I don’t think so. Many years ago whenever a race was ended due to rain and my driver had been leading and another drive took that lead away and NASCAR called the race due to rain yes of course I was disappointed with the final lineup but I have always said it’s the luck of the draw and who is in the lead. Not once did I ever think the race was “fixed”. The ignorance of some fans trying to make this an issue of race saddens me so much. I have stopped watching the races a few weeks because of changes NASCAR has made to this season and next year’s schedule changes but I would NEVER accuse them of race tampering. Bubba won that race fair and square. Period. End of story.

Arthur Roberts

It was not fixed he couldn’t win a race if forever Michael Jordan we’ll find that out there was no cars left all the good drivers were gone I know it’s only a third of the car is left all the FrontRunner all the good guys wrecked peace out but no matter what congratulations to Bubba Wallace

Sidney Powell

Let the Insurection party keep Nascar. It will eventually fade to nothing just like Trump’s presidency. These people are anti-american fascists and boot lickers who also wave that yellow flag that means the absolute opposite. Hypocrisy, gaslighting and racism is their trademark and that won’t change. Spend your time writing about legitimate issues in the racing community, not about children.


you just an idiot


Look Nascar pulled the plug for Chase Elliot to get his first win and keep it from Kyle Larson…Wallace is good for a 20th finish usually…without an assist…


So it’s the rain fault I’m glad someone different won a race congratulations


It’s always drama with this guy

Roy Hobbs

If Larson is a minority driver, then what makes this win for bubba such a big deal for the diversity program?? Larson has been winning all year long!! Why wouldn’t they push Kyle as the face of diversity in NASCAR??


Larson went and said the naughty words and cannot benefit from the diversity…Look he lost mickey d and another major sponsor…Imagine all the exposure they would get from Larson yet Wallace made certain to flash his major sponsor Monday…


Larson is an excellent driver …Bubba is below average yet he gets more hype for a lame win ?? Sign of the times … a bad sign!!

Gene Kleppinger II

I completely agree, if money is involved it can be fixed. The booky is the goverment. The most corrupted GOVERMENT IN THE WORLD. RIGHT HERE IN THE GOOD OLE’ U.S.A. TIME TO ABOLISH

Brian Blevins

Gotta win somehow…look at biden

Jacques Oge

Sounds like hate to me. Which is expected from These Cup race fans. They hated on Willy T Ribs and the Cosby team. They had McDonald’s as their sponsor. Which is huge. However…the challenges they face was never lack of talent. It’s just Bubba’s turn to through the B’s.


At the most bubba is a fair driver stays in the middle of the pack scared to take a chance waiting for the wreck to clear so he can steal the checkered flag stop trying to be cool and grow a pair

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