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Donald Trump Asks Bubba Wallace to Apologize for Noose Incident

U.S. President Donald Trump has publicly commented on the noose found in the garage area at Talladega Superspeedway on Sunday, June 21. In a tweet sent out the morning of July 6, he openly questioned whether driver Bubba Wallace had apologized for the results of the FBI investigation. Later that week, officials determined the noose found in his stall was not intentionally planted there as a hate crime.


Trump falsely claimed the Confederate flag ban has caused the lowest NASCAR ratings ever. In the two weeks since the Wallace incident, Talladega’s rain-delayed event was one of the most popular Monday races since 2014. The Pocono Raceway doubleheader that followed also avoided all-time lows.

The NASCAR Cup Series is down 1% in viewership this season through June 30 compared to 2019. That’s despite a rain-delayed Daytona 500, the sport’s Super Bowl, that caused a major decline in their top-rated event.

Later Monday, NBC revealed its audience for Sunday’s (July 5) Brickyard 400 was up 46 percent over 2019. See the Frontstretch TV Ratings page for more specifics on 2019-to-2020 comparisons.

The NASCAR community reacted immediately to Trump wading in on the topic. Drivers like Tyler Reddick voiced their full support of Wallace and their stance on social justice.


NASCAR has not yet commented on Trump’s tweet. Later Monday morning, Richard Petty Motorsports released a statement referring all inquiries to “the facts provided by NASCAR.”

“The June 25 statement provided by NASCAR and the following press conference by NASCAR President Steve Phelps answered all questions regarding the situation at Talladega Superspeedway,” the statement added. “At this time, the team does not have anything to add. Wallace has extensively exhausted the topic via a multitude of interviews in recent weeks. It is clear there is nothing more to say.”

The President’s criticism is an abrupt about face from his February visit to the sport’s Daytona 500. The crowd cheered his pre-race speech in an appearance that also included Trump giving the start your engine command for the Great American Race. It was the first NASCAR visit by a sitting president since George W. Bush in 2004.

“NASCAR fans never forget that no matter who wins the race,” Donald Trump said then as he showed his support. “What matters most [to them] is God, family and country.”

Trump’s 2020 campaign made NASCAR news this week when the Patriots of America PAC signed a nine-race sponsorship deal with Go FAS Racing’s No. 32 and driver Corey Lajoie.

Later Monday, Wallace made a post about the response to the President’s remarks on Twitter. Wallace did not apologize but instead issued words of advice. With the hashtag of #LoveWins, Wallace encouraged people to keep their heads high during this time. With the backlash of the noose being a hoax, he provided a message of surviving the trials and finding your purpose in life.

NASCAR also released a statement about the tweet from President Trump. The sport remained consistent in their philosophy of inclusion, backing up Wallace as a driver and a leader in the garage.

“We are proud to have Bubba Wallace in the NASCAR family,” the sanctioning body stated. “We commend his courage and leadership. NASCAR continues to stand tall with Bubba, our competitors and everyone who makes our sport welcoming and inclusive for all racing fans.”


This story will be updated.



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David Edwards

What is there to be said about this? Demanding that Wallace apologize for something he didn’t start is, well I suppose par for the course now for this President. Whether you agree with the hype over this issue or not, its at the least not fair.
Sad that things have come to this point. But perhaps he thinks it will gain him a few votes. In my opinion he would have been better off not saying anything.

Bill B

“… he would have been better off not saying anything”.



Why he wade into this that has nothing to do with him is beyond me. Best he worry about the pandemic…


He can’t say nothing. It’s not in him to say “nothing”. Today Bubba Wallace . Who then tomorrow, next week, next month? It’s really getting old.

Bill B

That’s whats appealing about him to those who support him. He says what he thinks, common political sense and PC-ness be damned. Professional politicians always say the right thing or say nothing at all if their opinion is controversial. In other words they lie if they have to.

He often says what a lot of us common folk are thinking but are afraid to say. Love him or hate him you know where he stands. As I said, in my first comment, I agree that he’d have been better off not saying anything but that’s not him.


great fueling the flames.

so over all this stuff. the world just needs to reverse orbit back 7 or 8 months so we get a do-over.

David Edwards

fanning the flames. Well put.


It ain’t no where near stopping Janice. Say goodbye to Stone Mountain….


i know, they were over there this weekend again.


Say goodbye to the clown

Bill B

That’s it Echo make the same mistake twice. Think you have it in the bag and then be surprised/disappointed November 4th. Enjoy your smugness for the next 4 months.


How can Americans be proud of Stone Mountain and what it represents?


Will there be a Brian France and Bubba Wallace statue in Trumps Statue garden? Things are very very strange.


Notice how these Nascar writers and mouthpieces are still sticking with the narrative that this was a noose even though it has been stated numerous times that it was a pull handle on a garage door.

