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2016 Frontstretch Podcast – Episode 27: NASCAR’s Season Finale

In the final episode of the 2016 Fronstretch Podcast, Matt Stallknecht is joined by Tom Bowles and Aaron Bearden to preview the NASCAR season finale in Homestead, discuss their final thoughts on the 2016 season, evaluate the state of the sport, and look ahead to what is to come in 2017.

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…WTF, every back marker changes the outcome A LOT OF RACES…..ALWAYS. Suspicious for sure…just like those hot dog wrapper cautions…and the mysterious Pierre Debris caution Pffft

Sad, the media thinks the “stories” are what compels the fan base. And what NASCAR needs to have to make them popular. Good freaking grief. You all and Brian think that, but dammit fans want a overall season long Champ. Media driven babies seem to rule the thinking, and that is what the problem. Listen to this Podcast, frightening…….IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RACING!

Marketing, marketing, marketing…yes it has it’s place..but it has screwed the fans since “The Chase” and this “Playoff” and to deny that it did not effect or offend the fan base is absurd. The stats don’t lie.

Jimmie is no where near the greats, and THAT IS A FAIR ASSESSMENT, despite protests from the Peanut Gallery to the contrary.

Kyle last year was a bastardization of a bastard system! P22 in reality!!!!!!!!!!!!!


…No the Sport is not in a good place! Get rid of “The Chase”.

The SHOW…seems to be what anybody cares about. PT BARNUM, and VINCE M!!!!!!!

….CUE THE CIRCUS MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biff Baynehouse

Why you gotta be do belligerent & vulgar, not to mention imaginatively incorrect? Why? How to you know what “fans” want? Who are these “fans” you speak for or represent (other than the one that stares back at you when you look in the mirror)?
No doubt, KyBu in ’16 highlighted the epitome of all “chase” flaws, in taking home the Cup whilst being no fewer than -454 points behind the true “classic” driver’s points leader (KH). But why must you include insults & vitriol in making your assertions?
Here’s a bright idea for ya’: respectfully state your opinion, then move on. That way people will pay attention to you &, heaven forbid, respect you & not discount you as the imbecilic troll you apparently aspire to be.
And you must be new here, yeah? Because many of Frontstretch’s contributors openly detest the “chase” format & openly publish, at length, words & opinions to that affect & to the affect of how vile many of Nascar,s directions are (“clocked” cautions for example). The guys on this link just happen NOT to be those guys.
So, I suggest you PAY ATTENTION before emitting premature stereotypical ignorant vitroil. Your predilections & insipid mindset might be called for & appropriate in many other corporate sensationalists media outlets, but Frontstretch ain’t one of them & is anything but that!
…an it Jacques Debris, NOT Pierre! Pfft! Sheesh-zuss? :-P

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