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Delaware Prosecutors: No Charges Filed Against NASCAR Driver Kurt Busch

No charges will be filed against NASCAR driver Kurt Busch in a domestic violence case involving ex-girlfriend Patricia Driscoll. The announcement, made Thursday by Delaware prosecutors concludes their criminal investigation into the 2004 Sprint Cup champion.

“After a thorough consideration of all of the available information about the case, it is determined that the admissible evidence and available witnesses would likely be insufficient to meet the burden of establishing beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr. Busch committed a crime during the September 26th incident,” the statement said. “Likelihood of meeting that high burden of proof is the standard for prosecutors in bringing a case. For this reason, the Department of Justice will not pursue criminal charges.”

NASCAR suspended Busch last month after a Delaware Family Court decided there was enough evidence to believe that Busch choked and punched Driscoll during a race weekend at Dover International Speedway last September. After the announcement, Chevrolet followed suit in choosing to suspend their relationship with Busch as well.

However, the standard of proof in a civil case is different. After a review of the evidence, Delaware prosecutors discovered there was not enough evidence to raise the bar to criminal charges against the former Cup champion.

Regan Smith has already been named as the driver of the No. 41 Stewart-Haas Racing Chevrolet this weekend at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Smith has driven the first two races of the season in the No. 41 Chevrolet while Busch pursues his reinstatement under private terms outlined by NASCAR as part of his indefinite suspension.

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Tim S.

Aw heck…the vultures are 0-for-2 in their quest for a criminally-charged Cup driver to further scandalize. They’ll cling fast to the residue of the protective order, though, jumping up and down like poop-throwing monkeys. “See? See? Huh? Huh? Guilty guilty guilty!” Busch’s ex probably isn’t through playing games, though.


He should be reinstated immediately. And his ex should have been held for perjury.

Paul L

Hey, a judge issues a retraining order. Who cares? It didn’t say he was guilty. After 4 days of a hearing over a retraining order and each party having their lawyer, the judge probably had enough of listening to it. In his judgement, it is only that a retraining order is granted, not that he is proven guilty. But here comes Nascrap with their “suspend you ruling”. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid! I am not a Busch fan, but he is not guilty of anything, unless your guilty until proven innocent, as Nascar likes to play the game.

Truly, I am a Nascar fan through and through. I have just had it with how they like to play games, or constantly change the rules. If they haven’t noticed, they are losing fans left and right, quit publishing racing attendance, and made some things so high tech (pit road speeding, scoring loops, pit road nascar cameras, etc.) that people don’t get to enjoy the race anymore. Example #1, qualifying at Daytona…

Nascar stands for “Not Another Season Constantly Adjusting Rules”

Just saying!


Kurt should receive an immediate conditional reinstatement. They should allow him to race on the condition he completes NASCAR’s program. We still don’t know what truly happen that night, but my gut still tells me Driscoll either made the whole thing up or grossly exaggerated what happened to smear Kurt.

Just Saying

So his career is ruined – based on what exactly?

I am no fan of Busch and am willing to believe the worst things about the guy, but this is just not right. I know, he has done a real good job on his own to destroy his career without any help.

But still. There is enough talk, accusations, and bleeding hearts to suspend him, take money (and lots of it) out of his pocket, and brand him for life – but not enough proof to even go to trail, let alone find him guilty!!

No. This is just not right. Listen, I have a daughter and any guy who mistreats or tries to take advantage of her will reckon with me – and one dope in particular had to do just that. So, I am all for protecting women – but still, this is just not right.

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