I also notice how these writers and mouthpieces trip all over themselves trying to pick apart everything Trump says to explain how wrong he is in attempt to call him a liar. Its been almost 4 years and they still haven’t understood the concept of exaggeration.

Its amazing how Bubba’s BLM (a terrorist organization) car was plastered all over this website in articles the day that sponsorship was announced. Funny, I can’t seem to find more than 1 picture on the site of Lajoie’s Trump livery. Coincidence? I think not! Keep toeing the anti-America line Nascar. Your numbers will indeed drop to all time lows.


Even the FBI, three times in it’s report, called it a noose… https://deadline.com/2020/06/fbi-bubba-wallace-no-hate-crime-rope-nascar-report-1202967932/


@Steve…Your post should be deleted. It has no factual basis and contains lies. Keep drinking the Kool-aid.


Smugness for ONLY next four months. Dream on, you won’t see another republican house, Senate or president in your life time. Enjoy that whine.

Bill B

Oh I wish there was a way to take a bet on that statement. I thought you were intelligent but that statement show just what an idiot you are. I’d bet the farm that there will be a republican house, senate or president in my lifetime. That sir, is the most ridiculous statement I have ever heard anyone utter. You are a lunatic.


I guess it really comes down to how old you are. Depending on your age I would gladly take that wager because it’s going to take a very long time to get over the damage to the party the clown has done. Pay attention, the clown makes far more ridiculous statements daily. It’s obvious, you have no idea what a lunatic is or you wouldn’t be such a sheep.

Bill B

Why am I a sheep? Because I don’t see things the same way that you do?
You see, this is your problem, you think you have a monopoly on being right. That anything you believe must be true because you believe it. Keep deluding yourself that you speak for the majority and that your views are infallible and unquestionably right. How conceited.


Echo you really need to pay more attention to the crazy things Trump says. He’s giving you a peek into the crystal ball.

Bill B

One more thing, putting all the BS and posturing aside. What do you think an odds-maker would say about the wisdom of your bet? If you can still sit there and honestly say that anyone with a rational mind would think that is a wise bet, then you really are mathematically challenged. I’d say the odds of republicans not controlling one branch for more than one 4 year election cycle would be highly improbable. BTW, based on average life span, I should be around for at least 4 or 5 more 4 year election cycles, more with any luck. I’d really love to take that bet.


Your younger than I thought. I’d easily bet on this election and 2024 for total control for D’s. If you want to wager I can make it happen.

Bill B

OK, so you admit that making that bet without knowing my age was quite stupid.
I actually did some research and found that it would not be abnormal for one party to control all three for that duration; 2020, 2022 and 2024. So, knowing that, I would not make the bet. It is not uncommon at all. However I’d be all over your original offer because I doubt that anyone will control all 3 for the next 20 years.

I found this on Wiki….


Guess Im in the middle here. I agree Trumps calling the situation “a hoax” wasnt helpful. I saw the pictures of the noose. You could too if you did a quick search. It was a noose not a pull rope. Bur it wasnt a hate crime. No one knew that would be Wallaces garage stall that weekend. As for never seeing another GOP president etc. Richard Nixon resigned in disgrace. Ford assumed the presidency. Carter served one term. Then Reagan served two terms as a GOP President before George H took over. Watergate had become a n8n-issue that quickly. America will never becime a single party country.. .


Is Nascar in the middle of some 007?


It was extremely disturbing to see a Nascar race car promoting a racist organization whose leader has said he wants to burn down our political system.
These people are dishonest anarchists and Bubba made them very happy. Shut up Bubba and try to at least beat Danica’s great accomplishments.

Matt Mclaughlina

My guess is the average anarchist thinks Bubba Wallace played the fat son on Bonanza. They dont follow racing too closely.


hey they had boneheads who work at a jimmyjohns here in ga fashion a noose out of bread dough and take pictures of themselves doing so.

needless to say that particular jimmyjohns is now hiring.

Fed Up

I think the hoax was performed by NA$CAR. Has anyone asked the Woods Brother’s crewman when he actually reported his information? I suspect a timeline will not be available and the situation was allowed to develop to garner all the hype. Someone help me with EXACT details, not conjecture.

Tom B

I bet the pic of the noose was staged. The rope was tied like it was but they made sure the pull down part was formed to make a circle. Photos are staged all the time to make them look like want they want.


All of the above comments are EXACTLY why NASCAR should never have gotten into political territory. We are fighting amongst ourselves and dividing wider and wider. The only thing we should be pissing about is, Your driver is a bonehead, Yeah well your driver sucks, so and so did this at the race. Instead we as race fans are now running at each others throats like sharks circling the next meal. This crap should be left out of our sport, so shame on all of you. I guess it’s too late to put the genie back in the bottle, but we don’t have to act this way either. I’ve had enough.


Just get rid of the Egotistic Narcissist TWITter.

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