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Indianapolis Speedrome Race Results Saturday June 14, 2014

Advance Auto Sales Late Models
Fast Qualifier – Ben Tunny 17.773 Seconds
14th Annual Jake Cohen Memorial 150-Lap Figure 8
1 RJ Norton Jr
2 Ben Tunny
3 Jesse Tunny
4 Doug Greig
5 RJ Norton III
6 Mark Tunny
7 Mike Hadley Jr
8 Ronnie Basham III
9 Nick Moore
10 Cory Harmon
11 Artie Ware
12 Manny Aguilar
13 Todd Shelby
14 EJ Neat
15 Charlie Hargraves
16 Jacob Garrigus
17 Jeff Roberts
18 Casey White
19 Speedy Teepe
20 Austin Tunny
21 Steve Frost
22 RC Rigdon
23 Ron Barger

IndyAutoRecyclers.com Roadrunners
Heat Winner – Harold Bruce
20-Lap Feature
1 Ricky Martin
2 Chad Ross
3 Herb Carson
4 Harold Bruce
5 Kenny Rackley Jr
6 Carl Schilling

Lawrence Towing Hornets
Heat Winners – Derrick Bradshaw, Robert Eversole
20-Lap Feature
1 Don VanValkenburg III
2 John Greer Jr
3 Robert Eversole
4 Junior Lemasters
5 Keith Graybill
6 Chip Branham
7 Adam Lee
8 William Whitley
9 Tim Smith
10 John Elkins Jr
11 Derrick Bradshaw

Lawrence Towing Junior Hornets
Heat Winner – Brayde Harper
15-Lap Feature
1 Eddie Snapp III
2 Quentin White
3 Brayde Harper

Circle City Pyrotechnics Junior Faskarts
Heat Winners – Garrett Fox, Tyler Morefield, John Hargraves Jr
15-Lap Feature #1
1 Garrett Fox
2 Tristan Riddle
3 Levei Hargraves
4 Kimmie Greig
5 Tyler Morefield
6 Maddie Wilson
7 Tony Paquette
8 Cameron Snapp
9 Brayton Laster

15-Lap Feature #2
1 JJ Carroll
2 Hunter Swinford
3 Hannah Swinford
4 Race Ewing
5 John Hargraves Jr
6 Merilee Swinford
7 Jessica Winters

Super Karts
Heat Winners – Dustin Kares, Jon Wilson
20-Lap Feature
1 Randy Caldwell
2 David Reynolds
3 Ryan Cherry
4 Jon Wilson
5 Brad Kares
6 Jason Reynolds
7 Angie Goodin
8 Kenny Smith
9 Hunter Goodin
10 Jeremy Morris
11 Dale Hendrickson
12 Jerry Frienderick
13 Cody Reinhart
14 Dustin Kares

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The Ivy Tech Community College Indianapolis Speedrome® is located at 802 S Kitley Avenue on the eastside of Indy. For more information please visit www.speedrome.com. You can also call the track hotline at (317) 353-8206. The Speedrome is proud to be celebrating its 72nd season of providing fan-friendly motorsports entertainment.

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