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How to Bet Safely in NASCAR

Editor’s Note: This article on NASCAR and Formula 1 race betting is posted in collaboration with an outside sponsorship client. The opinions and information contained within do not necessarily represent Frontstretch and its staff.

When we think of motorsports betting, Formula One initially comes to mind overseas. However, in the United States, NASCAR is king, and their viewership often surpasses Formula 1 in the country. NASCAR’s popularity has remained strong during the pandemic; many online sports betting sites across the world are providing the opportunity to bet on both that series and Formula 1. Sport bets at 888sport can really be the best option for new as well as pro gamblers as it is one of the oldest online bookmakers, providing trusted odds and tips with security.

Now, if you wish to bet on NASCAR, then there are some very important factors you should consider when wanting to bet safely on the sport.

Types of NASCAR Bets

If you are new at NASCAR betting, then you should probably know the different betting markets available. There are mainly three types of bets people make.

One of the most popular and traditional type of bets in NASCAR is to choose the winner. Bookmakers offer odds of winning on every driver and players have to wager money on the one they think will come out on top. This simple bet is similar to any other game in the NFL, NBA, MLS, etc. when you pick the winner between two teams.

The second type of bet at NASCAR includes betting money on the performance of two NASCAR drivers. Here, players have to pick between two drivers offered by the bookmakers and put money on the one that would beat another. This head-to-head matchup is a kind of money line bet.

Finally, there is a bet where players can pick five NASCAR drivers they feel will finish inside top five. It is just like fantasy cricket or football but you don’t have to make a full team here.

Tips to Bet Safely in NASCAR

The most important thing to keep in mind while wagering your money is research the upcoming event thoroughly. Look at the drivers’ history at this facility, learn race trends and ingest as many statistics as you can. When you want safety on your wagered money, you should be packed with knowledge of everything related to the event.

You should also keep an eye on the latest news and hype that is leading up to each race. Potential inclement weather and location of racetracks also influence NASCAR betting decisions.

Here are the strategies that work best to bet in NASCAR….

Following the Odds

Never make a mistake of betting on race day without considering news that has occurred in the past few days. A lot of information could be generated before race day and any major shakeups would affect the odds made by the bookmakers.

For example, NASCAR betting providers make the odds prior to qualifying. That’s when some new and careless bettors will place their bets. Most of the time, though betting that early will cause them to lose money.

Bookmakers make a change to the odds due to performance, pole positions, teams failing pre-race inspection, and so many other factors that occur over each race weekend. So, in order to be on the safe side, you have to follow the odds a week before the event and wait to place your bets as a ton could change on the day of the event.

Driver Behavior and Tendencies

In the NBA or NFL, a smart bettor would consider the performance of the team or a player at a particular stadium. NASCAR is no different. Drivers have a history of good or bad performance at certain racetracks and circumstances. A bettor with such knowledge can bet safely. The behavior of the drivers can also be influenced by where they qualify, the weather, and potential fuel mileage strategy so all situations should be considered.

Team Goals and Decision Making

NASCAR teams and drivers may not always have the equipment to win the race. Also, in NASCAR, there are different stages and the points are collected for a whole season. The goal of the team should be analyzed when betting on them. For instance, when a driver wants to win a certain stage, then he would bet his vehicle and performance in the beginning only to sacrifice points later on.

In other cases, a driver within a multi-car organization could loosen up their performance to give a better opportunity to their teammate. You really do need some thorough research about NASCAR events that could help you to make a safe approach to bet in the sport.

Track Type and Special Factors

Types of tracks play a great role for drivers as well as gamblers. They can influence the performance of the driver as well as the vehicle. For instance, whether the track has a single groove or many grooves influences how important track position is during the race. The entrance to pit road can also be tricky for some during green-flag pit stops.

Add in the location of different restart zones, larger tracks where the draft keeps drivers superglued together and there’s always plenty to consider for each race before making your NASCAR bet.

Other Important Things to Keep in Mind

  • History of each manufacturer that is participating in the race.
  • Past finishes of each driver to know if he has obtained good results on the upcoming track.
  • Comparing finishes on certain types of tracks. A driver may have a strong history on intermediate tracks but struggle on road courses, for example.
  • Knowing the condition of the vehicle is important. There is usually little time to make major or significant repairs. So, checking if the car is stable and reliable is necessary before betting on a particular driver.
  • Choosing the right provider. Without a doubt, many sports betting providers permit you to place bets in NASCAR. It is important to find the ideal bookmaker with trusted odds. But knowing about the sport is the best way you can win, no matter who you bet with.

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